Tuesday, September 6, 2011

DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom

Yeah! I've been waiting this for almost 3 weeks! Because the seller use pos ekspress which is can't send other things but documents. I think the courier is in the office for a long time, but after they found out that that is not a document, they sent it back to the seller. After that, the seller sent it back to me with pos laju, and send me some green apple's lotion as well. lol

So, I bought the tester instead of the full size because I want to test its sense first.

#The outside of the package. DKNY BE DELICOUS!!
#The back side of the package. Ingredients, cautions.
#Inside of the package. Take a fresh bite!
#The dearest perfume there. It just left a half 'cause I've been using it. =D

The perfume is only 1.5ml, because it's a tester. lol
This series are all apple's sense. Obviously, this is apple as well. The sense is kinda interesting. Because at first, it will smell not very good, but wait for a while, it will start smelling good. This is [Fresh Blossom], which is mix with flowers, obviously. It smell pretty nice after a while. It's something like apple, flowers. lol It really smell like that! It doesn't smell very...heavy. This is more soft. I like it very much.
The green apple's lotion, it smell so good! But I haven't use it, maybe will use a lil bit of it later. It smell very nice. The whole envelope smell so good good and nice nice!!  xDD
The thing that I want to mention is, the seller is a very nice girl. She said if I want to buy the full size of the perfume, she will give me another smaller one as a gift! So nice of you!!
#The full size of it. It looks delicious and cute isn't!

❤I'm typing this post with the whole new...what should I call it? setting? Post setting I supposed it should be named like this.

❤Paypal is such a hard thing to use. Registered an acc years ago, didn't use it at all. xDD  Recently, to pay the popin' cookin' thing, have to use paypal. But it needs a credit card or debit card! My parents don't have credit card anymore due to some can't reveal reason, so don't even try to ask me. I use a bank acc to register just now, but the seller told me that it need almost 3 working days to approve by bank or what idk. Now I just have to wait for it and hopefully it can be passed. Sorry for all the buyers!!!!! This is my first time to use it officially, I don't know it will turns out like this. Sorry..... T.T

❤Sang song today in class, [Selamat Hari Raya] by Saloma, quoted from one of the comments in YouTube, "Mother of all raya songs!"  lol  It really is! Classic but nice! The only thing is, we have to sing the English version in class on Thursday! Ms Cheong translated most of the lyrics but the chorus part, we have to translate it ourselves. Gosh! Its a hard work! Eunice killed lots of her brain cells and finally she translated it successfully! Now, we have to change some lyrics. Because the lyrics that Ms Cheong translated doesn't match the melody. *sigh* Hard work hard work. Have to listen to the Malay version few more times before change the lyrics.

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