Monday, October 24, 2011


Hey! It's been a while I didn't blog. lol  Well, in fact I don't have much things to update, but, today was once a very important date to me. 3 years ago, 24-10-2008 was the premier date of [High School Musical3:Senior Year]!! OMG OMG  It's been 3 years. Time flies~~~~  I'm still loving High School Musical, I still remember the lines from the movie, I still remember every single lyrics from the songs. I'm still the super duper High School Musical fans. =D

I'm on holiday now!! 10 days. =D  I'll continue school on Tuesday, since I don't have paper on Monday. Economic on Tuesday, Chinese on Wednesday, return books on Thursday, PE on 10-11-2011.  It's weird, why we have to sit for PE??  It doesn't makes sense at all. I just feel that I wasted a book for PE class. Gosh.

I have nothing to update. O.O Let me think a while.... *thinking*  *thinking*  *thinking*   Nah, nothing. lol  So, that's a wrap!

Oh, I gotta tweet the High School Musical thing. My twitter is beside this post, look at the right hand side, follow me on twitter!

The newest episode of Glee won't up until 1-11-2011. It's been 2 weeks without Glee. =(

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