Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Time flies. Friday will be the last day of September. I'll be on holiday from this Friday until next whole week, due to PMR. Then, will be out turn for the final exam. WTF? Every thing seems to fly way too fast!
Absent from school today, I can't wake up. lol  I woke up at around 8am. The first thing I realised is, why is it so bright? Suddenly, nooooo, something wrong. Checked phone, 8:18am. lol  I was like, [WHAT?!], then I slept back. Haha.
But when I go to tuition class, Eunice told me today our class have a big drama thing. They fight! I was like, [WHAT?! I can't believe I missed it!] lol  I'm being mean, haha. Just kidding.
I am sooo tired again now. Tomorrow will be the last day before holiday.

For all the PMR candidates, gambateh!!! Study hard!!! Don't be like me!!! Even though it's PMR, still online everyday. =D
Don't regret in future, if you really care about your PMR result, or your next year class, study hard and do well in this exam. If you can't get your target, but at least you try your best. I'm the worst role model for this. Didn't study and kinda regret for everything. But in fact some subject's result really out of my expectation. Just try your best.

❤Watched Glee season 3 episode 2, [I am a unicorn]. This episode only have 3 songs, unlike the usual Glee which is packed with songs. But it's nice though. At least I'm really into it and didn't realise that it's almost end. Quinn surprised me again, she becomes the old Quinn but she is actually acting to get back Beth?! OMG I can't believe Quinn become someone like this. I'm as shocked as Puck.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


I'm so damn tired right now. My feet are sore even I wore flats whole day. I think it is because I stood for almost 3 hours!!!!!!!!

Went to KSL today with Eunice and her brother. Because Yvonne had a performance today, we went to support her. =D  There was an event today, [ME Street Dance Festival]. ME stands for [Move Dance Studio] and [Evolution Dance House] aka [EDH].

 #KSL City

#Lots of people. In fact, most of them are involve in the flashmob.

 #Another group of dancers.

#Lots of audience.

#The stage.

The flashmob planed to start at around 3:30pm, but due to the makeup contest before this event has delayed, the flashmob started around 5:30pm. I filmed a video and uploaded to YouTube. Search in YouTube! It was quite nice as a start.

 #The host---阿亮.


Then was time for YB's speech. I hate speeches, they are always long and bored me out. But this speech had something exciting because the 宗乡青, one of the sponsor, decided to donate RM2000!! I don't know it's for who but it's indeed exciting.  =D

#Presenting certificates.

#Countdown to the event start!

#The event is officially started!!

#The opening dance. 

I can't remember the opening dance but I recorded it, maybe will upload to YouTube as well.

Then there were a lot of dance that I can't remember. Around 7pm, it's time for the drama thing. They filmed a videos, then they will dance after the video is played. The storyline is about a school, students, teacher and a principal. This is very funny yet the dance are so nice!

#The boy students.

#The name of the girl students. It was originally [Girls generation] aka [少女时代], but now it's [骚女时代]. lol

But they are pretty!!!

So after this drama, we went back. There are a lot of groups after but we are too tired to watch all of them. We went KSL at around 1pm because we want to watch [Abduction] but there are A LOT of people lining in the cinema to buy tickets!! We don't want to queue for a long time so decided to have lunch. Went to [Manhatam Fish Market] which I went last time alone. I had the baked dory fish. I didn't take any photo of it. What a shame. =(   But it's delicous!

TIRED TIRED TIRED. I'M SO TIRED. But I can't bear with my computer. =(

❤OMG I watched Glee season 3 on Wednesday. It's so freaking nice!! I love that episode! I was so surprised when I saw Lindsay, one of the runner-up in [The Glee Project]. I even stopped the video just to check did I see wrong. She sang so well! She humiliate Kurt and Rachel. But she's really nice.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


It's been a while. Have nothing to share, to write about. I noticed that the page view has decreased. Is it because I started to use English? lol  I don't care. Writing blog in Eng in fact can improve my Eng. Because when I met some words that I don't know how to write, I'll google it. From that, I learn new words! Its good for my future essay. lololol

Last Sunday, went to CS. Not for Namewee. lol I found out Namewee will go to CS at the morning. I went there to meet the friends who I met online. We both love D.C.W. 东城卫. I bought the CD from Taiwan, therefore I can get their signature!! So I went to CS to collect my CD and posters. One of the posters is the official one, it is HUGE!!! The other one is designed by a girl in the DCW forum. That it so freaking nice!
We went Neway, but as usual, I didn't sing much. lol  I just sat there and listen to them. OMG, Felicia singing damn good!! She's beautiful as well! She can go and take part in some singing competition, I bet she'll get a good position. She is so nice. <3

Until today, there's nothing special. BUT, yesterday, 20th September 2011 was a big day! Because the very first episode of Glee season 3 is out!!!! I found a link in FB today, downloaded it and will watch it after finish this post although it's 9:21PM now and I plan to sleep at 10PM. But it's impossible now. lol

So I think that's all. Until next time, thanks for reading this post! <3

Saturday, September 17, 2011

FB can't log in. LOST

I am bored. My facebook was unavailable. WTF?  I googled it and the some say you can log in if you use another browser. I am using firefox, so I use google chrome to try, WTF can't as well. It can't even log in.

[Account Temporarily Unavailable
Your account is currently unavailable due to a site issue. We expect this to be resolved shortly. Please try again in a few minutes.]

WTF WTF WTF. I still need to play [the sims social] and [fashion world]. I sewed some clothes and now is the time to pick them out and sell them but I can't log in!

I feel lost. I have nothing to do. This doesn't surprised me as we all know, facebook has become a very important thing to do everyday. Statics shows that Malaysian are the largest facebook user in the world. Not Asia but THE WORLD. Malaysian users are more than US. This is so lol.

I'm trying to pray that I can log in facebook in an hour. I don't think I can log in in few minutes. Let's hope it will be okay in an hour.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Changed the song again. [Keep holding on], Glee version. It was originally by Avril Lavigne. Loving this song recently because [The Glee Project]. Every time, when the one who was out, will be singing this song while others will do backup singer. This is so nice and kinda sad.

I was sick on Friday. Went back home during recess time. I'm kinda regret for asking my mum to pick me up during recess time. Pass the koperasi and there are so many people there! lol 
I called my mum to come over, then go to the office. I told the teacher that I want to go back since I'm not feeling well. She asked me to look for the teachers who are in charged this week. Okay, I went to the office. I looked at the "buku panduan", gosh, I don't even know one of them! I asked Ms Chua, who is my Chinese teacher, she did help me. She look at the office and tell me that no one is in the office. OMG. But she is nice to help me for looking for teachers though. Went back to office, told the teacher that I didn't found any teacher, can I just go back since I've ask my mum to come. She said NO. I have to find the teacher although I called my mum. WTF. Then I go out the office, try to find the board which wrote the teachers in charged. Then a teacher came and told me the board, and said the teacher can be found in SPBT. I was so grateful to her! Went to SPBT, told the teacher I want to go home and my mum has arrived. She said I just need to go office and tell the teacher then done. But the teacher won't let me!!! She was kind enough for calling the teacher who was in office, and done. Finally I managed to go home after running around. *sigh*

Backed home, I slept until 2pm. lol Real sick. Fever. My legs are like jelly, you know how it feel? It's like hard to walk around.

Was planned to take my cousins to watch [Nasi Lemak 2.0]. But they didn't want to. /.\  Stay at home whole day. I want to watch [The Smurf] so much! But Umall didn't have. =( I have to go CS or KSL. Maybe will go next Friday with my cousin since it's holiday.

The final exam is around the corner. 1 month left. Holy crap. Crap crap crap. I hate exam most.

Yesterday afternoon, I was trying to cook french toast. Suddenly, a cockroach appeared! Damn! I was alone in home!! I was so scared. I ran to living room while holding the spray thing which can kill the cockroach. I wanted to spray at it but I don't dare. I was so afraid of it, I'm scared it will fly and I'm doomed. Then, the postman came. My aunt and cousins was back at the same time. After that, I went back to home. The cockroach appeared again! It from kitchen to living room! I asked my aunt for help but the cockroach disappeared again! I went back kitchen to cook, and when I'm done, the cockroach appeared. WTF I was brave enough to spray it but the spray has finished!!! WTFx100000. I called my cousins for help then my aunt came and use her magic slipper. *piak* The cockroach died!!!!! I was so happy and finally can enjoy my meal.   lol

10:28PM, gotta sleep, tomorrow have to go to school! Tomorrow is [mooncake festival] as well. Still remember how funny last year. It was tuition class, but we played and eat instead of learning.

Some very creative drawing by friends last year. I can't remember who drew them except Eunice.  ==
Watch the photos in my FB album, ❤Tuition❤ . lol

Oh yayaya, just remembered something while type in the title. Today is the 10-year anniversary of 911. A sad day. Hope the death will rest in peace. Hope the living will live more happily.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom

Yeah! I've been waiting this for almost 3 weeks! Because the seller use pos ekspress which is can't send other things but documents. I think the courier is in the office for a long time, but after they found out that that is not a document, they sent it back to the seller. After that, the seller sent it back to me with pos laju, and send me some green apple's lotion as well. lol

So, I bought the tester instead of the full size because I want to test its sense first.

#The outside of the package. DKNY BE DELICOUS!!
#The back side of the package. Ingredients, cautions.
#Inside of the package. Take a fresh bite!
#The dearest perfume there. It just left a half 'cause I've been using it. =D

The perfume is only 1.5ml, because it's a tester. lol
This series are all apple's sense. Obviously, this is apple as well. The sense is kinda interesting. Because at first, it will smell not very good, but wait for a while, it will start smelling good. This is [Fresh Blossom], which is mix with flowers, obviously. It smell pretty nice after a while. It's something like apple, flowers. lol It really smell like that! It doesn't smell very...heavy. This is more soft. I like it very much.
The green apple's lotion, it smell so good! But I haven't use it, maybe will use a lil bit of it later. It smell very nice. The whole envelope smell so good good and nice nice!!  xDD
The thing that I want to mention is, the seller is a very nice girl. She said if I want to buy the full size of the perfume, she will give me another smaller one as a gift! So nice of you!!
#The full size of it. It looks delicious and cute isn't!

❤I'm typing this post with the whole new...what should I call it? setting? Post setting I supposed it should be named like this.

❤Paypal is such a hard thing to use. Registered an acc years ago, didn't use it at all. xDD  Recently, to pay the popin' cookin' thing, have to use paypal. But it needs a credit card or debit card! My parents don't have credit card anymore due to some can't reveal reason, so don't even try to ask me. I use a bank acc to register just now, but the seller told me that it need almost 3 working days to approve by bank or what idk. Now I just have to wait for it and hopefully it can be passed. Sorry for all the buyers!!!!! This is my first time to use it officially, I don't know it will turns out like this. Sorry..... T.T

❤Sang song today in class, [Selamat Hari Raya] by Saloma, quoted from one of the comments in YouTube, "Mother of all raya songs!"  lol  It really is! Classic but nice! The only thing is, we have to sing the English version in class on Thursday! Ms Cheong translated most of the lyrics but the chorus part, we have to translate it ourselves. Gosh! Its a hard work! Eunice killed lots of her brain cells and finally she translated it successfully! Now, we have to change some lyrics. Because the lyrics that Ms Cheong translated doesn't match the melody. *sigh* Hard work hard work. Have to listen to the Malay version few more times before change the lyrics.

Sunday, September 4, 2011


Today is the last day of the holiday. I'm sad. =(

Just finished watching the seventh episode of [The Glee Project]. This is basically a competition of Glee, since some characters will be graduating in season 4, the creator, Ryan Murphy need new blood. The winner will be guest star in 7 episode of Glee season 3. Maybe the winner will be a member of New Direction in season 4.
Every episode, they have to learn a song, choreography and film a music video. The very first episode is the selecting of top 12 people. There lots of people from worldwide! One of them, which I'm very surprised is, he's from Singapore. He's the winner of the first [Campus Superstar], Zhi Yang, 黄智阳!! I'm so surprised, so as the casting director, lol.
In the seventh episode, the one who is not called back is Cameron. He's out not because he can't sing well, but he said he want to quit. Because he's a Christian, he was taught not be too intimate with other girls. But he kissed Lindsay in the song, [Baby It's Cold Outside]. This song was sang in Glee as well, by Kurt and Blaine. lol
Cameron is very uncomfortable with it, and the theme of seventh episode, [Sexuality]. Ryan didn't want him to quit, he actually put Cameron in the called back list, but Cameron decided to quit. In the name list, Damian is not called back. But Cameron change to his name. OMG! I love Cameron very much! He's a cute blonde!! But he quit.
#He's so cute when he is smiling.
#Miss you, Cameron!

In fact, Cameron's not regret to his decision. But when he announced it to others, they just cry. I think Damian won't feel good since Cameron save him. *sigh*

Every episode, when the one who is not called back is announced, he/she will sing [Keep Holding On] by Avril Lavidge. This song is sang in Glee as well, they sing this song to Quinn, after they know Quinn is pregnant. This song is sad, every time I heard this I'll just cry. =(

Have to watch another episode, then sleep. Tomorrow is school day!

Friday, September 2, 2011


Yay, national day! Happy birthday to Malaysia! Although it's 2-9-2011 now. lol  But this post will be about 31-8-2011. So if I wrote today, that means 31-8-2011.  lol

I went to KSL today, alone.

#Look of the day
Yup yup, my look is just very auntie-style or you can say--- non-style at all. lol   Just a white blouse with jeans. Beside my mirror is a piece of paper, Winnie the Pooh theme. lol   Lots of stickers on it, Jolin, Cyndi Wong, Ashley Tisdale, Nicholas Teo, some random stickers, a hello kitty sandy thing, and the most important, the very bottom. You didn't see it wrong, its BARBIE!! lol  Hello, I'm obsessed with Barbie before, it doesn't wrong because I'm still a little kid. Hey, I'm just 16, I still can't enter casino yet. lol  *winks*

I went to KSL because I want to meet someone I knew online. She is giving the free face cleanser. FREEBIES! So I went to meet her. lol   She explain how to use it, blah blah blah to me. And finally, the thing that I most looking forward to in this meeting. I'm going to play a thing call "精油宝宝". I don't know its English name, but if I translate it directly, it will be "baby essential oil". lolololololol
It definitely not this name but, IDK!!

Basically, she will put lots of the essential oil in front of you, and you have to put your hands above it, close your eyes sincerely. Then she will read out something, you have to follow her in your mind. Now, you can ask questions in your heart. Next, pick out 4 bottles of essential oil without opening your eyes. They are not free for you, lol, because the oils are pick by you, sincerely and without knowing which is which, she will then take out a paper, refer to it. She will explain every oils that you picked refer to what. I picked 2 lavender, good? NOPE! Lavender means you're stressed. And I picked out TWO! She said I'm too stress. Maybe. Because of the popin' cookin' thing. The other 2 bottles, in fact I can't remember very much. But one of it said, I'm the mother of nature, of plants. That means if I plant anything, it will grow up very nice. Erm...May be I can try this sometime. lol  But all the oils are just telling you about you in 2 weeks. Next time you play this, the result may be different.
When I put my hand on the oils, and closed my eyes, I felt calm. I don't know why, I just felt very calm. This is kinda interesting.

After our meeting, I went to second floor. I bought some books. Then, I was looking for lunch. lol
From second floor, I saw Wang Kok is full of people. But the restaurant next to it is totally no people. lol  Its about seafood. I decided to go there to have my lunch.

So here's my lunch.
#Starter--Mushroom Soup.  RM4.9

#Main Dish---Dory Fish n Chips. RM10.9
#My favourite soda drink---Coke Light!! RM5.9

Basically is just like this, this meal cost me RM27.++. I can't remember the price. It's pricey but the food is quite nice though. The soup is a lil salty, but I love how the mushrooms are in the soup and every bit you drink, there will be mushrooms in your mouth. The fish n chips are nice! The fish is crispy.Yummy yummy.

After lunch, I went back to CS. Take bus and go back home. But when I'm in bus, there's a Bangalesh beside me, he's sleeping. I can felt his nearing me. Suddenly, he leaned on me!!! I was so damn scared. /.\  When we reached Jusco, he finally woke up, finally he went down the bus. I was so relieved. *huuuu*

Yup yup, a bored trip. I planned to catch a movie, but there's no movie that I'm interested in. Final destination? Oh please leave me alone. Cars 2? I watched it with my cousins. I like this movie! Its funny. I love how Mater behaving stupid. lol  The smurfs? Oops, It haven't in cinema yet. Is that the word to use? Idk. lol
#When I got back home, tied my hair up.
 #Under natural light.
#Under natural light.

❤So, in fact, I'm trying to change the style of my blog. In examples, writing with English. I don't know but I hope I can write more post in English instead of Chinese. I totally can't write Malay.  /.\