Sunday, October 9, 2011


It's 2:03am. Before sleep, feel an urge to type a post.

Went to uncle's house today. Because he renovate his house, therefore there's a open house. It's quite fun, although I didn't hang out with my cousins. I'm not close with them, we only meet like once a year, during Chinese New Year. lol

Sometimes, when you're wrong, please, admit it. Don't try to act you're right, even though the whole world know you're wrong. *sigh*  I can't say too clear, otherwise he/she will know I'm talking him/her.

Tuesday, I sleep at 3am. Because I watched the whole show, [Let's talk iPhone]. It's actually iPhone4s was released. It's iPhone4s, not iPhone 5. I'm slightly disappoint as I hope it will be iPhone 5, because I really want to see what can they change in the design. But, it is totally like iPhone4. Only the thing inside are improved. I love the siri thing! OMG It is so useful! You can check traffic, shares even ask it to read out your text or reply them! But the only thing is, it is now only support 4 languages. If in English, you have to pronounce and speak very clearly or siri won't understand. If in Chinese, we maybe have to talk like people in China. It's very hard for us. =( But it is so cool!

Then the next day, Steve Jobs passed away. Some say iPhone4s stands for [iPhone for Steve]. It may be truth, or rumour. But indeed, I'm kinda sad because this is the first time I take it important to watch the [Let's talk iPhone]. This is my first time that I want to know what will the new iPhone looks like at the first day. But at least, Steve Jobs managed to see iPhone4s. I read something not funny online, [Steve Jobs is died of anger because the iPhone4s is so disappointing]. OMG This is rude. Apple=Steve Jobs, Steve Jobs=Apple, they are the same thing, you can't say like that.

Popin' Cookin' is doing quite well. But I hate my parents always ask me how is it, are the stocks all sold out? What the fuck?! It haven't a week I got the stocks, how can I sell all of them in less than a week? WTF WTF.

Steve Jobs, rest in peace.  =)

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