Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Exams, people! Today's paper is English, my favourite and best subject EVER. I only have a subject that I can get good marks on it. /.\
Today's paper1 was a speech, it was about a 3-day outdoor camp. Write on the experience. But woah, this is EXTRAORDINARY HARD!! All the points are just a few letters, how do I elaborate on it?!! I don't think I can get good mark on it! Section B, I chose no.4, which is [write a story, ending with "we hugged last time, and went our separate ways."] I wrote a story totally based on High School Musical! Gabriella! Stanford University! Straight-As! Scholarship! Scholastic Decathlon! Lots of things based on East High, yup, TOTALLY INSANE!!
This is really what I can think about at the moment. I was thinking, okay a story. Then Vanessa Hudgens face popped out in my mind. I started to write my content, and ta-da! I'm done with the story line! Just wrote it totally based on my story line, my story line totally based on High School Musical!!
But I think this is not bad, this is my first time ever to write a , kinda, [story]. The words required was 350, but I wrote 384! I copied it on another paper and I hope Hock Ming can watch through and mark first! Because if I want to wait for Ms Cheong, it must be after the holiday, I can't wait for such a long time!

So, for the paper 2, DISAPPOINTED. I'm really disappoint for what I've wrote. The summary, it is ABSOLUTELY HARD to do! I can't even find 10 contents for it, I only found 7, but just wrote anything which seems like a content! It was too hard to find a content from the passage! For the reading comprehension, totally don't know what am I writing. I don't think I can get A this time. Argh!!

Tomorrow will be Chinese. I didn't read at all. Wait die. /.\

❤I love Glee!! I love the teenage dream's cover! Teenage dream was from Katy Perry. Listening to the toxic's cover now.

❤Today's English paper, is my first time ever felt, so helpless during the exam! I have a lot of things in my mind, but I just can't find the word! The words popped in my mind, was Malay! -.-  I was so afraid I had no enough time to finish the paper! But luckily, I still have half an hour to sleep! xDDD


  1. [write a story, ending with "we hugged last time, and went our separate ways."]- SPM 2009

    [3-day outdoor camp]- SPM 2005

  2. WTH!!!!!!!!!
    I didn't buy any past year's exam paper. T.T