Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Foods I've eaten recently...

Yum yum, this post will be about FOOD. Food is very important in our lives. Without food, we can't live more than 3 days. Without food, we don't have the energy to do things. Without food, we can't have the depressed feeling when we gain weight. lol

I've eaten a lot of food recently, obviously. But I've taken some photos, to share with you guys.

Let's start with breakfast.

#A bowl of cereals and breads.

I didn't eat the whole loaf of bread, but 2 slices I think. I tweeted this picture before. I found out that my phone won't work if I upload photos to twitpic but if I email it to twitter, it will show up immediately.
I love cereals, and milk. I love HL fresh milk.

#Omelette "popiah".

This is my own recipe. I like to cook with things left in fridge or dining table. I saw tuna spread on dining table and "popiah skin" in fridge. Then I cook a omelette with tuna inside, wrap the omelette with 2 "popiah skin". Then heat the pan, melt some butter, put this in the frying pan and start to fry it. Until the skin become crispy and golden brown, it's done! This is yummy! I love the skin because it is so crispy and so nice with the omelette.

#Cabonara maccaroni.

I don't know what should this be called. I cooked this myself as well. I used bacon and the cabonara can. It doesn't turn out very well because the sauce is too thick. OMG I can't cook spaghetti well every time!! T.T

I forgot it's name as well. ==  I ate this in [Manhattan Fish Market] with a Groupon voucher. It is so yummy! But I can't finish it even though we had 3 people, my 2 cousins and me. We are so full after eating this! But they are yummy!! There are fried squids, fish, mushroom, prawns, french fries and fried rice. 

#"Pen Cai"

This is something we Chinese usually eat during Chinese New Year. I don't know what it called but in Chinese we call it "盆菜". I think it is something like stew pot. This pot costs RM130. There are quite a lot of things in it but I can't remember everything. @@  There are some meats, prawns, dried scallops, broccoli and things I don't know it's name. lol  But this pot is kinda salty and don't eat it without rice. Way too salty! As a Asian, I love rice. ❤

Finally, time for beverages and dessert!

 #Caramel Macchiato.

I bought this in Starbucks when I went to CS alone on Monday. The barista actually can't spell my name, so I have to read out every alphabet. But she still can't manage to write it correctly. =(

#Uji Matcha Milk tea.

This is from the new store in Jusco, [T Blogger]. Well, I'm a blogger, so I definitely have to go there and buy something! lol
The man who order with me is very friendly, I have no idea at all what should I take, there are lots of drinks to choose. I ask him for recommendation, then he recommend this. It is kinda nice drink but I will definitely try something else other time.
Uji matcha milk tea+"agar" (寒天) = RM5.9
It is kinda pricey with the [Chat time] which I always read it in a KL blogger's posts. But it is nice though. There is a buy 1 free 1 starting tomorrow, 3th Nov. But only available at 12-2pm and 8-10pm if I didn't get it wrong.

#Milo supreme flurry.

Bought this in McDonald's today, it is just.....milo. RM4.5, pricey! I won't buy this again, I will buy the oreo mcflurry instead. =(

So, that's all for all the food I had in these 2 weeks! I know the photo is not professional at all, I took these pictures with my phone, W995, with 8.1 megapixels. So the result doesn't turn out very well.

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