Friday, September 2, 2011


Yay, national day! Happy birthday to Malaysia! Although it's 2-9-2011 now. lol  But this post will be about 31-8-2011. So if I wrote today, that means 31-8-2011.  lol

I went to KSL today, alone.

#Look of the day
Yup yup, my look is just very auntie-style or you can say--- non-style at all. lol   Just a white blouse with jeans. Beside my mirror is a piece of paper, Winnie the Pooh theme. lol   Lots of stickers on it, Jolin, Cyndi Wong, Ashley Tisdale, Nicholas Teo, some random stickers, a hello kitty sandy thing, and the most important, the very bottom. You didn't see it wrong, its BARBIE!! lol  Hello, I'm obsessed with Barbie before, it doesn't wrong because I'm still a little kid. Hey, I'm just 16, I still can't enter casino yet. lol  *winks*

I went to KSL because I want to meet someone I knew online. She is giving the free face cleanser. FREEBIES! So I went to meet her. lol   She explain how to use it, blah blah blah to me. And finally, the thing that I most looking forward to in this meeting. I'm going to play a thing call "精油宝宝". I don't know its English name, but if I translate it directly, it will be "baby essential oil". lolololololol
It definitely not this name but, IDK!!

Basically, she will put lots of the essential oil in front of you, and you have to put your hands above it, close your eyes sincerely. Then she will read out something, you have to follow her in your mind. Now, you can ask questions in your heart. Next, pick out 4 bottles of essential oil without opening your eyes. They are not free for you, lol, because the oils are pick by you, sincerely and without knowing which is which, she will then take out a paper, refer to it. She will explain every oils that you picked refer to what. I picked 2 lavender, good? NOPE! Lavender means you're stressed. And I picked out TWO! She said I'm too stress. Maybe. Because of the popin' cookin' thing. The other 2 bottles, in fact I can't remember very much. But one of it said, I'm the mother of nature, of plants. That means if I plant anything, it will grow up very nice. Erm...May be I can try this sometime. lol  But all the oils are just telling you about you in 2 weeks. Next time you play this, the result may be different.
When I put my hand on the oils, and closed my eyes, I felt calm. I don't know why, I just felt very calm. This is kinda interesting.

After our meeting, I went to second floor. I bought some books. Then, I was looking for lunch. lol
From second floor, I saw Wang Kok is full of people. But the restaurant next to it is totally no people. lol  Its about seafood. I decided to go there to have my lunch.

So here's my lunch.
#Starter--Mushroom Soup.  RM4.9

#Main Dish---Dory Fish n Chips. RM10.9
#My favourite soda drink---Coke Light!! RM5.9

Basically is just like this, this meal cost me RM27.++. I can't remember the price. It's pricey but the food is quite nice though. The soup is a lil salty, but I love how the mushrooms are in the soup and every bit you drink, there will be mushrooms in your mouth. The fish n chips are nice! The fish is crispy.Yummy yummy.

After lunch, I went back to CS. Take bus and go back home. But when I'm in bus, there's a Bangalesh beside me, he's sleeping. I can felt his nearing me. Suddenly, he leaned on me!!! I was so damn scared. /.\  When we reached Jusco, he finally woke up, finally he went down the bus. I was so relieved. *huuuu*

Yup yup, a bored trip. I planned to catch a movie, but there's no movie that I'm interested in. Final destination? Oh please leave me alone. Cars 2? I watched it with my cousins. I like this movie! Its funny. I love how Mater behaving stupid. lol  The smurfs? Oops, It haven't in cinema yet. Is that the word to use? Idk. lol
#When I got back home, tied my hair up.
 #Under natural light.
#Under natural light.

❤So, in fact, I'm trying to change the style of my blog. In examples, writing with English. I don't know but I hope I can write more post in English instead of Chinese. I totally can't write Malay.  /.\

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