Saturday, May 21, 2011


The rumours said, today was the..the end of the world? Should it be called like this in English? I don't know. -.-
Now, today went to tuition class, looking at the calendar, realized that today was 21th May, remembered the rumour. But rumour still rumour. Haha. Finished a essay in tuition class, childhood memories. Nothing in it is the memory about me! I mean, I'm in it, but I'm not the main character. I really can't remembered anything about me. Oh, actually that's one here. Forgot to write in the essay.
Here's the thing, when I was like 4 or 5, I was in Genting Highland with my parents and maybe with my aunts I don't remember. This incident is told by my mum. That day, my parents were playing with me at the place where we wait for the elevator...? Don't ask me why we were playing there, please, I was just 4 or 5! Haha. Suddenly, the elevator came, there was an auntie in there. I just walked into the elevator without waiting my parents! I just went down to the lobby without crying and don't know what am I doing. My parents ran down very anxiously. From what they said, luckily there was an auntie in there. Otherwise maybe I won't be here and typing this post. HAHAHAHAHA.

After tuition class, I went to the Jusco. I wanna buy the Shout Magazine actually. But run of stock! So just buy the other magazine. Haha. Bought McDonald's as well, I want to collect the whole set of glass! This week's glass is pink. Love PINK!

❤Next Saturday,28th May, is the premier day of [Sharpay Fabulous Adventure]!!!! 7:30 on Disney Channel!! My brother will work, my parent got a competition at morning and wedding dinner at night. So the TV, will be mine!!! I think I'll buy some chips and popcorn, a whole bottle of Coke Light, and watch Sharpay!!!  FYI, Sharpay is a character from High School Musical, starred by Ashley Tisdale! She is a amazing girl, either Sharpay or Ashley!
Sharpay, the drama queen, she will make everything like a drama. She is rich, her family owns a resort which named Lava Spring! Although she always bully her twin brother, Ryan, sometimes nasty, and when she try to seduce(?) Troy makes me very dislike her(?), but yet, she is actually a good girl, a pink princess!
Ashley, a singer who has already released 2 albums I think, I love her [we'll be together], [headstrong], [he said, she said]! She is really an amazing girl!

❤Today Hock Ming has already mark my exam's essay, unbelieveable high mark! But I don't think Ms Cheong will give me such high mark. T.T  BTW, I didn't memorize any essay! But my story is TOTALLY BASED ON HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL. So there are lots of words, I learned them from HSM! Haha. But I made a big mistake, [Standford], I wrote it in [Stanford]! T.T

❤I've change the song of my blog. [Black Star] and [Smile], both by Avril Lavigne, from her new album, [Goodbye Lullaby]. Love these songs!

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