Wednesday, November 23, 2011

22-11-2011 / HAD BAD HAIRCUT!

As usual, new post at night. xDD  My skin is getting terrible, but I still can't resist to become an night owl! lol
Seriously, actually I wanted to sleep 10 mins before. But then it's the show [100% Entertainment]. The guests are [孝女时代]. OMG I can't help but keep watching! They are so lol.

Cut my hair today. =(
#Freaking short hair.

The last time I had this hair, almost 2 years ago. When I'm still form 2. I used 2 years to have my length, but now I'm back to this length?! Which means I need 2 more years to have them back!!!!! My hair grow thick very easily, but length? NOOOOOOOO!!! My hair need to take AGES, YEARS to become longer. *sobbing*

I wanted to go In Cut to have my haircut, which I go there usually. But then my mum said her friend recommend her to this saloon in Tun Aminah, then she wanted to straighten her hair, so I'll have my haircut there as well. I told the stylist, I want my hair to be thinner, the bang become shorter and the length shorter JUST A BIT. Then she started to cut, when I was reading a magazine. The next thing I know is MY HAIR IS SO SHORT OMG. You can see the difference because she cut the left side first. A HUGE DIFFERENCE WTF.
Then my mum is not satisfied with her hair as well. The boss of the shop, who is a mid-year man cut her hair. He said my mum's parting is weird. He said no-one part their hair that way. If not because I'm cutting my hair, I'll turn my head to him, and say to him loudly, IS THIS WEIRD? MY MUM AND I PART OUR HAIR IN SAME WAY, IS THIS WEIRD? LOT'S OF MY FRIENDS PART THEIR HAIR LIKE THIS AS WELL. WTF. 
But he changed the parting of her hair. After we leave there, in car, my mum started to SCREAMING. -.-  She's so not used to that parting and she hate her hair. She considered to call tomorrow to see whether they can cut her hair to change the parting or not.
I'm not gonna go there anymore. I LOVE YOU, IN CUT.

Then my mum go to massage. -.-   In fact she's running out time. In the saloon, she told them that they have to be fast, she need to go at around 3 thirty. Then they can't do that. We got there around 12:45pm.
Due to no time to send me back, she left me alone in Bukit Indah Jusco, with RM100. $.$
I settled my lunch in the food court. I had [claypot tomyam seafood yee mee]. It's just salty. lol
Then go to Jusco, bought few things. Went to Daiso, bought few things as well. lol. Then my mum came to pick me up at 6:30pm. 

❤The most awkward thing is, I'm actually kinda used to my hair now. BUT I'LL DEFINITELY WON'T CUT MY HAIR TO THIS LONG ANYMORE.

❤Today is Kristen's birthday. She's Selina's sister. Happy birthday Kristen!  (任容萱, SHE的Selina的妹妹,任爸的女儿)  =D

❤Oh ya ya ya, I changed the song of blog and some design of blog!!! Changed the places for nuffnang ads. The music player is now at the very bottom. The song currently playing is [B-e-a-utiful] by Megan Nicole. She's a YouTuber. This is her original song. I love this song a lot! Megan looks alot like Stella Hudgens, Vanessa Hudgens's sister. xDD Not Vanessa but Stella, because Vanessa is more mature.

#Megan Nicole
#Stella Hudgens
#Vanessa Hudgens


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