Monday, October 4, 2010


PMR starts tomorrow
I don't care at all.
I don't treat this as an important thing actually.
Like my UPSR, the day before exam I still go to shopping in cs with my family. =)
And the result?
But now?
I think even an A is hard for me.

Who don't want to have good result?
Who don't wish that he/she can work hard so that can have good result?
I wish too.
But, only appear in my mind, not my life.

Tuition, now only have BM and BI.
BM is because I start it in form2 and I really don't wish it drop to fail.
BI......because I really love this subject, and I don't want to give up although the past few times exam I didn't get A.
MT should be the Chinese's strongest subject.
But I actually FAIL.
I know some people are surprised to know that my maths actually fail.
'cause some people may think that I am clever,
but if I am real clever,
will I in KP3?
"NO" the answer.
Except English, I actually give up my studies already.
I don't have any wish anymore.
I just hope that my BM will pass in PMR.

And the business thing,
no too good.
All orders are from friends,
only 1 clothes from online.

In home,
I become the invisible person.
Now everyone just ignore me.
And I always quarrel with my mum,
just because something really not important.
My dad ask me to tolerate,
but how?
She always want to quarrel with me!!
If I met my friend at outside and she know that friend,
but I didn't greet to my friend,
she will say I'm no friend with her anymore.
How could this be??!!
Just because I didn't greet with my friend??
Just because I'm in bad mood??
She's crazy.

The happy thing.
First, we will invite our English tuition teacher for a dinner on 16th Oct in Pulai Spring's Qing Palace.
I think this date is sure hopefully.
Our schedule:
Play through Pulai Spring from 12 o'clock. XD
And dinner starts at 7p.m.
"Play" means play golf,swimming, play badminton, jacuzzi ,sauna, gym etc.
But I'm not swimming as I don't have the swimming suit and even if I have, I don't dare to wear too. ><

And I'll continue the English tuition in Nov and Dec.
But I don't feel stress at all.
Maybe I really like this class.
Although we always play and not look serious,
but we can learn something from every class actually.
And I really like this teacher, he's funny!!❤

Now that's all.
Type with the original English.
Without any shortform or what.
Hope you all like it. ^^


  1. don't be surprised i have seen your blog...and i was really touched by what you have said, Juan. all the best to you ya...(guess who I am)

  2. well,it's hard to guess><
    who r u?

  3. u r teacher hock ming,right?