Monday, November 28, 2011

Sick / Watched Twilight today

OMG, I'm sick. T.T It's been 3 days, keep coughing and sneezing. Sometimes even fever wtf. Yesterday I was on fever, I just try not to take medicine, then until 4pm, I can't stand the dizziness anymore, I took 2 medicine. Then I'm okay. After 4-5 hours, fever came back for me T.T  I am very very very dizzy @@

Today, still coughing. Everytime when I cough, my throat feels terrible. It's like my throat gonna be separate. @@ BUT, I still go to watch [Twilight]!!!

This is my first time to watch [Twilight]. (??!!!!!)  Don't be so surprise, sure I know the whole plot of twilight, I know the actors and actress, I know the character's name, but I just didn't watch the movie or read the book before. I'm not really into [Twilight]. I watched it today is because my cousins ask me to bring her to watch. Hello, she's only 11!!! She's really love this movie although she can't understand what they're talking without chinese subtitles, but she really love Jacob aka Taylor Lautner. Yesterday I asked her, which character you like the most. She said, that wolf! That guy who always take off his clothes!! wtf wtf. She's 11 but all she focus on is only Taylor Lautner's abs!!! wtf

After my first time watching [Twilight] series, this is not bad. At least it really change my mind on Kristen Steward. Because before this, I always read her on magazines. She's like a girl with extra strong personality, she doesn't care how messy is her hair, she doesn't care how bad is her clothing. But in this movie, she's really strong, gentle and cute. But I still don't really like Robert Pattinson. lol  I don't know why but I don't like his look.

I'm in rush to play Harvest Moon Back To Nature that I downloaded few days ago. I'm so miss and love this game. Harvest Moon is my favourite game, so do The Sims series. lol  These two are my favourite game!!
So, let's wrap this post with this ending. I'M GONNA PLAY HARVEST MOON BACK TO NATURE RIGHT NOW.

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