Monday, March 21, 2011


Okay, firstly, yesterday was my bro birthday. Happy belated birthday. XDD

Today supposed to be the first school day after holiday. But I didn't go to school!! Where did I go? I went to CS!! lol

I was planning for a night already. I gathered a lot of ideas, but at last I used my idea. First, I woke up as usual. Then I opened my gate and locked it again like I always do. But, I didn't go out! I just open the door, then locked it again. Then walking very slowly back to my room. And I was afraid of my dad woke up and come to my room, I stay in my room's toilet!! For almost 2 hours!!! WTF!  lmao

I read in toilet. -.-  And played my phone. At 9 something, my dad went out to work. I walked out and screaming silently. Yup, SCREAMING but SILENTLY. What the hell am I doing? lol   I changed my clothes and put my laptop and a jacket to my bag, wear a slippers, and go out! This is my first time wear no makeup and wearing slippers to cs by ALONE!

When I reached there, I was thinking about my breakfast. -.-  McDonald's? Nah, it is already 10:50am. I'm not sure that still got breakfast or not. So I decided to buy the [BEASTLY] ticket first. After that, I went to popular to buy some book. I bought[人生拍卖会2] which I searched it for a long time! And a couple of [哥妹俩]. Then I was walking around, and saw season. I was thinking about its fish&chips. But when I saw the menu, I decided to order seafood baked rice. I can't resist cheese! I ordered chamomile tea as well. I love it since I first tried it.

After my brunch, I went to starbucks. I bought a capucinno I think as it is a new product. I was browsing web. There is a guy beside my table, he using a ipad! I felt so outdated. -.- He is using ipad but I'm still using a laptop. -.-

1pm, I went to 6th floor. To wait for my movie which started at 2pm. I was sitting at the outside of cinema and watching those trailers. 1:40, I went to buy popcorn and drink. Still sitting there watching the trailer until hall 7 opened. I went into the hall, there were just a few people there.

I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!! I LOVE VANESSA HUDGENS! Her character, Lindy, somehow like Gabriella Montez! When the main role, Kyle was building a green house on the rooftop, IT JUST SEEMS LIKE HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL! OH MY! I was watching [BEASTLY] but I was thinking about HSM! -.- When Lindy was singing, I hope she can sing her song, I mean, Vanessa's song or HSM's song. But she didn't.  :(
But I still love this movie! Very nice!!

After movie, I just go home by bus~

❤Okay, now I'll explain the reason that I skip school/play truant. lol
Because my mum went to Penang last Saturday until today. She'll be back in the evening today.
[BEASTLY]'s showtime only got 2PM, and only CS got. If I go there straightly, there will be not enough time! So I'll just skip school. lol  BTW, this is my first time skip school to go out by myself! Very exciting! Haha. Kids should not be like this. But I'm NOT a kid anymore, so I can do this! Muahaha.

❤I saw some girl from [Foon Hew High School] went to cinema. But cinema can't sell tickets to those who wear school uniform isn't. So they just wear on the jacket and cover the logo of school to buy tickets. lol
Nice idea~

❤Tomorrow have to go to school as well. *YAWN*

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