Sunday, September 4, 2011


Today is the last day of the holiday. I'm sad. =(

Just finished watching the seventh episode of [The Glee Project]. This is basically a competition of Glee, since some characters will be graduating in season 4, the creator, Ryan Murphy need new blood. The winner will be guest star in 7 episode of Glee season 3. Maybe the winner will be a member of New Direction in season 4.
Every episode, they have to learn a song, choreography and film a music video. The very first episode is the selecting of top 12 people. There lots of people from worldwide! One of them, which I'm very surprised is, he's from Singapore. He's the winner of the first [Campus Superstar], Zhi Yang, 黄智阳!! I'm so surprised, so as the casting director, lol.
In the seventh episode, the one who is not called back is Cameron. He's out not because he can't sing well, but he said he want to quit. Because he's a Christian, he was taught not be too intimate with other girls. But he kissed Lindsay in the song, [Baby It's Cold Outside]. This song was sang in Glee as well, by Kurt and Blaine. lol
Cameron is very uncomfortable with it, and the theme of seventh episode, [Sexuality]. Ryan didn't want him to quit, he actually put Cameron in the called back list, but Cameron decided to quit. In the name list, Damian is not called back. But Cameron change to his name. OMG! I love Cameron very much! He's a cute blonde!! But he quit.
#He's so cute when he is smiling.
#Miss you, Cameron!

In fact, Cameron's not regret to his decision. But when he announced it to others, they just cry. I think Damian won't feel good since Cameron save him. *sigh*

Every episode, when the one who is not called back is announced, he/she will sing [Keep Holding On] by Avril Lavidge. This song is sang in Glee as well, they sing this song to Quinn, after they know Quinn is pregnant. This song is sad, every time I heard this I'll just cry. =(

Have to watch another episode, then sleep. Tomorrow is school day!

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