Thursday, June 23, 2011


Today was raining, its not big enough for me to be absent to school. lol  As usual, play around in class.
During English class, we have to write an essay. Azzimah and I decided to do it in group. But Shafira came and sit in front of us, which is just beside the door. She asked me lots of words, she told me BM, I have to translate it in BI. It killed lots of my brain cells! When I tried to focus on my essay, she asked me again. I've help her to finish the first paragraph, but I haven't even start mine yet! I can't focus on mine, she just kept asking and asking and asking. Urgh! Ran out of time, what can I do is only to squeeze out as many words as I can, and try to be logical. At first it is kinda unlogical, but I changed it to be logical. How unlogical is it?
Okay, I wrote I met someone in library. I took a book that we both want. After 1 week, I finished it and lent it to her. After few days, she returned it to me.  UNLOGICAL TOTALLY!
The book belonged to library but why did she return it to me?  lol
I hand in the essay, Ms Cheong said it is short, I felt uneasy right after. Yup, this might be the shortest essay I've ever wrote in my secondary school life. Its just more than half of a page just a lil. ITS SHORT  T.T

Gotong royong at the last period, I wipe the windows. I'm actually enjoyed it! Its fun when you are wiping windows while shouting others. Teacher won't ask you to be quite so you can shout as loud as you want and as you can. I shout alot because they keep taking the pail away! lol  Lots of fun!

I just took a 2 hours nap, gotta take my bath now. lol

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