Saturday, October 23, 2010

1:40 a.m

The reason that I write this post?
Don't know
And there is nothing special to talk about
But got a feel want to write  ==

Bought a laptop skin yesterday through online
And I'll get it this Sunday
It is whole pink hearts on it
My favourite colour and favourite picture
I gotta love my laptop more

Today the Golden Bell Award
Ya this is exactly its name =)
Was tooo suprised for me
I thought the best male actor should be Show
But finally is someone I never seen before  ==
Looks like only 13,14 year-old
I was stuck for 5 seconds  ><
Way toooo surprised!!!!
But the best female actor was Rainie
Not bad too although I don't like her actually  ==
But I like this drama
Pink Panther

Laptop on a small table
Beside is a cup of tea
Now I'm putting my chin on the table  ==
Typing this post
Wearing a coat as I am very cold but still don't want to adjust the temperature of the air-con
This is what I'm doing right now

I think this post got a lot of wrong words or grammar   ><
Don't corrected me please
I don't want to face the reality!!

The SPM format English is VERY VERY VERY x1000000000
The US1 exam I definitely can't get an A or even a B  T^T
What am I going to do
Have to try harder
And gotta buy some reference books in this holiday

Live and love your this holiday guys!!!
This is our life, and we gotta live it with our ways

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  1. i give u some SPM mayb help u...hahahahahaha....take easy to do u dun feel tat it is difficult..ok?b happy...dun think so much...