Wednesday, September 21, 2011


It's been a while. Have nothing to share, to write about. I noticed that the page view has decreased. Is it because I started to use English? lol  I don't care. Writing blog in Eng in fact can improve my Eng. Because when I met some words that I don't know how to write, I'll google it. From that, I learn new words! Its good for my future essay. lololol

Last Sunday, went to CS. Not for Namewee. lol I found out Namewee will go to CS at the morning. I went there to meet the friends who I met online. We both love D.C.W. 东城卫. I bought the CD from Taiwan, therefore I can get their signature!! So I went to CS to collect my CD and posters. One of the posters is the official one, it is HUGE!!! The other one is designed by a girl in the DCW forum. That it so freaking nice!
We went Neway, but as usual, I didn't sing much. lol  I just sat there and listen to them. OMG, Felicia singing damn good!! She's beautiful as well! She can go and take part in some singing competition, I bet she'll get a good position. She is so nice. <3

Until today, there's nothing special. BUT, yesterday, 20th September 2011 was a big day! Because the very first episode of Glee season 3 is out!!!! I found a link in FB today, downloaded it and will watch it after finish this post although it's 9:21PM now and I plan to sleep at 10PM. But it's impossible now. lol

So I think that's all. Until next time, thanks for reading this post! <3

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