Friday, October 29, 2010


Well, this is not the first time that I heard this song
But this is the first time that my tears drop when I heard this song
This is the [Glee] version

Before Mercedes sings, she ask the crowd
Does anyone feel fat? not used? alot of pimples or don't have friends
My tears..just run down
When she sings, I recall alot of things

I was humiliated by people since I was small
Maybe they are not in purpose
But it is still a hurt in my heart
Whether friends, strangers, or even the promoter in shopping mall
They will just use some strange eyes to look at me
Guys! I am also a people
I also got feeling
I can feel if you are peeping me or talking about me
Being fat is not a crime!!
Why can't you just let me go!
I'm also a girl
Can anyone care about my feeling?

Please, don't mock at the fat people
Especially to the girls
We all can feel

By Amber Riley as Mercedes Jones in Glee

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