Thursday, August 4, 2011

Got my English paper, disappoint.

Got my English paper today. I got 76 marks, which is A-. I still got A, but I'm disappoint.
Part of it is because, this is really my fifth time didn't got the mark with 80 sth. I'm sad with this. =(
But I'm more disappoint with myself, I actually made quite a lot of mistakes that I shouldn't and mustn't do. Like, service, I wrote it in servise. WTH??!  The word "and" ,  I left out the "d" ; the word "because", I left out the "e". I don't know why can I make these mistakes! I've learnt English for YEARS, but I actually did some mistakes like this?! This is huge, this is not a small mistake, this is HUGE for me.
1 hour for a formal letter and information transfer. I spent like half an hour for the essay,  I'm so afraid of not enough time, therefore I didn't do my best. I can't believe I did mistakes like this.
For the information transfer, I didn't read the question very carefully. The question asks about the number of prizes, not the content of prizes! Wrote a bunch of words but didn't get even 1 mark for that 3 question. Gosh, I'm real disappoint of myself.

Maybe because I'm too confident with my English, this is what we call, "满招损,谦受益". lol
It is not use to cry over spilt milk, but, maybe I just can't handle with something like this.

I'm disappoint with myself.

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  1. well, u have to be more careful next time then...overconfidence can be one's Achilles heel...