Monday, January 17, 2011


Yo man
301th post!!!
Thx for the support for all the time. XDD
This post will be in Eng, but will add in some shortform.

Today English, Miss Cheong gave us the newspaper each, and gave us a question list, we've to copy down them, and find the answer in the newspaper by the tips that has already wrote on the quetion list.

The first boy and girl who find the answer most accurately and faster, will get a prize. I'm the fastest girl!
But I only get 18/20. :(
2 answers I get it, but Ms Cheong said, it is not accurate enough.
But if other people can't get higher than mine, then I'll be the winner!
I saw the prize today but they are wrapped, I wonder what's inside them! LOL

Today is Hui Hui's birthday, we went to sutera mall yesterday.
But we went separately. After reach there, I go popular with Eunice.
Hui Hui said she has already booked the [loud speaker] room, but only one room.
It supposed to be 2 rooms as Eunice and I want a room alone, coz she has friends who I don't really know.
But she told us she booked [K Box] instead, when we were in popular.
Eunice called to [loud speaker] to book a room for us.
We went to [K Box] to pass the present to Hui Hui.
But she told us she will going to [loud speaker] too.   ==
She lied.
The day before I asked whether she will makeup or not, she said no. Because Eunice and I will do the makeup too if she did. So I really wear no makeup, only lip balm which has no colour. That is my first time go out with friends without makeup.
But I found out she has draw the eyeliner at water line.
She lied.

We sang a lot of songs, but all Eng songs, only 2 Chinese songs. ==  Eunice only know Eng songs!!
We supposed to sing until 5pm, but we added time until 7pm.  RM36 each.
7pm, we walked to sutera mall, and have our dinner in [Elmigo].
We chat a lot. LOL
After dinner, we went back.

❤I changed the song again!
I LOVE Pyramid by Charice ft Iyaz, and Mine by Taylor Swift, and Pray by Justin Bierber!
I think Pray is my favourite song in all Justin's songs. Its MV and lyrics are very touching.

❤Lunar New Year is just around the corner. Got to go Singapore for reunion dinner.
And the first day of New Year will go back to my grandma's house, which is in Negeri Sembilan.
Looking forward to that! Coz I only meet some cousins once a year, in New Year only.

❤My birthday is around the corner too. XDD

❤Dora organizes the trip to Genting Highland this time. I don't want to interrupt anything. Just when they all confirm how much it cost and who will be going, I'll just decide whether want to go or not.

❤[I close my eyes, and I can see a better day. I close my eyes, and pray.] Pray by Justin Bierber.

❤[Do you remember we were sitting there by the water? You put your arm around me, for the first time. You made a rebel of a careless man's careful daughter. You are the best thing, that's ever been mine.]  Mine by Taylor Swift.

❤[Pyramid, we built this on a solid rock, it feels just like it's heaven's touch. Together at the top. Like a pyramid. And even when the wind is blowing. We'll never fall just keep on going, forever we will stay. Like a pyramid.]  Pyramid by Charice ft Iyaz.

❤ I love chamomile tea since yesterday! I heard that before in High School Musical 2 before, but never tried them. In [loud speaker], I order it as I'm very cold! ><  But I like its taste, I ordered one more nescafe, but also one more chamomile. And in Elmigo, I ordered it too! LOL
I love its taste, I guess I'll go Jusco and buy the tea bag. =)

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