Sunday, September 11, 2011


Changed the song again. [Keep holding on], Glee version. It was originally by Avril Lavigne. Loving this song recently because [The Glee Project]. Every time, when the one who was out, will be singing this song while others will do backup singer. This is so nice and kinda sad.

I was sick on Friday. Went back home during recess time. I'm kinda regret for asking my mum to pick me up during recess time. Pass the koperasi and there are so many people there! lol 
I called my mum to come over, then go to the office. I told the teacher that I want to go back since I'm not feeling well. She asked me to look for the teachers who are in charged this week. Okay, I went to the office. I looked at the "buku panduan", gosh, I don't even know one of them! I asked Ms Chua, who is my Chinese teacher, she did help me. She look at the office and tell me that no one is in the office. OMG. But she is nice to help me for looking for teachers though. Went back to office, told the teacher that I didn't found any teacher, can I just go back since I've ask my mum to come. She said NO. I have to find the teacher although I called my mum. WTF. Then I go out the office, try to find the board which wrote the teachers in charged. Then a teacher came and told me the board, and said the teacher can be found in SPBT. I was so grateful to her! Went to SPBT, told the teacher I want to go home and my mum has arrived. She said I just need to go office and tell the teacher then done. But the teacher won't let me!!! She was kind enough for calling the teacher who was in office, and done. Finally I managed to go home after running around. *sigh*

Backed home, I slept until 2pm. lol Real sick. Fever. My legs are like jelly, you know how it feel? It's like hard to walk around.

Was planned to take my cousins to watch [Nasi Lemak 2.0]. But they didn't want to. /.\  Stay at home whole day. I want to watch [The Smurf] so much! But Umall didn't have. =( I have to go CS or KSL. Maybe will go next Friday with my cousin since it's holiday.

The final exam is around the corner. 1 month left. Holy crap. Crap crap crap. I hate exam most.

Yesterday afternoon, I was trying to cook french toast. Suddenly, a cockroach appeared! Damn! I was alone in home!! I was so scared. I ran to living room while holding the spray thing which can kill the cockroach. I wanted to spray at it but I don't dare. I was so afraid of it, I'm scared it will fly and I'm doomed. Then, the postman came. My aunt and cousins was back at the same time. After that, I went back to home. The cockroach appeared again! It from kitchen to living room! I asked my aunt for help but the cockroach disappeared again! I went back kitchen to cook, and when I'm done, the cockroach appeared. WTF I was brave enough to spray it but the spray has finished!!! WTFx100000. I called my cousins for help then my aunt came and use her magic slipper. *piak* The cockroach died!!!!! I was so happy and finally can enjoy my meal.   lol

10:28PM, gotta sleep, tomorrow have to go to school! Tomorrow is [mooncake festival] as well. Still remember how funny last year. It was tuition class, but we played and eat instead of learning.

Some very creative drawing by friends last year. I can't remember who drew them except Eunice.  ==
Watch the photos in my FB album, ❤Tuition❤ . lol

Oh yayaya, just remembered something while type in the title. Today is the 10-year anniversary of 911. A sad day. Hope the death will rest in peace. Hope the living will live more happily.

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