Thursday, July 21, 2011


Everyday seems same to me. Gotta handle lots of thing and deal with lots of people in class, in school.
In our class, we were actually planning for a "jamuan". But we have to do it separately due to some reasons. I don't know why can't we just hold ONE "jamuan", as 4EA1 in 2011. Maybe someone is really can't believe by people? As she did something not very good in past years, and it really makes her become an unbelieveble person, I just can't feel secure with my money on her hands. lol Maybe I thought too much?

I don't know why, some people love to stare at people, I mean, STARE AT YOU. We never did anything wrong to them. Today, I just sat on someone's chair, and move the table, then I can feel someone stared at me, before this she was just sleeping! WHAT'S THE PROBLEM WITH YOU GUYS?!!

Its been a while since Ayu met the accident. The accident seems like fade away in everyone's mind. Somehow, today I missed her. My heart still felt pain when I missed her. She is such a beautiful girl..

Just a simple update. Oh and, I'm selling Popin' Cookin', again! Please check me out in my facebook or page.

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