Monday, October 10, 2011


Today, went to Sutera with Li Ping and Dora, to celebrate Dora's birthday.

Went to Dora's house at around 2pm, then we took taxi to Sutera.

We went to a Korean restaurant. But I forgot it's name. lol
#The side dish. This is only half of them.
#The kimchi soup. This is full of tofu, it is very yummy!!
#The kimchi pancake, 2 pieces are disappeared because Dora and I took them. XDD

We ate for 2 hours. Chit-chat, eating, taking photos, eating. Hahaha. Then we walked to sutera mall. I bought eye drops, and a book in popular. 《找死专卖店》 I was looking for this book for a long time. I just can't find it! No matter is in CS or sutera, I just can't find it. But this time, luckily I finally found it. I was so happy, lol. Applied the student card as well, just in case I want to buy books in popular. RM10 for 1 year.

Then we went to Moonlight Cake House. They said the cakes are very nice, this is my first time to try.
#The menu. The logo looks like Starbucks/ Coffee Bean's.
#Our cakes. Strawberry Short cake, Japanese Cheese, Green Tea Tiramisu.

The japanese cheese and green tea tiramisu are mine. They are yummy! The cheese cake is so nice. I love the cakes. Definitely will go again. =D

#Green Tea Tiramisu.

 #Japanese Cheese.

#Coffee, I forgot the actual name.

Then Dora went to piano class, Ping and I went back. They should be in Station 1 now, because they want to celebrate Dora's birthday!!! Dora doesn't know this, this is a surprise. I didn't go although they ask me to go, because I have to go to school tomorrow. /.\

Finally, final exam is coming soon. Wednesday. I just hope I won't drop class otherwise I will embarrassed till die. lol

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