Friday, December 30, 2011

Short+simple update.

4:09am now. Just finished watching [Rookies' Diary] aka [新兵日記] episode 36. 7 more then I'm done watch this!

There're 2 outing post, and the Christmas Eve post in my draft. I haven't finish them since I'm damn busy to finish this drama. It is so attractive.

I'm real tired now. Slept at 5am yesterday, woke up today at 12pm. Then now I'm tired. I've watched 10 episodes in 3 days. Every episode is around 90mins. wtf. More 7 episodes means more 10 hours and 30 mins.
But never mind, I love this show alot. If you look at my twitter update, you'll realize my tweets recently are all about this show. But I've changed it to [weibo]. lol  I think it's kinda weird to tweet with Chinese, so I tweet them in [Weibo] instead. I tagged the actors in 1 tweet, then 1 of the actor reply me! wtf
Will explain this tomorrow if I remember to update here.

4:14am now. I'm gonna sleep. Good night, and good morning, and good afternoon, and good evening, and good midnight to everyone who are reading this post no matter what time is now. Have a nice day.

Friday, December 23, 2011

DiGi iPhone 4SURE 4 ME

The iPhone 4S was officially launched in Malaysia on 16th December 2011. I wanted a iPhone 4S too, but I know I can't afford this, and my dad and mom won't buy it for me as well. =(
When I saw the plan from DiGi, OMG it is so affordable! I never know that iPhone 4S could be so affordable since, well, it's iPhone by the way. The most popular smartphone in the world since the iPhone 3g was launced in 2007. When my mom signed a iPhone 3gs from DiGi last year, she said, "if I really don't know how to use this phone, I'll give this to you." You wouldn't know how surprised I am, how I wish my mom really can't learn to use this phone, but it turns out, my mom learn it easily, until now she still loves her phone. I still desire for a iPhone.

Why do I want the iPhone 4S
Because it is the best phone ever for me. It has the 960-by-640-pixel resolution at 326 ppi. Fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating on front and back. How amazing it is, your fingerprint won't appear on your phone anymore! You know, fingerprints on phone may be disgusting sometimes. =/

The battery always is a nuisance for every smartphone users. My mom's iPhone 3gs' battery runs out pretty quickly, I played a game for 20 mins, then 20% of the battery has gone. This is truth. But now, iPhone 4S' battery have improved! Its standby time is up to 200 hours. For internet use, up to 6 hours on 3G, up to 9 hours on Wi-Fi. This really attracts me, the battery is really important for every phone.

The camera attracts me as well. You can choose either auto focus, or tap to focus. Hence you can take photo with focus on where you want easily. It has a LED flash as well! Therefore you no need to worry about the lighting everytime.

There's more benefit for this phone, I can't elaborate them all since there's too much. If you want to know more about iPhone 4S, check out this link.

In a nutshell, I really want to have a iPhone 4S!!! DiGi and Nuffnang, please give me this as a Christmas gift. =D
 iPhone 4S is whose? Ask Siri and she'll tell you it's mine. ;)


DiGi iPhone 4SURE I DO 1ST

DiGi, one of the most popular telecommunication company in Malaysia, as well as the most popular telecommunication company among my friends. I switch to DiGi from Maxis few years ago. Why? Because I know DiGi always have lots of rewards and affordable plans for us. Now, it have a amazing contest with Nuffnang, which the prize is a iPhone 4S!!!

I always dream for a iPhone 4S since it had launched. But be honest, I really can't afford it, even though DiGi have the best plans, I'm just a student. =(

But now, DiGi works with Nuffnang, which will give out a iPhone 4S to a lucky Nuffnanger! For sure, I'll join this contest!

So now, what is the first thing you will do with the DiGi iPhone 4S.
For sure, SIRI!!! I was so amazed by Siri when I watched the "Let's talk iPhone".  OMG You wouldn't know how I'm amazed and surprise by the Siri. I was disappointed when Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple reveal that it is not a iPhone 5 but a iPhone 4S. But then, Siri was something really attracts my eyeball when I'm really tired due to watching this news conference at midnight. You can ask Siri almost anything, for example: the weather, the traffic, set an appointment, write a text message, set a relationship with someone in your contact list, and etc etc. It is just simple, AMAZING. 

the amazing camera. Now I'm using w995 from Sony Ericsson, even though it has 8.1mp camera, but I can't choose where to focus. It really annoying me because I can't focus manually. But iPhone 4S, you can just point the place where you want to focus! It is really simple to use!
And I do videos of popin' cookin' sometimes, so a good video camera will be very nice for me. iPhone 4S has 1080p HD video recording, which is so amazing! I always watch YouTube videos in 720p HD or 1080p HD if they are available, it makes the videos so clear and so HD lol.

the apps store. I'm not a fans of Angry Birds though lol. My mom have a iPhone 3gs, which I always download free games from apps store. Now, in ios5, it even have the newstand! You can download books online, then read it on your iPhone! Reading a actual book feels better but, if you're out and you have free time but nothing to do, you can read a book!

So please, DiGi and Nuffnang, I want the iPhone 4S so badly! Please fulfill my Christmas wish please? =D

Gimme a DiGi iPhone 4S please!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

15-12-2011 / Watched New Year's Eve today!!

CHRISTMAS IN 10 DAYS PEOPLE! Yeah, in fact, that's not my business since neither my family or my friends celebrate Christmas. But I just like the atmosphere of Christmas, like wintery, romantic. I like white, I like winter, I like Christmas but I don't celebrate Christmas. lol

So, I went out today. My mum's out at around 11am, 18-holes golf, then I sneak out 11:30am, while my brother was still sleeping. -.-  I left him a note, then I'm out.
I went to City Square, again. -.-  Because I wanted to watch a movie, not Mission Impossible but [New Year's Eve]!!!!  ZAC EFRON and LEA MICHELE, how can I miss this movie? As usual, I watch this alone.
People who sat beside me was Singaporean I think, based on their accent. lol Because 1 row have 7 seats, I'm at the 7th, so they have the 1st-6th. The last girl who got 6th, she talked to her friend like, "seriously? okayy.."
Hello, miss , is it suffering for sitting with me? wtf You think I really want to sit with you?
Let me get this straight, I'm not dislike Singaporean, but sometimes their attitude is really annoying. Some Singaporean really looks down at us. Hello, your country used to be one part of us remember? You didn't learn that in your History class?

During the movie, I'm suffering. lol Not because the people who beside me, but because I'm hungry! I ate 1 slice of bread before I went out, when I arrive CS, it is already 12:30. I go straight to cinema to buy ticket, which I queued for 20 mins. Finally got my tickets, went to 7th floor since it is in hall 10, then I saw a paper on the counter, state that the counter is closed, please buy your tickets and refreshment at 5th floor. WTFFFFF
I was planning to have popcorn as my breakfast, now I have nothing to eat!

After movie, I went to Kenny Roaster, I wanted to eat their chicken mac&cheese, but it is not available, so I ordered another spaghetti which I don't remember its name. But it taste AWFUL. I didn't finish it.
Then go around, went to Watsons and spend a lot of money, then back.

I'm tired. Keep yawning but need to watch Glee later. It is loading.

New Year's Eve is awesome and amazing. Lea Michele sang [auld lang syne] in the movie. That song makes me cry every time. Because I sang this on my kindergarten graduation day. With Lea's voice, it makes me feel more sad. I teared during movie before this scene, but when I realized that Lea is singing this song, I cried. My tears ran out non-stop. I have to wipe my tears without letting others know I'm crying. lol

Share with you guys.

Then, Zac Efron is so freaking hot. OMG I'm so excited when I saw him on screen. The very last part, Zac and a lady are dancing in a ball, and one of his dance move is from HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL, [A NIGHT TO REMEMBER]. OMG OMG OMG. I still can't get over HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL!! lol


Saturday, December 10, 2011

My new nail polishes. [OPI, Essie, UNT, Nail Tek]

I'm a huge lover of nail polish. I bought my first nail polish when I was in primary school, and I think I'm only 9 or 10. I always apply nail polish during holiday since we can't apply them during school days. But my toes always are colourful, I apply them no matter it is school days or holidays. But due to those nail polishes are no brand, their quality is not very good, my toes nails are kinda yellowish. =(  So now, I only buy and use those quality polishes.

In these years, I use only [Oops! Jealous] which is a brand by a Taiwanese singer, Jolin Tsai. But I also buy other brands like [Etude House] and [Silkygirl].

Recently, I bought my very first high-end nail polish. lol
#Nail Tek base coat.  O.P.I "Barefoot In Barcelona".

I got them 2 weeks ago. The nail tek base coat have a matte finish. It dry pretty quickly as I think every base coat does it too. But this is my first time having a matte finish polish, kinda cool, lol.
Then the OPI. Every girl knows how amazing and how high end is OPI and it is the best nail polish ever. I'm impressed with it. After applying, it naturally have a shiny finish, I didn't even apply top coat on it! The colour is rich but still, I apply 2 coats for a really rich coat. I bought it online, I don't know whether it is real or fake OPI. Because I read those articles how to tell real or fake OPI, some thing this polish have but some not. Like the most common, the sticker at the bottom of bottle, this doesn't have it. But the code on the bottle randomly, this have it at the back of bottle. I really can't tell it but I believe this is real OPI. lol
This is cheap as well. Usually a OPI cost at least RM50, but I bought this with RM20++, I don't remember the exactly price but RM20++. Because the seller supply stocks to shops, so their price is VERY CHEAP to the market price.

Then these two arrived today, like 1 hour ago before I type this post.
#Essie, UNT color.
#Essie [Good to go] top coat, UNT color [Libertine].

I just got them today, I haven't try the [Libertine] since I have nail polish on my nails, but I tried the top coat since I don't have top coat on. lol
It dry really fast. OMG My old top coat is from [Opps! Jealous], and it take HOURS to dry. This dry real fast. After 5 minutes, the surface have dry but if you scratch it, you will realize it haven't dry. But after 15 minutes, it dry fully. It's amazing!
The only thing is, it is very hard to find essie nail polish in Malaysia, they may be very expensive. So I bought this from Taiwan, and it cost me RM30++ without shipping fee from Taiwan. If I buy it from China, it is more expensive, I did a little research. lol

So I'm gonna remove my nail polish and redo now, I'm so excited to have them.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Finally watched [You're the apple in my eyes].

HEY DECEMBER HERE PEOPLE. CRAP. One more month then I'm 17. 2 more months then I'm officially 17. One more year then I'm 18. I'm getting older and older and older what the crap.

I finally watched [You're the apple in my eye] [那些年, 我们一起追的女孩] on last Wednesday. All by alone. Is it very weird that you go out by yourself? Is it weird that you watch a movie by yourself? I don't think it's weird, it is very normal! lol
I went to CS by bus alone, then waited for a person. I buy things online again, it is a mask. I haven't try it wtf. I waited for her since 1:30pm. After I finished a starbucks, [cranberry white chocolate peppermint frapuccino]. I forgot its name but it is something like that. A new beverage for Christmas. I bought a Starbucks card as well, you can redeem a free beverage after you register the card online. Nice! After finish this, I went to Watsons, bought a cleanser, bought some sweets. Still waiting for her, until like 2:20. Finally got my things, then go and find the bus to KSL.
Crap, I can't find one. Decided to go there by taxi. The fare was RM8!! Expensive! Then rush to the cinema to buy ticket, it was 2:44pm. I wanted to buy the 4:30pm ticket, you know what, by the time I buy the ticket, it was almost full!!!!!! Only left 2 rows at the very front, some 1 seat at back. Thanks god I went there myself, so I managed to get a ticket. If I went there with friends, then I have to buy the front row tickets. lol
Then walk around in KSL, THERE'S REALLY NOTHING TO SHOP. I bought nothing.

After watch the movie, it was 6pm. Took taxi back to cs, then bus to home. I sleep through the whole journey lol. I'm tired. =(

This is movie is very nice! There are some funny scenes also some touching scenes. My tears ran out 2 times. lol

The next movie I want to watch is [New Year's Eve]. Not because I like the story, but the actors!!!!!!!
ZAC EFRON AND LEA MICHELLE ARE IN THIS MOVIE PEOPLE! I'm so definitely will watch this movie. I thought it will be on 2th Dec since I saw the trailer in CS, but I checked it on, it said the date is 8th Dec. I need to wait for 4 days wtf.

Never mind, for the sake of Zac Efron and Lea Michelle, I'll wait until 8th Dec!!!!!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Sick / Watched Twilight today

OMG, I'm sick. T.T It's been 3 days, keep coughing and sneezing. Sometimes even fever wtf. Yesterday I was on fever, I just try not to take medicine, then until 4pm, I can't stand the dizziness anymore, I took 2 medicine. Then I'm okay. After 4-5 hours, fever came back for me T.T  I am very very very dizzy @@

Today, still coughing. Everytime when I cough, my throat feels terrible. It's like my throat gonna be separate. @@ BUT, I still go to watch [Twilight]!!!

This is my first time to watch [Twilight]. (??!!!!!)  Don't be so surprise, sure I know the whole plot of twilight, I know the actors and actress, I know the character's name, but I just didn't watch the movie or read the book before. I'm not really into [Twilight]. I watched it today is because my cousins ask me to bring her to watch. Hello, she's only 11!!! She's really love this movie although she can't understand what they're talking without chinese subtitles, but she really love Jacob aka Taylor Lautner. Yesterday I asked her, which character you like the most. She said, that wolf! That guy who always take off his clothes!! wtf wtf. She's 11 but all she focus on is only Taylor Lautner's abs!!! wtf

After my first time watching [Twilight] series, this is not bad. At least it really change my mind on Kristen Steward. Because before this, I always read her on magazines. She's like a girl with extra strong personality, she doesn't care how messy is her hair, she doesn't care how bad is her clothing. But in this movie, she's really strong, gentle and cute. But I still don't really like Robert Pattinson. lol  I don't know why but I don't like his look.

I'm in rush to play Harvest Moon Back To Nature that I downloaded few days ago. I'm so miss and love this game. Harvest Moon is my favourite game, so do The Sims series. lol  These two are my favourite game!!
So, let's wrap this post with this ending. I'M GONNA PLAY HARVEST MOON BACK TO NATURE RIGHT NOW.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

22-11-2011 / HAD BAD HAIRCUT!

As usual, new post at night. xDD  My skin is getting terrible, but I still can't resist to become an night owl! lol
Seriously, actually I wanted to sleep 10 mins before. But then it's the show [100% Entertainment]. The guests are [孝女时代]. OMG I can't help but keep watching! They are so lol.

Cut my hair today. =(
#Freaking short hair.

The last time I had this hair, almost 2 years ago. When I'm still form 2. I used 2 years to have my length, but now I'm back to this length?! Which means I need 2 more years to have them back!!!!! My hair grow thick very easily, but length? NOOOOOOOO!!! My hair need to take AGES, YEARS to become longer. *sobbing*

I wanted to go In Cut to have my haircut, which I go there usually. But then my mum said her friend recommend her to this saloon in Tun Aminah, then she wanted to straighten her hair, so I'll have my haircut there as well. I told the stylist, I want my hair to be thinner, the bang become shorter and the length shorter JUST A BIT. Then she started to cut, when I was reading a magazine. The next thing I know is MY HAIR IS SO SHORT OMG. You can see the difference because she cut the left side first. A HUGE DIFFERENCE WTF.
Then my mum is not satisfied with her hair as well. The boss of the shop, who is a mid-year man cut her hair. He said my mum's parting is weird. He said no-one part their hair that way. If not because I'm cutting my hair, I'll turn my head to him, and say to him loudly, IS THIS WEIRD? MY MUM AND I PART OUR HAIR IN SAME WAY, IS THIS WEIRD? LOT'S OF MY FRIENDS PART THEIR HAIR LIKE THIS AS WELL. WTF. 
But he changed the parting of her hair. After we leave there, in car, my mum started to SCREAMING. -.-  She's so not used to that parting and she hate her hair. She considered to call tomorrow to see whether they can cut her hair to change the parting or not.
I'm not gonna go there anymore. I LOVE YOU, IN CUT.

Then my mum go to massage. -.-   In fact she's running out time. In the saloon, she told them that they have to be fast, she need to go at around 3 thirty. Then they can't do that. We got there around 12:45pm.
Due to no time to send me back, she left me alone in Bukit Indah Jusco, with RM100. $.$
I settled my lunch in the food court. I had [claypot tomyam seafood yee mee]. It's just salty. lol
Then go to Jusco, bought few things. Went to Daiso, bought few things as well. lol. Then my mum came to pick me up at 6:30pm. 

❤The most awkward thing is, I'm actually kinda used to my hair now. BUT I'LL DEFINITELY WON'T CUT MY HAIR TO THIS LONG ANYMORE.

❤Today is Kristen's birthday. She's Selina's sister. Happy birthday Kristen!  (任容萱, SHE的Selina的妹妹,任爸的女儿)  =D

❤Oh ya ya ya, I changed the song of blog and some design of blog!!! Changed the places for nuffnang ads. The music player is now at the very bottom. The song currently playing is [B-e-a-utiful] by Megan Nicole. She's a YouTuber. This is her original song. I love this song a lot! Megan looks alot like Stella Hudgens, Vanessa Hudgens's sister. xDD Not Vanessa but Stella, because Vanessa is more mature.

#Megan Nicole
#Stella Hudgens
#Vanessa Hudgens


Saturday, November 19, 2011

18-11-2011 / Went to CS and saw a celebrity!

Hey guyssss!! I don't know why, but seems like I always blog at night. Emmm....I'm a night owl. lol

So, I went for a facial wash on Thursday. Man, my face is horrible due to being an owl! I used to sleep at around 11pm everyday during school days. But now it's holiday! Holiday=sleep late, wake up late!!! It was so pain during facial wash time. Now my face are all scars. =(

Then, went to CS with cousin. We bought school bag! Crap, I bought almost every thing needed for school already. Bag, check. Pencil case, check. Highlighter, check. Scissors, check. Done! Left only water bottle and file. I can't bear my High School Musical file, pencil case and bottle go to school with me everyday for another 1 year. Now they should enjoy staying in my very own High School Musical corner, a drawer! With all the magazines, and those merchandise.
I saw a celebrity in CS!!!!!!!!!! Patricia Mok (莫小玲)!!!! Didn't see her on TV for a while. So when I saw her, I'm not really sure, because the people just walk away like didn't notice. Then my cousin said she really is! Then I'm kinda excited. Some chinese girls passed her and look at her, but I didn't see anyone go and ask for autograph. I wrote it in Facebook, then Teddy ask me to go to ask for a autograph! Man, I don't dare.  /.\ 
She's real beautiful, but trouty mouth. /.\  She looks so kind, while she was chatting with her friends I guess.

We adopt a dog!!! She is very small, aunt said she maybe is only 1-2 month. But she's fat. -.-  Her mum put her at the bushes in front of our house, that day was raining heavily, so we took her in. But her mum is nowhere to find. We named her [bobo]. lololol   Not being rude. XDD
Her daily life routine: Sleep, eat, bath, eat, play, sleep, play, sleep. lololol  She always sleeping! She has a very bad habit, whenever she saw human, she'll pee. -.-  Like if we play with her, she'll definitely pee first. -.-  Maybe she's nervous! Haha!

Well, I kinda miss starbucks. Starbucks just launched a starbucks card, I think it is something like debit card. Was planned to have a cup of starbucks today when I was in CS, but there were crowded! So didn't buy. *sigh*  I miss the starbucks in Jusco Tmn U.

Monday, November 14, 2011


Heyyyy November's here!! Heyyyyy holiday's here!!! What's more excited than holidays for a student?! I'm just so love, love, love holidays! But after this holiday, I'll become a form 5 student. Isn't it too fast? I still remember the first day I got to school, nervous but managed to made some friends. The very first malay friend, Amalina. Her result is way more better than me, we always communicate with Malay and some English. lol  She is very nice to me, she's good, and her handwriting is very pretty. =D We fought before, we didn't talk for a few days, but thanks to Atiqah, we're good after just few days. Sometimes when Amalina fought with Atiqah, I have to become the person who pass their message. lol  Funny days!
In form 1, the first time of excluded by friends. The first time felt sad by friends.
Then form 2, a sweet year. Form 3, a hard year. Form 4, a totally lazy year.
I need to stop recall, or this whole post will be about my memory, which I love to rambling about. =D

Found a job chance in JbTalks, asked about it, it is a tuition centre, for a vacancy something like assistant of teachers. But unfortunately the centre is located in Taman Pelangi, I can't go that far! Don't know why, but this holiday I feel that I need a job. Although I'm selling Popin' Cookin' online, but I can't rely on that fully. I need to find a job. Considering to sell other things online but definitely will not be clothes as I know how hard to sell them online. Still thinking what can I sell.

I'm hungry now, damn. 1:08am and I plan to sleep after this post. Because I watched a lot of maccaroni and cheese video on YouTube, I really want to cook that but some required ingredients in most of the recipe are very hard to find in Malaysia, like those types of cheeses. Anyone know how to cook up a delicious yet simple mac and cheese? Leave me a comment!! I really love mac and cheese, especially those from TGI Friday. It's so damn yummy. ❤

The giveaway contest has ended today if you haven't heard. I hope I can be free and film a video of picking winners tomorrow. It will be a VERY HARD WORK and somehow I regret I host this giveaway. lol KIDDING! There 151 people liked our page and I THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR LIKING!! I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!  *blushing*

Planning to buy a OPI nail strengthener. My nails break easily so I need to protect them. I want to buy a Essie Good To Go top coat as well but I have no idea where to buy it in Malaysia.

Will go to school to collect RM100 on Thursday!! Thank you so much government!!

I want to watch [You're the apple in my eye] so much, but it is very hard to buy those tickets. =(

Watching [genius go! go! go!] now. This show is so funny. One of the game is you have to spray water on your face, then get as much sesame as you can. You can see their face coated with black sesame. Hilarious!

Sunday, November 6, 2011


I'm waiting for my parents to go out for dinner. I'm hungry. =(   Only had a fried noodles for breakfast, that's all I ate until now, 7:37pm.
Had period. =(  If I'm scared of seeing blood, I think I've fainted for many times. Was very tired and barely eat anything on the first day, PMS. =(

Had my dinner!!! 8:50pm now. I ate "frog". I don't know it's Eng name, in Chinese we called it [田鸡], "tian ji", an animal which looks like  Now continue blogging.

Got my English paper 2 on Thursday. I went downstairs to return the text book first, then when I went back to class, Ms Cheong is not there. But we found the list with marks on table. It was written I got 52 marks. OMG I was so disappoint at that time. Because the total marks of paper 2 is 70, but I only got 52?! Eunice and the assistant of my class even got 53 marks! =(
Then I don't believe Eunice got same marks with assistant, I took a calculator and count again, Eunice got 57 marks! I think Ms Cheong didn't count right. Then I counted mine, 62!!! I was so relieved when I know my mark is 62 not 52. That 10 marks are really big deal! ;D

Then when Ms Cheong came back, told this to her then our marks are correct now. Then Ms Cheong asked Farhanah to write the answers on whiteboard. I cried when I check the correct answers. Because there are 2 questions, I didn't get mark just because I left out 1 alphabet! [Old lady's husband], the answer should be [old lady's husbandS]!! The questions had written [them]!!! I forgot another one. -.-  I cried when I saw the answers. OMG   I lost 2 marks. T.T

Playing The Sims 3 Pets everyday now. I was so obsessed with the game. I'm always a big fan of The Sims series! From The Sims, The Sims 2 until now The Sims 3. I bought every main game, and some expansion packs. But the main games has all now disappear. -.-  I don't know where did I put the DVDs, maybe they have feet and run away from me!!! xDDD

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Foods I've eaten recently...

Yum yum, this post will be about FOOD. Food is very important in our lives. Without food, we can't live more than 3 days. Without food, we don't have the energy to do things. Without food, we can't have the depressed feeling when we gain weight. lol

I've eaten a lot of food recently, obviously. But I've taken some photos, to share with you guys.

Let's start with breakfast.

#A bowl of cereals and breads.

I didn't eat the whole loaf of bread, but 2 slices I think. I tweeted this picture before. I found out that my phone won't work if I upload photos to twitpic but if I email it to twitter, it will show up immediately.
I love cereals, and milk. I love HL fresh milk.

#Omelette "popiah".

This is my own recipe. I like to cook with things left in fridge or dining table. I saw tuna spread on dining table and "popiah skin" in fridge. Then I cook a omelette with tuna inside, wrap the omelette with 2 "popiah skin". Then heat the pan, melt some butter, put this in the frying pan and start to fry it. Until the skin become crispy and golden brown, it's done! This is yummy! I love the skin because it is so crispy and so nice with the omelette.

#Cabonara maccaroni.

I don't know what should this be called. I cooked this myself as well. I used bacon and the cabonara can. It doesn't turn out very well because the sauce is too thick. OMG I can't cook spaghetti well every time!! T.T

I forgot it's name as well. ==  I ate this in [Manhattan Fish Market] with a Groupon voucher. It is so yummy! But I can't finish it even though we had 3 people, my 2 cousins and me. We are so full after eating this! But they are yummy!! There are fried squids, fish, mushroom, prawns, french fries and fried rice. 

#"Pen Cai"

This is something we Chinese usually eat during Chinese New Year. I don't know what it called but in Chinese we call it "盆菜". I think it is something like stew pot. This pot costs RM130. There are quite a lot of things in it but I can't remember everything. @@  There are some meats, prawns, dried scallops, broccoli and things I don't know it's name. lol  But this pot is kinda salty and don't eat it without rice. Way too salty! As a Asian, I love rice. ❤

Finally, time for beverages and dessert!

 #Caramel Macchiato.

I bought this in Starbucks when I went to CS alone on Monday. The barista actually can't spell my name, so I have to read out every alphabet. But she still can't manage to write it correctly. =(

#Uji Matcha Milk tea.

This is from the new store in Jusco, [T Blogger]. Well, I'm a blogger, so I definitely have to go there and buy something! lol
The man who order with me is very friendly, I have no idea at all what should I take, there are lots of drinks to choose. I ask him for recommendation, then he recommend this. It is kinda nice drink but I will definitely try something else other time.
Uji matcha milk tea+"agar" (寒天) = RM5.9
It is kinda pricey with the [Chat time] which I always read it in a KL blogger's posts. But it is nice though. There is a buy 1 free 1 starting tomorrow, 3th Nov. But only available at 12-2pm and 8-10pm if I didn't get it wrong.

#Milo supreme flurry.

Bought this in McDonald's today, it is just.....milo. RM4.5, pricey! I won't buy this again, I will buy the oreo mcflurry instead. =(

So, that's all for all the food I had in these 2 weeks! I know the photo is not professional at all, I took these pictures with my phone, W995, with 8.1 megapixels. So the result doesn't turn out very well.

Monday, October 24, 2011


Hey! It's been a while I didn't blog. lol  Well, in fact I don't have much things to update, but, today was once a very important date to me. 3 years ago, 24-10-2008 was the premier date of [High School Musical3:Senior Year]!! OMG OMG  It's been 3 years. Time flies~~~~  I'm still loving High School Musical, I still remember the lines from the movie, I still remember every single lyrics from the songs. I'm still the super duper High School Musical fans. =D

I'm on holiday now!! 10 days. =D  I'll continue school on Tuesday, since I don't have paper on Monday. Economic on Tuesday, Chinese on Wednesday, return books on Thursday, PE on 10-11-2011.  It's weird, why we have to sit for PE??  It doesn't makes sense at all. I just feel that I wasted a book for PE class. Gosh.

I have nothing to update. O.O Let me think a while.... *thinking*  *thinking*  *thinking*   Nah, nothing. lol  So, that's a wrap!

Oh, I gotta tweet the High School Musical thing. My twitter is beside this post, look at the right hand side, follow me on twitter!

The newest episode of Glee won't up until 1-11-2011. It's been 2 weeks without Glee. =(

Friday, October 14, 2011

14-10-2011 / English Exam!!!!!

Yup, there are lots of exclamation marks at the title. lol Because English is my one and only interested subject, which means I can get good result on it. It is my only hope to get A. I really care about this subject a lot.

Went to school, and heard that the directed writing, will be a speech. Memorize the format at the eleventh hour. It is not too hard but some points is hard to elaborate. I don't know what's the meaning of [school leavers]. Means the people who graduated? Idk. I thought it means people who stops school at first, but then I saw the words [go to colleges or universities]. It totally confused me. @@

Then the section B, continuous writing, I picked the fourth as usual. The fourth always is the story. I love writing story. I wrote that I have 2 best friends, Vanessa and Ashley (the female leads in High School Musical). I got cancer, people in school started to laugh and point at me. Ashley can't stand the peer pressure, then she leave us. Vanessa always be with me through ups and downs, I finally realized that [a friend in need is a friend indeed]. This phrase was the moral value of my primary school's chorus speaking's story. I always remember the ending of that chorus speaking, [the moral of the story is, a friend in need, is a friend indeed]. OMG I was so surprised when I saw the title of the exam. I was so determined to write this.
The time for this 2 essays is 2 hours and 30 mins. I spent 2 hours and 20 mins for this paper, I mean those 2 essays. Because when I finally stopped, Sanusi then announced that only there are only 10 mins more.Then I started to count the words of my continuous writing. This is my very first time that I spent almost the whole time to write, didn't sleep! Also break my record, I wrote 878 words for the continuous writing! I thought I count wrong and I counted for 3 times. lol

Then the paper 2. At first, it doesn't hard, it is quite easy. But then the summary, OMG, it is hard!!! I can barely find any points, just try hard to find. I didn't count how much points in it but managed to keep it in 134 words. *phew*  Then the poem and story part. The opinion question are HARD for me. I can't answer them! One of the questions is, [If you are the friend, what advice will you give to her?] I answered, [I will tell her that don't give up principles easily. Because she may lost her virginity]. XDDDDDD
I bet the examiner will laugh when he/she saw my answer. In fact, I don't know what to write! Then the word [virginity] popped up in my mind. Because I saw the word in the [Glee Malaysia] facebook page!! I remembered they wrote, [Emma will lose her virginity to Will?] XDDDDD 

It is so hard for me. *sigh*   I just hope I can still get an A. *fingers crossed*

❤I didn't wrote the word [peer pressure] in my essay, and now I'm regret. That is a nice word!!! OMG I didn't think of it when I were writing. I learnt that word from High School Musical.

Monday, October 10, 2011


Today, went to Sutera with Li Ping and Dora, to celebrate Dora's birthday.

Went to Dora's house at around 2pm, then we took taxi to Sutera.

We went to a Korean restaurant. But I forgot it's name. lol
#The side dish. This is only half of them.
#The kimchi soup. This is full of tofu, it is very yummy!!
#The kimchi pancake, 2 pieces are disappeared because Dora and I took them. XDD

We ate for 2 hours. Chit-chat, eating, taking photos, eating. Hahaha. Then we walked to sutera mall. I bought eye drops, and a book in popular. 《找死专卖店》 I was looking for this book for a long time. I just can't find it! No matter is in CS or sutera, I just can't find it. But this time, luckily I finally found it. I was so happy, lol. Applied the student card as well, just in case I want to buy books in popular. RM10 for 1 year.

Then we went to Moonlight Cake House. They said the cakes are very nice, this is my first time to try.
#The menu. The logo looks like Starbucks/ Coffee Bean's.
#Our cakes. Strawberry Short cake, Japanese Cheese, Green Tea Tiramisu.

The japanese cheese and green tea tiramisu are mine. They are yummy! The cheese cake is so nice. I love the cakes. Definitely will go again. =D

#Green Tea Tiramisu.

 #Japanese Cheese.

#Coffee, I forgot the actual name.

Then Dora went to piano class, Ping and I went back. They should be in Station 1 now, because they want to celebrate Dora's birthday!!! Dora doesn't know this, this is a surprise. I didn't go although they ask me to go, because I have to go to school tomorrow. /.\

Finally, final exam is coming soon. Wednesday. I just hope I won't drop class otherwise I will embarrassed till die. lol

Sunday, October 9, 2011


It's 2:03am. Before sleep, feel an urge to type a post.

Went to uncle's house today. Because he renovate his house, therefore there's a open house. It's quite fun, although I didn't hang out with my cousins. I'm not close with them, we only meet like once a year, during Chinese New Year. lol

Sometimes, when you're wrong, please, admit it. Don't try to act you're right, even though the whole world know you're wrong. *sigh*  I can't say too clear, otherwise he/she will know I'm talking him/her.

Tuesday, I sleep at 3am. Because I watched the whole show, [Let's talk iPhone]. It's actually iPhone4s was released. It's iPhone4s, not iPhone 5. I'm slightly disappoint as I hope it will be iPhone 5, because I really want to see what can they change in the design. But, it is totally like iPhone4. Only the thing inside are improved. I love the siri thing! OMG It is so useful! You can check traffic, shares even ask it to read out your text or reply them! But the only thing is, it is now only support 4 languages. If in English, you have to pronounce and speak very clearly or siri won't understand. If in Chinese, we maybe have to talk like people in China. It's very hard for us. =( But it is so cool!

Then the next day, Steve Jobs passed away. Some say iPhone4s stands for [iPhone for Steve]. It may be truth, or rumour. But indeed, I'm kinda sad because this is the first time I take it important to watch the [Let's talk iPhone]. This is my first time that I want to know what will the new iPhone looks like at the first day. But at least, Steve Jobs managed to see iPhone4s. I read something not funny online, [Steve Jobs is died of anger because the iPhone4s is so disappointing]. OMG This is rude. Apple=Steve Jobs, Steve Jobs=Apple, they are the same thing, you can't say like that.

Popin' Cookin' is doing quite well. But I hate my parents always ask me how is it, are the stocks all sold out? What the fuck?! It haven't a week I got the stocks, how can I sell all of them in less than a week? WTF WTF.

Steve Jobs, rest in peace.  =)

Saturday, October 8, 2011


It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday. Everybody looking forward to the weekend, weekend. A song from Rebecca Black, [Friday]. You can't find the original MV on YouTube now, because it has removed due to some copyright thing. lol

My 1 week holiday is almost end, after this weekend, I gotta get back to school. Wednesday, I gotta face the final exam. The time really flies too fast. I didn't read at all. I mean, AT ALL. I really don't like study since secondary school, and I don't know why. I started to dislike everything in school except friends. lol I even missed my tuition classes this week, without going to school, chatting with friends and reminding tuition class, I totally forgot the classes. OMG

Popin' cookin' has arrived.
#Two boxes of them.
#The receipt? Invoice? I don't know what it's name. lol

Managed to post out the first batch on the first day I received them. Some have changed package, it looks more yummy!
Received an order just now, will post again maybe tomorrow or Monday.
In my page, I usually update with 2 languages, English and Chinese. But most of the customers reply or order in English, maybe because I always write English first? Haha, sometime I hope to communicate with customers in Chinese because it is easier to express what I want to say.

Exam, I just hope English won't be too hard. I hope, English and Chinese essays, can have choice of writing story. Because that's what I'm good at. I only good at writing stories. *sigh*

So, that's all. Thanks for reading and thanks for liking my Popin' Cookin' Malaysia page. I'll hosting a giveaway when we got 122 likes!! Likey!!  =)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Time flies. Friday will be the last day of September. I'll be on holiday from this Friday until next whole week, due to PMR. Then, will be out turn for the final exam. WTF? Every thing seems to fly way too fast!
Absent from school today, I can't wake up. lol  I woke up at around 8am. The first thing I realised is, why is it so bright? Suddenly, nooooo, something wrong. Checked phone, 8:18am. lol  I was like, [WHAT?!], then I slept back. Haha.
But when I go to tuition class, Eunice told me today our class have a big drama thing. They fight! I was like, [WHAT?! I can't believe I missed it!] lol  I'm being mean, haha. Just kidding.
I am sooo tired again now. Tomorrow will be the last day before holiday.

For all the PMR candidates, gambateh!!! Study hard!!! Don't be like me!!! Even though it's PMR, still online everyday. =D
Don't regret in future, if you really care about your PMR result, or your next year class, study hard and do well in this exam. If you can't get your target, but at least you try your best. I'm the worst role model for this. Didn't study and kinda regret for everything. But in fact some subject's result really out of my expectation. Just try your best.

❤Watched Glee season 3 episode 2, [I am a unicorn]. This episode only have 3 songs, unlike the usual Glee which is packed with songs. But it's nice though. At least I'm really into it and didn't realise that it's almost end. Quinn surprised me again, she becomes the old Quinn but she is actually acting to get back Beth?! OMG I can't believe Quinn become someone like this. I'm as shocked as Puck.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


I'm so damn tired right now. My feet are sore even I wore flats whole day. I think it is because I stood for almost 3 hours!!!!!!!!

Went to KSL today with Eunice and her brother. Because Yvonne had a performance today, we went to support her. =D  There was an event today, [ME Street Dance Festival]. ME stands for [Move Dance Studio] and [Evolution Dance House] aka [EDH].

 #KSL City

#Lots of people. In fact, most of them are involve in the flashmob.

 #Another group of dancers.

#Lots of audience.

#The stage.

The flashmob planed to start at around 3:30pm, but due to the makeup contest before this event has delayed, the flashmob started around 5:30pm. I filmed a video and uploaded to YouTube. Search in YouTube! It was quite nice as a start.

 #The host---阿亮.


Then was time for YB's speech. I hate speeches, they are always long and bored me out. But this speech had something exciting because the 宗乡青, one of the sponsor, decided to donate RM2000!! I don't know it's for who but it's indeed exciting.  =D

#Presenting certificates.

#Countdown to the event start!

#The event is officially started!!

#The opening dance. 

I can't remember the opening dance but I recorded it, maybe will upload to YouTube as well.

Then there were a lot of dance that I can't remember. Around 7pm, it's time for the drama thing. They filmed a videos, then they will dance after the video is played. The storyline is about a school, students, teacher and a principal. This is very funny yet the dance are so nice!

#The boy students.

#The name of the girl students. It was originally [Girls generation] aka [少女时代], but now it's [骚女时代]. lol

But they are pretty!!!

So after this drama, we went back. There are a lot of groups after but we are too tired to watch all of them. We went KSL at around 1pm because we want to watch [Abduction] but there are A LOT of people lining in the cinema to buy tickets!! We don't want to queue for a long time so decided to have lunch. Went to [Manhatam Fish Market] which I went last time alone. I had the baked dory fish. I didn't take any photo of it. What a shame. =(   But it's delicous!

TIRED TIRED TIRED. I'M SO TIRED. But I can't bear with my computer. =(

❤OMG I watched Glee season 3 on Wednesday. It's so freaking nice!! I love that episode! I was so surprised when I saw Lindsay, one of the runner-up in [The Glee Project]. I even stopped the video just to check did I see wrong. She sang so well! She humiliate Kurt and Rachel. But she's really nice.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


It's been a while. Have nothing to share, to write about. I noticed that the page view has decreased. Is it because I started to use English? lol  I don't care. Writing blog in Eng in fact can improve my Eng. Because when I met some words that I don't know how to write, I'll google it. From that, I learn new words! Its good for my future essay. lololol

Last Sunday, went to CS. Not for Namewee. lol I found out Namewee will go to CS at the morning. I went there to meet the friends who I met online. We both love D.C.W. 东城卫. I bought the CD from Taiwan, therefore I can get their signature!! So I went to CS to collect my CD and posters. One of the posters is the official one, it is HUGE!!! The other one is designed by a girl in the DCW forum. That it so freaking nice!
We went Neway, but as usual, I didn't sing much. lol  I just sat there and listen to them. OMG, Felicia singing damn good!! She's beautiful as well! She can go and take part in some singing competition, I bet she'll get a good position. She is so nice. <3

Until today, there's nothing special. BUT, yesterday, 20th September 2011 was a big day! Because the very first episode of Glee season 3 is out!!!! I found a link in FB today, downloaded it and will watch it after finish this post although it's 9:21PM now and I plan to sleep at 10PM. But it's impossible now. lol

So I think that's all. Until next time, thanks for reading this post! <3

Saturday, September 17, 2011

FB can't log in. LOST

I am bored. My facebook was unavailable. WTF?  I googled it and the some say you can log in if you use another browser. I am using firefox, so I use google chrome to try, WTF can't as well. It can't even log in.

[Account Temporarily Unavailable
Your account is currently unavailable due to a site issue. We expect this to be resolved shortly. Please try again in a few minutes.]

WTF WTF WTF. I still need to play [the sims social] and [fashion world]. I sewed some clothes and now is the time to pick them out and sell them but I can't log in!

I feel lost. I have nothing to do. This doesn't surprised me as we all know, facebook has become a very important thing to do everyday. Statics shows that Malaysian are the largest facebook user in the world. Not Asia but THE WORLD. Malaysian users are more than US. This is so lol.

I'm trying to pray that I can log in facebook in an hour. I don't think I can log in in few minutes. Let's hope it will be okay in an hour.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Changed the song again. [Keep holding on], Glee version. It was originally by Avril Lavigne. Loving this song recently because [The Glee Project]. Every time, when the one who was out, will be singing this song while others will do backup singer. This is so nice and kinda sad.

I was sick on Friday. Went back home during recess time. I'm kinda regret for asking my mum to pick me up during recess time. Pass the koperasi and there are so many people there! lol 
I called my mum to come over, then go to the office. I told the teacher that I want to go back since I'm not feeling well. She asked me to look for the teachers who are in charged this week. Okay, I went to the office. I looked at the "buku panduan", gosh, I don't even know one of them! I asked Ms Chua, who is my Chinese teacher, she did help me. She look at the office and tell me that no one is in the office. OMG. But she is nice to help me for looking for teachers though. Went back to office, told the teacher that I didn't found any teacher, can I just go back since I've ask my mum to come. She said NO. I have to find the teacher although I called my mum. WTF. Then I go out the office, try to find the board which wrote the teachers in charged. Then a teacher came and told me the board, and said the teacher can be found in SPBT. I was so grateful to her! Went to SPBT, told the teacher I want to go home and my mum has arrived. She said I just need to go office and tell the teacher then done. But the teacher won't let me!!! She was kind enough for calling the teacher who was in office, and done. Finally I managed to go home after running around. *sigh*

Backed home, I slept until 2pm. lol Real sick. Fever. My legs are like jelly, you know how it feel? It's like hard to walk around.

Was planned to take my cousins to watch [Nasi Lemak 2.0]. But they didn't want to. /.\  Stay at home whole day. I want to watch [The Smurf] so much! But Umall didn't have. =( I have to go CS or KSL. Maybe will go next Friday with my cousin since it's holiday.

The final exam is around the corner. 1 month left. Holy crap. Crap crap crap. I hate exam most.

Yesterday afternoon, I was trying to cook french toast. Suddenly, a cockroach appeared! Damn! I was alone in home!! I was so scared. I ran to living room while holding the spray thing which can kill the cockroach. I wanted to spray at it but I don't dare. I was so afraid of it, I'm scared it will fly and I'm doomed. Then, the postman came. My aunt and cousins was back at the same time. After that, I went back to home. The cockroach appeared again! It from kitchen to living room! I asked my aunt for help but the cockroach disappeared again! I went back kitchen to cook, and when I'm done, the cockroach appeared. WTF I was brave enough to spray it but the spray has finished!!! WTFx100000. I called my cousins for help then my aunt came and use her magic slipper. *piak* The cockroach died!!!!! I was so happy and finally can enjoy my meal.   lol

10:28PM, gotta sleep, tomorrow have to go to school! Tomorrow is [mooncake festival] as well. Still remember how funny last year. It was tuition class, but we played and eat instead of learning.

Some very creative drawing by friends last year. I can't remember who drew them except Eunice.  ==
Watch the photos in my FB album, ❤Tuition❤ . lol

Oh yayaya, just remembered something while type in the title. Today is the 10-year anniversary of 911. A sad day. Hope the death will rest in peace. Hope the living will live more happily.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom

Yeah! I've been waiting this for almost 3 weeks! Because the seller use pos ekspress which is can't send other things but documents. I think the courier is in the office for a long time, but after they found out that that is not a document, they sent it back to the seller. After that, the seller sent it back to me with pos laju, and send me some green apple's lotion as well. lol

So, I bought the tester instead of the full size because I want to test its sense first.

#The outside of the package. DKNY BE DELICOUS!!
#The back side of the package. Ingredients, cautions.
#Inside of the package. Take a fresh bite!
#The dearest perfume there. It just left a half 'cause I've been using it. =D

The perfume is only 1.5ml, because it's a tester. lol
This series are all apple's sense. Obviously, this is apple as well. The sense is kinda interesting. Because at first, it will smell not very good, but wait for a while, it will start smelling good. This is [Fresh Blossom], which is mix with flowers, obviously. It smell pretty nice after a while. It's something like apple, flowers. lol It really smell like that! It doesn't smell very...heavy. This is more soft. I like it very much.
The green apple's lotion, it smell so good! But I haven't use it, maybe will use a lil bit of it later. It smell very nice. The whole envelope smell so good good and nice nice!!  xDD
The thing that I want to mention is, the seller is a very nice girl. She said if I want to buy the full size of the perfume, she will give me another smaller one as a gift! So nice of you!!
#The full size of it. It looks delicious and cute isn't!

❤I'm typing this post with the whole new...what should I call it? setting? Post setting I supposed it should be named like this.

❤Paypal is such a hard thing to use. Registered an acc years ago, didn't use it at all. xDD  Recently, to pay the popin' cookin' thing, have to use paypal. But it needs a credit card or debit card! My parents don't have credit card anymore due to some can't reveal reason, so don't even try to ask me. I use a bank acc to register just now, but the seller told me that it need almost 3 working days to approve by bank or what idk. Now I just have to wait for it and hopefully it can be passed. Sorry for all the buyers!!!!! This is my first time to use it officially, I don't know it will turns out like this. Sorry..... T.T

❤Sang song today in class, [Selamat Hari Raya] by Saloma, quoted from one of the comments in YouTube, "Mother of all raya songs!"  lol  It really is! Classic but nice! The only thing is, we have to sing the English version in class on Thursday! Ms Cheong translated most of the lyrics but the chorus part, we have to translate it ourselves. Gosh! Its a hard work! Eunice killed lots of her brain cells and finally she translated it successfully! Now, we have to change some lyrics. Because the lyrics that Ms Cheong translated doesn't match the melody. *sigh* Hard work hard work. Have to listen to the Malay version few more times before change the lyrics.