Monday, October 24, 2011


Hey! It's been a while I didn't blog. lol  Well, in fact I don't have much things to update, but, today was once a very important date to me. 3 years ago, 24-10-2008 was the premier date of [High School Musical3:Senior Year]!! OMG OMG  It's been 3 years. Time flies~~~~  I'm still loving High School Musical, I still remember the lines from the movie, I still remember every single lyrics from the songs. I'm still the super duper High School Musical fans. =D

I'm on holiday now!! 10 days. =D  I'll continue school on Tuesday, since I don't have paper on Monday. Economic on Tuesday, Chinese on Wednesday, return books on Thursday, PE on 10-11-2011.  It's weird, why we have to sit for PE??  It doesn't makes sense at all. I just feel that I wasted a book for PE class. Gosh.

I have nothing to update. O.O Let me think a while.... *thinking*  *thinking*  *thinking*   Nah, nothing. lol  So, that's a wrap!

Oh, I gotta tweet the High School Musical thing. My twitter is beside this post, look at the right hand side, follow me on twitter!

The newest episode of Glee won't up until 1-11-2011. It's been 2 weeks without Glee. =(

Friday, October 14, 2011

14-10-2011 / English Exam!!!!!

Yup, there are lots of exclamation marks at the title. lol Because English is my one and only interested subject, which means I can get good result on it. It is my only hope to get A. I really care about this subject a lot.

Went to school, and heard that the directed writing, will be a speech. Memorize the format at the eleventh hour. It is not too hard but some points is hard to elaborate. I don't know what's the meaning of [school leavers]. Means the people who graduated? Idk. I thought it means people who stops school at first, but then I saw the words [go to colleges or universities]. It totally confused me. @@

Then the section B, continuous writing, I picked the fourth as usual. The fourth always is the story. I love writing story. I wrote that I have 2 best friends, Vanessa and Ashley (the female leads in High School Musical). I got cancer, people in school started to laugh and point at me. Ashley can't stand the peer pressure, then she leave us. Vanessa always be with me through ups and downs, I finally realized that [a friend in need is a friend indeed]. This phrase was the moral value of my primary school's chorus speaking's story. I always remember the ending of that chorus speaking, [the moral of the story is, a friend in need, is a friend indeed]. OMG I was so surprised when I saw the title of the exam. I was so determined to write this.
The time for this 2 essays is 2 hours and 30 mins. I spent 2 hours and 20 mins for this paper, I mean those 2 essays. Because when I finally stopped, Sanusi then announced that only there are only 10 mins more.Then I started to count the words of my continuous writing. This is my very first time that I spent almost the whole time to write, didn't sleep! Also break my record, I wrote 878 words for the continuous writing! I thought I count wrong and I counted for 3 times. lol

Then the paper 2. At first, it doesn't hard, it is quite easy. But then the summary, OMG, it is hard!!! I can barely find any points, just try hard to find. I didn't count how much points in it but managed to keep it in 134 words. *phew*  Then the poem and story part. The opinion question are HARD for me. I can't answer them! One of the questions is, [If you are the friend, what advice will you give to her?] I answered, [I will tell her that don't give up principles easily. Because she may lost her virginity]. XDDDDDD
I bet the examiner will laugh when he/she saw my answer. In fact, I don't know what to write! Then the word [virginity] popped up in my mind. Because I saw the word in the [Glee Malaysia] facebook page!! I remembered they wrote, [Emma will lose her virginity to Will?] XDDDDD 

It is so hard for me. *sigh*   I just hope I can still get an A. *fingers crossed*

❤I didn't wrote the word [peer pressure] in my essay, and now I'm regret. That is a nice word!!! OMG I didn't think of it when I were writing. I learnt that word from High School Musical.

Monday, October 10, 2011


Today, went to Sutera with Li Ping and Dora, to celebrate Dora's birthday.

Went to Dora's house at around 2pm, then we took taxi to Sutera.

We went to a Korean restaurant. But I forgot it's name. lol
#The side dish. This is only half of them.
#The kimchi soup. This is full of tofu, it is very yummy!!
#The kimchi pancake, 2 pieces are disappeared because Dora and I took them. XDD

We ate for 2 hours. Chit-chat, eating, taking photos, eating. Hahaha. Then we walked to sutera mall. I bought eye drops, and a book in popular. 《找死专卖店》 I was looking for this book for a long time. I just can't find it! No matter is in CS or sutera, I just can't find it. But this time, luckily I finally found it. I was so happy, lol. Applied the student card as well, just in case I want to buy books in popular. RM10 for 1 year.

Then we went to Moonlight Cake House. They said the cakes are very nice, this is my first time to try.
#The menu. The logo looks like Starbucks/ Coffee Bean's.
#Our cakes. Strawberry Short cake, Japanese Cheese, Green Tea Tiramisu.

The japanese cheese and green tea tiramisu are mine. They are yummy! The cheese cake is so nice. I love the cakes. Definitely will go again. =D

#Green Tea Tiramisu.

 #Japanese Cheese.

#Coffee, I forgot the actual name.

Then Dora went to piano class, Ping and I went back. They should be in Station 1 now, because they want to celebrate Dora's birthday!!! Dora doesn't know this, this is a surprise. I didn't go although they ask me to go, because I have to go to school tomorrow. /.\

Finally, final exam is coming soon. Wednesday. I just hope I won't drop class otherwise I will embarrassed till die. lol

Sunday, October 9, 2011


It's 2:03am. Before sleep, feel an urge to type a post.

Went to uncle's house today. Because he renovate his house, therefore there's a open house. It's quite fun, although I didn't hang out with my cousins. I'm not close with them, we only meet like once a year, during Chinese New Year. lol

Sometimes, when you're wrong, please, admit it. Don't try to act you're right, even though the whole world know you're wrong. *sigh*  I can't say too clear, otherwise he/she will know I'm talking him/her.

Tuesday, I sleep at 3am. Because I watched the whole show, [Let's talk iPhone]. It's actually iPhone4s was released. It's iPhone4s, not iPhone 5. I'm slightly disappoint as I hope it will be iPhone 5, because I really want to see what can they change in the design. But, it is totally like iPhone4. Only the thing inside are improved. I love the siri thing! OMG It is so useful! You can check traffic, shares even ask it to read out your text or reply them! But the only thing is, it is now only support 4 languages. If in English, you have to pronounce and speak very clearly or siri won't understand. If in Chinese, we maybe have to talk like people in China. It's very hard for us. =( But it is so cool!

Then the next day, Steve Jobs passed away. Some say iPhone4s stands for [iPhone for Steve]. It may be truth, or rumour. But indeed, I'm kinda sad because this is the first time I take it important to watch the [Let's talk iPhone]. This is my first time that I want to know what will the new iPhone looks like at the first day. But at least, Steve Jobs managed to see iPhone4s. I read something not funny online, [Steve Jobs is died of anger because the iPhone4s is so disappointing]. OMG This is rude. Apple=Steve Jobs, Steve Jobs=Apple, they are the same thing, you can't say like that.

Popin' Cookin' is doing quite well. But I hate my parents always ask me how is it, are the stocks all sold out? What the fuck?! It haven't a week I got the stocks, how can I sell all of them in less than a week? WTF WTF.

Steve Jobs, rest in peace.  =)

Saturday, October 8, 2011


It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday. Everybody looking forward to the weekend, weekend. A song from Rebecca Black, [Friday]. You can't find the original MV on YouTube now, because it has removed due to some copyright thing. lol

My 1 week holiday is almost end, after this weekend, I gotta get back to school. Wednesday, I gotta face the final exam. The time really flies too fast. I didn't read at all. I mean, AT ALL. I really don't like study since secondary school, and I don't know why. I started to dislike everything in school except friends. lol I even missed my tuition classes this week, without going to school, chatting with friends and reminding tuition class, I totally forgot the classes. OMG

Popin' cookin' has arrived.
#Two boxes of them.
#The receipt? Invoice? I don't know what it's name. lol

Managed to post out the first batch on the first day I received them. Some have changed package, it looks more yummy!
Received an order just now, will post again maybe tomorrow or Monday.
In my page, I usually update with 2 languages, English and Chinese. But most of the customers reply or order in English, maybe because I always write English first? Haha, sometime I hope to communicate with customers in Chinese because it is easier to express what I want to say.

Exam, I just hope English won't be too hard. I hope, English and Chinese essays, can have choice of writing story. Because that's what I'm good at. I only good at writing stories. *sigh*

So, that's all. Thanks for reading and thanks for liking my Popin' Cookin' Malaysia page. I'll hosting a giveaway when we got 122 likes!! Likey!!  =)