Monday, August 29, 2011

Revlon ColorStay Liquid Eye Pen Review

This is my first time writing a makeup product review. lol Kinda nervous. So, let's just cut to the chase.

Today's product will be the Revlon ColorStay Liquid Eye Pen. I purchased this in Watson. I forgot its price, but because of the discount, it is between RM20-RM30.

So these are the photos.
#It's almost 15cm.

 #The colour, blackest black/noir intense.

 #The tip.

#Some swatch on my hand under natural light.

As you see, the colour is very light. Its not dark at all. But the colour code is blackest black. It doesn't make sense. You have to apply it back and forth to have the blackest colour. Its very easy to clean. Those colour on my hand, I just put my hand under the running tap, rub it with cotton pad, and ta-da, its off! Makeup remover is not required. lol

The pro is just, this actually can draw thin line although its tip looks like it can only draw thick line. But the colour is way too light. I don't know whether is the product is like this, or I bought the bad one.

In fact, I didn't ever want to buy this, I never heard of this before. I was in Watson, I was looking at the Maybelline eyeliner. Which is a new product, super thin, the tip is just 5mm. I was thinking of buying that one, but the sales assistant came, she said the Maybelline one is not good due to its super thin tip, it will dry out quickly. I was like, ohh... But I still want to have that! Then she took this Revlon one, and explain how good is this. I can't help but took this and she took the Maybelline away which I hold. But this is really not worth.
But if you're a beginner for eyeliner, and you're finding some eyeliner that you can work with, or you just want to find a eyeliner that have light colour, you can buy this. Because this pen is easy to use. But this is definitely not for me.  
I watched a review on YouTube, the reviewer said it will stay 16 hours, she read it from the package. But for me, it doesn't stay that long. I tried draw this on my eye like usual eyeliner, after half an hour, ONLY HALF AN HOUR, the colour faded away. My eyelid isn't oily, but the colour just can't stay on.
To be honest, I regretted for buying this. I will buy the Maybelline one, maybe. But I have to act fast to pay it before the sales assistant came over and misleading me again.  lol

So,  I think that's it. Thanks for reading this review. =D

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