Friday, December 30, 2011

Short+simple update.

4:09am now. Just finished watching [Rookies' Diary] aka [新兵日記] episode 36. 7 more then I'm done watch this!

There're 2 outing post, and the Christmas Eve post in my draft. I haven't finish them since I'm damn busy to finish this drama. It is so attractive.

I'm real tired now. Slept at 5am yesterday, woke up today at 12pm. Then now I'm tired. I've watched 10 episodes in 3 days. Every episode is around 90mins. wtf. More 7 episodes means more 10 hours and 30 mins.
But never mind, I love this show alot. If you look at my twitter update, you'll realize my tweets recently are all about this show. But I've changed it to [weibo]. lol  I think it's kinda weird to tweet with Chinese, so I tweet them in [Weibo] instead. I tagged the actors in 1 tweet, then 1 of the actor reply me! wtf
Will explain this tomorrow if I remember to update here.

4:14am now. I'm gonna sleep. Good night, and good morning, and good afternoon, and good evening, and good midnight to everyone who are reading this post no matter what time is now. Have a nice day.

Friday, December 23, 2011

DiGi iPhone 4SURE 4 ME

The iPhone 4S was officially launched in Malaysia on 16th December 2011. I wanted a iPhone 4S too, but I know I can't afford this, and my dad and mom won't buy it for me as well. =(
When I saw the plan from DiGi, OMG it is so affordable! I never know that iPhone 4S could be so affordable since, well, it's iPhone by the way. The most popular smartphone in the world since the iPhone 3g was launced in 2007. When my mom signed a iPhone 3gs from DiGi last year, she said, "if I really don't know how to use this phone, I'll give this to you." You wouldn't know how surprised I am, how I wish my mom really can't learn to use this phone, but it turns out, my mom learn it easily, until now she still loves her phone. I still desire for a iPhone.

Why do I want the iPhone 4S
Because it is the best phone ever for me. It has the 960-by-640-pixel resolution at 326 ppi. Fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating on front and back. How amazing it is, your fingerprint won't appear on your phone anymore! You know, fingerprints on phone may be disgusting sometimes. =/

The battery always is a nuisance for every smartphone users. My mom's iPhone 3gs' battery runs out pretty quickly, I played a game for 20 mins, then 20% of the battery has gone. This is truth. But now, iPhone 4S' battery have improved! Its standby time is up to 200 hours. For internet use, up to 6 hours on 3G, up to 9 hours on Wi-Fi. This really attracts me, the battery is really important for every phone.

The camera attracts me as well. You can choose either auto focus, or tap to focus. Hence you can take photo with focus on where you want easily. It has a LED flash as well! Therefore you no need to worry about the lighting everytime.

There's more benefit for this phone, I can't elaborate them all since there's too much. If you want to know more about iPhone 4S, check out this link.

In a nutshell, I really want to have a iPhone 4S!!! DiGi and Nuffnang, please give me this as a Christmas gift. =D
 iPhone 4S is whose? Ask Siri and she'll tell you it's mine. ;)


DiGi iPhone 4SURE I DO 1ST

DiGi, one of the most popular telecommunication company in Malaysia, as well as the most popular telecommunication company among my friends. I switch to DiGi from Maxis few years ago. Why? Because I know DiGi always have lots of rewards and affordable plans for us. Now, it have a amazing contest with Nuffnang, which the prize is a iPhone 4S!!!

I always dream for a iPhone 4S since it had launched. But be honest, I really can't afford it, even though DiGi have the best plans, I'm just a student. =(

But now, DiGi works with Nuffnang, which will give out a iPhone 4S to a lucky Nuffnanger! For sure, I'll join this contest!

So now, what is the first thing you will do with the DiGi iPhone 4S.
For sure, SIRI!!! I was so amazed by Siri when I watched the "Let's talk iPhone".  OMG You wouldn't know how I'm amazed and surprise by the Siri. I was disappointed when Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple reveal that it is not a iPhone 5 but a iPhone 4S. But then, Siri was something really attracts my eyeball when I'm really tired due to watching this news conference at midnight. You can ask Siri almost anything, for example: the weather, the traffic, set an appointment, write a text message, set a relationship with someone in your contact list, and etc etc. It is just simple, AMAZING. 

the amazing camera. Now I'm using w995 from Sony Ericsson, even though it has 8.1mp camera, but I can't choose where to focus. It really annoying me because I can't focus manually. But iPhone 4S, you can just point the place where you want to focus! It is really simple to use!
And I do videos of popin' cookin' sometimes, so a good video camera will be very nice for me. iPhone 4S has 1080p HD video recording, which is so amazing! I always watch YouTube videos in 720p HD or 1080p HD if they are available, it makes the videos so clear and so HD lol.

the apps store. I'm not a fans of Angry Birds though lol. My mom have a iPhone 3gs, which I always download free games from apps store. Now, in ios5, it even have the newstand! You can download books online, then read it on your iPhone! Reading a actual book feels better but, if you're out and you have free time but nothing to do, you can read a book!

So please, DiGi and Nuffnang, I want the iPhone 4S so badly! Please fulfill my Christmas wish please? =D

Gimme a DiGi iPhone 4S please!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

15-12-2011 / Watched New Year's Eve today!!

CHRISTMAS IN 10 DAYS PEOPLE! Yeah, in fact, that's not my business since neither my family or my friends celebrate Christmas. But I just like the atmosphere of Christmas, like wintery, romantic. I like white, I like winter, I like Christmas but I don't celebrate Christmas. lol

So, I went out today. My mum's out at around 11am, 18-holes golf, then I sneak out 11:30am, while my brother was still sleeping. -.-  I left him a note, then I'm out.
I went to City Square, again. -.-  Because I wanted to watch a movie, not Mission Impossible but [New Year's Eve]!!!!  ZAC EFRON and LEA MICHELE, how can I miss this movie? As usual, I watch this alone.
People who sat beside me was Singaporean I think, based on their accent. lol Because 1 row have 7 seats, I'm at the 7th, so they have the 1st-6th. The last girl who got 6th, she talked to her friend like, "seriously? okayy.."
Hello, miss , is it suffering for sitting with me? wtf You think I really want to sit with you?
Let me get this straight, I'm not dislike Singaporean, but sometimes their attitude is really annoying. Some Singaporean really looks down at us. Hello, your country used to be one part of us remember? You didn't learn that in your History class?

During the movie, I'm suffering. lol Not because the people who beside me, but because I'm hungry! I ate 1 slice of bread before I went out, when I arrive CS, it is already 12:30. I go straight to cinema to buy ticket, which I queued for 20 mins. Finally got my tickets, went to 7th floor since it is in hall 10, then I saw a paper on the counter, state that the counter is closed, please buy your tickets and refreshment at 5th floor. WTFFFFF
I was planning to have popcorn as my breakfast, now I have nothing to eat!

After movie, I went to Kenny Roaster, I wanted to eat their chicken mac&cheese, but it is not available, so I ordered another spaghetti which I don't remember its name. But it taste AWFUL. I didn't finish it.
Then go around, went to Watsons and spend a lot of money, then back.

I'm tired. Keep yawning but need to watch Glee later. It is loading.

New Year's Eve is awesome and amazing. Lea Michele sang [auld lang syne] in the movie. That song makes me cry every time. Because I sang this on my kindergarten graduation day. With Lea's voice, it makes me feel more sad. I teared during movie before this scene, but when I realized that Lea is singing this song, I cried. My tears ran out non-stop. I have to wipe my tears without letting others know I'm crying. lol

Share with you guys.

Then, Zac Efron is so freaking hot. OMG I'm so excited when I saw him on screen. The very last part, Zac and a lady are dancing in a ball, and one of his dance move is from HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL, [A NIGHT TO REMEMBER]. OMG OMG OMG. I still can't get over HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL!! lol


Saturday, December 10, 2011

My new nail polishes. [OPI, Essie, UNT, Nail Tek]

I'm a huge lover of nail polish. I bought my first nail polish when I was in primary school, and I think I'm only 9 or 10. I always apply nail polish during holiday since we can't apply them during school days. But my toes always are colourful, I apply them no matter it is school days or holidays. But due to those nail polishes are no brand, their quality is not very good, my toes nails are kinda yellowish. =(  So now, I only buy and use those quality polishes.

In these years, I use only [Oops! Jealous] which is a brand by a Taiwanese singer, Jolin Tsai. But I also buy other brands like [Etude House] and [Silkygirl].

Recently, I bought my very first high-end nail polish. lol
#Nail Tek base coat.  O.P.I "Barefoot In Barcelona".

I got them 2 weeks ago. The nail tek base coat have a matte finish. It dry pretty quickly as I think every base coat does it too. But this is my first time having a matte finish polish, kinda cool, lol.
Then the OPI. Every girl knows how amazing and how high end is OPI and it is the best nail polish ever. I'm impressed with it. After applying, it naturally have a shiny finish, I didn't even apply top coat on it! The colour is rich but still, I apply 2 coats for a really rich coat. I bought it online, I don't know whether it is real or fake OPI. Because I read those articles how to tell real or fake OPI, some thing this polish have but some not. Like the most common, the sticker at the bottom of bottle, this doesn't have it. But the code on the bottle randomly, this have it at the back of bottle. I really can't tell it but I believe this is real OPI. lol
This is cheap as well. Usually a OPI cost at least RM50, but I bought this with RM20++, I don't remember the exactly price but RM20++. Because the seller supply stocks to shops, so their price is VERY CHEAP to the market price.

Then these two arrived today, like 1 hour ago before I type this post.
#Essie, UNT color.
#Essie [Good to go] top coat, UNT color [Libertine].

I just got them today, I haven't try the [Libertine] since I have nail polish on my nails, but I tried the top coat since I don't have top coat on. lol
It dry really fast. OMG My old top coat is from [Opps! Jealous], and it take HOURS to dry. This dry real fast. After 5 minutes, the surface have dry but if you scratch it, you will realize it haven't dry. But after 15 minutes, it dry fully. It's amazing!
The only thing is, it is very hard to find essie nail polish in Malaysia, they may be very expensive. So I bought this from Taiwan, and it cost me RM30++ without shipping fee from Taiwan. If I buy it from China, it is more expensive, I did a little research. lol

So I'm gonna remove my nail polish and redo now, I'm so excited to have them.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Finally watched [You're the apple in my eyes].

HEY DECEMBER HERE PEOPLE. CRAP. One more month then I'm 17. 2 more months then I'm officially 17. One more year then I'm 18. I'm getting older and older and older what the crap.

I finally watched [You're the apple in my eye] [那些年, 我们一起追的女孩] on last Wednesday. All by alone. Is it very weird that you go out by yourself? Is it weird that you watch a movie by yourself? I don't think it's weird, it is very normal! lol
I went to CS by bus alone, then waited for a person. I buy things online again, it is a mask. I haven't try it wtf. I waited for her since 1:30pm. After I finished a starbucks, [cranberry white chocolate peppermint frapuccino]. I forgot its name but it is something like that. A new beverage for Christmas. I bought a Starbucks card as well, you can redeem a free beverage after you register the card online. Nice! After finish this, I went to Watsons, bought a cleanser, bought some sweets. Still waiting for her, until like 2:20. Finally got my things, then go and find the bus to KSL.
Crap, I can't find one. Decided to go there by taxi. The fare was RM8!! Expensive! Then rush to the cinema to buy ticket, it was 2:44pm. I wanted to buy the 4:30pm ticket, you know what, by the time I buy the ticket, it was almost full!!!!!! Only left 2 rows at the very front, some 1 seat at back. Thanks god I went there myself, so I managed to get a ticket. If I went there with friends, then I have to buy the front row tickets. lol
Then walk around in KSL, THERE'S REALLY NOTHING TO SHOP. I bought nothing.

After watch the movie, it was 6pm. Took taxi back to cs, then bus to home. I sleep through the whole journey lol. I'm tired. =(

This is movie is very nice! There are some funny scenes also some touching scenes. My tears ran out 2 times. lol

The next movie I want to watch is [New Year's Eve]. Not because I like the story, but the actors!!!!!!!
ZAC EFRON AND LEA MICHELLE ARE IN THIS MOVIE PEOPLE! I'm so definitely will watch this movie. I thought it will be on 2th Dec since I saw the trailer in CS, but I checked it on, it said the date is 8th Dec. I need to wait for 4 days wtf.

Never mind, for the sake of Zac Efron and Lea Michelle, I'll wait until 8th Dec!!!!!