Sunday, November 6, 2011


I'm waiting for my parents to go out for dinner. I'm hungry. =(   Only had a fried noodles for breakfast, that's all I ate until now, 7:37pm.
Had period. =(  If I'm scared of seeing blood, I think I've fainted for many times. Was very tired and barely eat anything on the first day, PMS. =(

Had my dinner!!! 8:50pm now. I ate "frog". I don't know it's Eng name, in Chinese we called it [田鸡], "tian ji", an animal which looks like  Now continue blogging.

Got my English paper 2 on Thursday. I went downstairs to return the text book first, then when I went back to class, Ms Cheong is not there. But we found the list with marks on table. It was written I got 52 marks. OMG I was so disappoint at that time. Because the total marks of paper 2 is 70, but I only got 52?! Eunice and the assistant of my class even got 53 marks! =(
Then I don't believe Eunice got same marks with assistant, I took a calculator and count again, Eunice got 57 marks! I think Ms Cheong didn't count right. Then I counted mine, 62!!! I was so relieved when I know my mark is 62 not 52. That 10 marks are really big deal! ;D

Then when Ms Cheong came back, told this to her then our marks are correct now. Then Ms Cheong asked Farhanah to write the answers on whiteboard. I cried when I check the correct answers. Because there are 2 questions, I didn't get mark just because I left out 1 alphabet! [Old lady's husband], the answer should be [old lady's husbandS]!! The questions had written [them]!!! I forgot another one. -.-  I cried when I saw the answers. OMG   I lost 2 marks. T.T

Playing The Sims 3 Pets everyday now. I was so obsessed with the game. I'm always a big fan of The Sims series! From The Sims, The Sims 2 until now The Sims 3. I bought every main game, and some expansion packs. But the main games has all now disappear. -.-  I don't know where did I put the DVDs, maybe they have feet and run away from me!!! xDDD

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