Friday, May 6, 2011


Okay now, I'm still excited.
I told lots of people in school today.XDD Not really, only a few people~ The friends that I treasure, my best friend~~

Gosh, yesterday night, while I was cutting some papers for my class's decoration, I was listening to the radio. 92.8 in Johor, Red FM. They are holding a contest in this week. The Glee contest!! All you have to do, is sms in when the DJ ask to, and if you got a call from them, you got the prize!! The Glee Volume 5 CD!! The lastest CD!!
I sms in yesterday night, 10 something, when I heard the DJ ask to send. I was like, OK, I wanna enter this again. I've smsed few times in past few days but didn't get the prize of course. But yesterday, after I smsed, I was thinking, why didn't I get the message which is to ensure I've sms in. I thought because it was late, the company closed and didn't reply any message.XDD But I also thought, will it be me? I mean, will the winner is me? So I smsed again, but didn't get reply as well. This made me more confirm that the company has closed so didn't get the reply. XDD
After almost 15 mins, I got a call. The number is from KL, I was thinking, OK, don't tell me this is from Red FM! I picked up the call, they said they are the DJ from Red FM!! I forgot their names. -.-
They asked me, "You think we called you for what?"
"The Glee CD, maybe."
"Yes, it is!!"
"Oh my!"
"You sound excited!"
"Of course, I mean, I was surprised!!"
"Haha, okay now, are you a Gleek?"
"Of course!"
"So how much do you love Glee?"
"I love everything about Glee!"
"Oh, haha. So can you sing us a song? 'Don't stop believing'.
"Ohh, okay. 'Don't stop, believing, hold on till that feeling~'. I think that is."
"Congratulations! You got the prize!"
"Oh my! Thank you Red FM, love you!"
"Haha, we love you too!"

This is our conversation. I don't remember very clearly, but almost like this. After this, they asked me of my email. They said, people in charge will inform me about the prize after 2-3 weeks.
The conversation was actually recorded and edited. Because when they called me, the radio is playing song! I thought it will be live, but actually is recorded. And I registered in the Red FM sms service with the name, Selina Chua. But I sent the IC number as they asked it. But when they called me, they called me Pei Juan instead of Selina. I was quite curious about it. I thought maybe they checked my IC? LOL Maybe. And they talked different with the call. Not their attitude, just because they edited it, so they change what they said in the call. They are just as energetic in call as in the radio!

So after the playing song ended, the DJ announced that the Glee contest winner for tonight has come out! They called out my name, and I heard my voice and singing in the radio. I blush! Even I'm alone in the room.
If I won this in afternoon, I definitely will scream. But it is late in night, I can't scream! -.- But I still screamed silently!  LOL

I was very surprised when I got their call. Really. Because I thought I wouldn't get the prize, I was just trying. And the rule for the night session was the winner had to be the 5th people to sms in. After I typed, I wait for 5 seconds before I sent. Because I think, this will make me become the 5th people! The end is, yes I am!!!!

I'm still excited now, I checked in the store today, the CD's price is RM45.9!! I just spent like RM2 for a RM45.9 CD!!! I was very excited and happy and glee and gay!!!!!!! ROFL LOL!!!


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