Friday, August 12, 2011

[Glee 3D Concert Movie]

Yesterday, I won 4 ticket to the premier of [Glee 3D Concert Movie]. I was happy! But I didn't type the post about my winning because I want it to be confirmed first. Right now, what I'm going to type is not about my joyous, its going to be sad. Why? Because I can't attend it.

First, its in KL. I live in Johor, which means it will take about 4-5 hours of journey to get there. Then I have to find a place to stay. Because I planned to go with my friends, not family. Its far so I think my parents won't allow me to go.

Second, which is the biggest problem. Its on 18-8-2011, next Thursday. WTH?! I though it will be on weekend so I can just go but on weekday? That means I have to skip school just to go it. I talked to my dad just now, he didn't allow me to go, in expected.

My cousin said I can just wait for U-mall for it, but I said, the premier is totally different! I was so so so happy yesterday, because I won it! Because I love Glee! I was so confirmed that I can go after I won the tickets, I was so happy, so glee. But now, I can't go.I'm so sad, disappoint.

I cried, I'm crying. I can't go, it is real sad. I don't know how to cancel my prize so they can give out them to others who can go. I can't sell it online as I have to pick up the tickets at the premier day.

I gotta apologize to Ping, Hui Min and Dora. Sorry for letting you guys feel excited as I am but now its all disappoint. Sorry.

Thank you Hitz FM for letting me win this tickets. Although the happiness only lasts 1 day. But still, thanks for giving me a chance to attend a movie premier but I can't take the chance.

Suddenly, this case reminds me of the Genting trip last year. Its just same, sad. I am really a kind of person who can't expect too much on something happened like a dream. Its just like bubbles, so pretty and nice at first, disappear at the end.
I don't have the mood to type on how I win the tickets.

Maybe I'll type a short story to introduce Glee to you guys who didn't watch Glee before at next Thursday. The premier of [Glee 3D Concert Movie]. I hope U mall got this so I can watch this movie at Friday.

Selina's mood now: SAD. DISAPPOINT.

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