Monday, November 14, 2011


Heyyyy November's here!! Heyyyyy holiday's here!!! What's more excited than holidays for a student?! I'm just so love, love, love holidays! But after this holiday, I'll become a form 5 student. Isn't it too fast? I still remember the first day I got to school, nervous but managed to made some friends. The very first malay friend, Amalina. Her result is way more better than me, we always communicate with Malay and some English. lol  She is very nice to me, she's good, and her handwriting is very pretty. =D We fought before, we didn't talk for a few days, but thanks to Atiqah, we're good after just few days. Sometimes when Amalina fought with Atiqah, I have to become the person who pass their message. lol  Funny days!
In form 1, the first time of excluded by friends. The first time felt sad by friends.
Then form 2, a sweet year. Form 3, a hard year. Form 4, a totally lazy year.
I need to stop recall, or this whole post will be about my memory, which I love to rambling about. =D

Found a job chance in JbTalks, asked about it, it is a tuition centre, for a vacancy something like assistant of teachers. But unfortunately the centre is located in Taman Pelangi, I can't go that far! Don't know why, but this holiday I feel that I need a job. Although I'm selling Popin' Cookin' online, but I can't rely on that fully. I need to find a job. Considering to sell other things online but definitely will not be clothes as I know how hard to sell them online. Still thinking what can I sell.

I'm hungry now, damn. 1:08am and I plan to sleep after this post. Because I watched a lot of maccaroni and cheese video on YouTube, I really want to cook that but some required ingredients in most of the recipe are very hard to find in Malaysia, like those types of cheeses. Anyone know how to cook up a delicious yet simple mac and cheese? Leave me a comment!! I really love mac and cheese, especially those from TGI Friday. It's so damn yummy. ❤

The giveaway contest has ended today if you haven't heard. I hope I can be free and film a video of picking winners tomorrow. It will be a VERY HARD WORK and somehow I regret I host this giveaway. lol KIDDING! There 151 people liked our page and I THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR LIKING!! I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!  *blushing*

Planning to buy a OPI nail strengthener. My nails break easily so I need to protect them. I want to buy a Essie Good To Go top coat as well but I have no idea where to buy it in Malaysia.

Will go to school to collect RM100 on Thursday!! Thank you so much government!!

I want to watch [You're the apple in my eye] so much, but it is very hard to buy those tickets. =(

Watching [genius go! go! go!] now. This show is so funny. One of the game is you have to spray water on your face, then get as much sesame as you can. You can see their face coated with black sesame. Hilarious!

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