Friday, October 14, 2011

14-10-2011 / English Exam!!!!!

Yup, there are lots of exclamation marks at the title. lol Because English is my one and only interested subject, which means I can get good result on it. It is my only hope to get A. I really care about this subject a lot.

Went to school, and heard that the directed writing, will be a speech. Memorize the format at the eleventh hour. It is not too hard but some points is hard to elaborate. I don't know what's the meaning of [school leavers]. Means the people who graduated? Idk. I thought it means people who stops school at first, but then I saw the words [go to colleges or universities]. It totally confused me. @@

Then the section B, continuous writing, I picked the fourth as usual. The fourth always is the story. I love writing story. I wrote that I have 2 best friends, Vanessa and Ashley (the female leads in High School Musical). I got cancer, people in school started to laugh and point at me. Ashley can't stand the peer pressure, then she leave us. Vanessa always be with me through ups and downs, I finally realized that [a friend in need is a friend indeed]. This phrase was the moral value of my primary school's chorus speaking's story. I always remember the ending of that chorus speaking, [the moral of the story is, a friend in need, is a friend indeed]. OMG I was so surprised when I saw the title of the exam. I was so determined to write this.
The time for this 2 essays is 2 hours and 30 mins. I spent 2 hours and 20 mins for this paper, I mean those 2 essays. Because when I finally stopped, Sanusi then announced that only there are only 10 mins more.Then I started to count the words of my continuous writing. This is my very first time that I spent almost the whole time to write, didn't sleep! Also break my record, I wrote 878 words for the continuous writing! I thought I count wrong and I counted for 3 times. lol

Then the paper 2. At first, it doesn't hard, it is quite easy. But then the summary, OMG, it is hard!!! I can barely find any points, just try hard to find. I didn't count how much points in it but managed to keep it in 134 words. *phew*  Then the poem and story part. The opinion question are HARD for me. I can't answer them! One of the questions is, [If you are the friend, what advice will you give to her?] I answered, [I will tell her that don't give up principles easily. Because she may lost her virginity]. XDDDDDD
I bet the examiner will laugh when he/she saw my answer. In fact, I don't know what to write! Then the word [virginity] popped up in my mind. Because I saw the word in the [Glee Malaysia] facebook page!! I remembered they wrote, [Emma will lose her virginity to Will?] XDDDDD 

It is so hard for me. *sigh*   I just hope I can still get an A. *fingers crossed*

❤I didn't wrote the word [peer pressure] in my essay, and now I'm regret. That is a nice word!!! OMG I didn't think of it when I were writing. I learnt that word from High School Musical.

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