Sunday, September 25, 2011


I'm so damn tired right now. My feet are sore even I wore flats whole day. I think it is because I stood for almost 3 hours!!!!!!!!

Went to KSL today with Eunice and her brother. Because Yvonne had a performance today, we went to support her. =D  There was an event today, [ME Street Dance Festival]. ME stands for [Move Dance Studio] and [Evolution Dance House] aka [EDH].

 #KSL City

#Lots of people. In fact, most of them are involve in the flashmob.

 #Another group of dancers.

#Lots of audience.

#The stage.

The flashmob planed to start at around 3:30pm, but due to the makeup contest before this event has delayed, the flashmob started around 5:30pm. I filmed a video and uploaded to YouTube. Search in YouTube! It was quite nice as a start.

 #The host---阿亮.


Then was time for YB's speech. I hate speeches, they are always long and bored me out. But this speech had something exciting because the 宗乡青, one of the sponsor, decided to donate RM2000!! I don't know it's for who but it's indeed exciting.  =D

#Presenting certificates.

#Countdown to the event start!

#The event is officially started!!

#The opening dance. 

I can't remember the opening dance but I recorded it, maybe will upload to YouTube as well.

Then there were a lot of dance that I can't remember. Around 7pm, it's time for the drama thing. They filmed a videos, then they will dance after the video is played. The storyline is about a school, students, teacher and a principal. This is very funny yet the dance are so nice!

#The boy students.

#The name of the girl students. It was originally [Girls generation] aka [少女时代], but now it's [骚女时代]. lol

But they are pretty!!!

So after this drama, we went back. There are a lot of groups after but we are too tired to watch all of them. We went KSL at around 1pm because we want to watch [Abduction] but there are A LOT of people lining in the cinema to buy tickets!! We don't want to queue for a long time so decided to have lunch. Went to [Manhatam Fish Market] which I went last time alone. I had the baked dory fish. I didn't take any photo of it. What a shame. =(   But it's delicous!

TIRED TIRED TIRED. I'M SO TIRED. But I can't bear with my computer. =(

❤OMG I watched Glee season 3 on Wednesday. It's so freaking nice!! I love that episode! I was so surprised when I saw Lindsay, one of the runner-up in [The Glee Project]. I even stopped the video just to check did I see wrong. She sang so well! She humiliate Kurt and Rachel. But she's really nice.

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