Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Yay, today gonna be a Eng post too. XDD
Not very used to type such a long Eng post. LOL
I'm gonna improve my Eng! My speaking is very limited. Sdn. Bhd. LOL  Gonna speak Eng with Eunice to improve my Eng! But I'm too shy to speak in school. LOL  I only talks with myself or with my High School Musical's dolls only. LOL   Hey, I'm totally normal for talking to myself or the dolls! Everyone does that! XDD

The gift that I mentioned yesterday, I got it today! I'm the ppl who get the most answers in class. Happy when I got the prize. But I don't dare to open it as teacher is just beside me. I opened it when I'm walking at the hallway to the gate after school. It's 2 different colours bear, blue and pink, hugging together! It's very cuteee! And its small so more easier to keep it. Thx teacher, thx a lot! =)

Today's wind is blowing very hard! XD I don't know word to describe wind. Nvm. LOL 

Its a hard day today. The economic class is bored and the "perdagangan" class is as bored as the economic class. Maybe the class is not as bored as I think, but the teacher is the main reason for making us bored! If I turned around, I'll see a lot of ppl are feeling sleepy. But I didn't do it. Know why?  Because I'm busy with yawning!!   LOL   THE TEACHERS REALLY LET ME BORED.

I feel like I'm not getting enough of sleeping. I sleep at 11pm, wakes up at 5:45am everyday. 6 hours everyday, almost. But I still feel very sleepy!  The ppl who study in science class, I think their pressure is more 100% than mine. They can't get enough sleep but they have to. But I can't! I'm a ppl who loves sleep! I don't want to leave my bed and pillow every morning. T^T

We will organize a primary school class reunion again! The 57th graduates, class 6M, from SJK(C) Pulai. Our first reunion dinner in 2011. Looking forward to that!

I love to being an organizer, but only for the activities that is very confirm will be held. Otherwise, I do everything well, but at the end, the activity can't carry on. It's very annoying!!

❤Love singing! I know my voice is not good and sweet, but I like to sing in my room. LOL   Like to go karaoke as well! But only with some very close friends. Otherwise I won't sing too. LOL

❤Finished this post, gonna sleep. =)

Night all, have sweet dreams. ^^

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