Saturday, November 19, 2011

18-11-2011 / Went to CS and saw a celebrity!

Hey guyssss!! I don't know why, but seems like I always blog at night. Emmm....I'm a night owl. lol

So, I went for a facial wash on Thursday. Man, my face is horrible due to being an owl! I used to sleep at around 11pm everyday during school days. But now it's holiday! Holiday=sleep late, wake up late!!! It was so pain during facial wash time. Now my face are all scars. =(

Then, went to CS with cousin. We bought school bag! Crap, I bought almost every thing needed for school already. Bag, check. Pencil case, check. Highlighter, check. Scissors, check. Done! Left only water bottle and file. I can't bear my High School Musical file, pencil case and bottle go to school with me everyday for another 1 year. Now they should enjoy staying in my very own High School Musical corner, a drawer! With all the magazines, and those merchandise.
I saw a celebrity in CS!!!!!!!!!! Patricia Mok (莫小玲)!!!! Didn't see her on TV for a while. So when I saw her, I'm not really sure, because the people just walk away like didn't notice. Then my cousin said she really is! Then I'm kinda excited. Some chinese girls passed her and look at her, but I didn't see anyone go and ask for autograph. I wrote it in Facebook, then Teddy ask me to go to ask for a autograph! Man, I don't dare.  /.\ 
She's real beautiful, but trouty mouth. /.\  She looks so kind, while she was chatting with her friends I guess.

We adopt a dog!!! She is very small, aunt said she maybe is only 1-2 month. But she's fat. -.-  Her mum put her at the bushes in front of our house, that day was raining heavily, so we took her in. But her mum is nowhere to find. We named her [bobo]. lololol   Not being rude. XDD
Her daily life routine: Sleep, eat, bath, eat, play, sleep, play, sleep. lololol  She always sleeping! She has a very bad habit, whenever she saw human, she'll pee. -.-  Like if we play with her, she'll definitely pee first. -.-  Maybe she's nervous! Haha!

Well, I kinda miss starbucks. Starbucks just launched a starbucks card, I think it is something like debit card. Was planned to have a cup of starbucks today when I was in CS, but there were crowded! So didn't buy. *sigh*  I miss the starbucks in Jusco Tmn U.

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