Saturday, June 11, 2011


SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Time flies!!! Two days after, I'll be sitting in class and wait for all my mid-year exam results!!!
This holiday, two weeks, seems like only two days! I went to Cameron Highlands for 3 days, after that trip, the farest place that I went will be KSL.  Sucks! I didn't use my two weeks holiday wisely! Argh! I'm so regret now.   T.T
My manicure that I had at the last day of school, the normal french manicure, has chipped off, and I clean them. I did another french manicure myself on Tuesday, its like dark red with gold. But it chipped off as well, but it still there. Maybe will clean them tomorrow, and cut my nail as well, to get used to short nails first, otherwise if I cut them on Monday morning, I'll be very uncomfortable with it!
My skin actually getting better, the pores are smaller, I hope it will be smooth!! I've to take care of it.
I watched Glee season 1 episode 1 yesterday, when Rachel, Finn, Kurt, Artie, Tina and Mercedes sang "Don't Stop Believing", it is very touching! I miss this kind of Glee, simple, touching, NO SUE SYLVESTER AT ALL! LOL

Gotta get prepared for opening school, but still, didn't have the feel to go to school!! Hate that mood! Gotta play The Sims 3: Late Night later, I miss the sims!!

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