Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Time flies. Friday will be the last day of September. I'll be on holiday from this Friday until next whole week, due to PMR. Then, will be out turn for the final exam. WTF? Every thing seems to fly way too fast!
Absent from school today, I can't wake up. lol  I woke up at around 8am. The first thing I realised is, why is it so bright? Suddenly, nooooo, something wrong. Checked phone, 8:18am. lol  I was like, [WHAT?!], then I slept back. Haha.
But when I go to tuition class, Eunice told me today our class have a big drama thing. They fight! I was like, [WHAT?! I can't believe I missed it!] lol  I'm being mean, haha. Just kidding.
I am sooo tired again now. Tomorrow will be the last day before holiday.

For all the PMR candidates, gambateh!!! Study hard!!! Don't be like me!!! Even though it's PMR, still online everyday. =D
Don't regret in future, if you really care about your PMR result, or your next year class, study hard and do well in this exam. If you can't get your target, but at least you try your best. I'm the worst role model for this. Didn't study and kinda regret for everything. But in fact some subject's result really out of my expectation. Just try your best.

❤Watched Glee season 3 episode 2, [I am a unicorn]. This episode only have 3 songs, unlike the usual Glee which is packed with songs. But it's nice though. At least I'm really into it and didn't realise that it's almost end. Quinn surprised me again, she becomes the old Quinn but she is actually acting to get back Beth?! OMG I can't believe Quinn become someone like this. I'm as shocked as Puck.

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