Thursday, December 15, 2011

15-12-2011 / Watched New Year's Eve today!!

CHRISTMAS IN 10 DAYS PEOPLE! Yeah, in fact, that's not my business since neither my family or my friends celebrate Christmas. But I just like the atmosphere of Christmas, like wintery, romantic. I like white, I like winter, I like Christmas but I don't celebrate Christmas. lol

So, I went out today. My mum's out at around 11am, 18-holes golf, then I sneak out 11:30am, while my brother was still sleeping. -.-  I left him a note, then I'm out.
I went to City Square, again. -.-  Because I wanted to watch a movie, not Mission Impossible but [New Year's Eve]!!!!  ZAC EFRON and LEA MICHELE, how can I miss this movie? As usual, I watch this alone.
People who sat beside me was Singaporean I think, based on their accent. lol Because 1 row have 7 seats, I'm at the 7th, so they have the 1st-6th. The last girl who got 6th, she talked to her friend like, "seriously? okayy.."
Hello, miss , is it suffering for sitting with me? wtf You think I really want to sit with you?
Let me get this straight, I'm not dislike Singaporean, but sometimes their attitude is really annoying. Some Singaporean really looks down at us. Hello, your country used to be one part of us remember? You didn't learn that in your History class?

During the movie, I'm suffering. lol Not because the people who beside me, but because I'm hungry! I ate 1 slice of bread before I went out, when I arrive CS, it is already 12:30. I go straight to cinema to buy ticket, which I queued for 20 mins. Finally got my tickets, went to 7th floor since it is in hall 10, then I saw a paper on the counter, state that the counter is closed, please buy your tickets and refreshment at 5th floor. WTFFFFF
I was planning to have popcorn as my breakfast, now I have nothing to eat!

After movie, I went to Kenny Roaster, I wanted to eat their chicken mac&cheese, but it is not available, so I ordered another spaghetti which I don't remember its name. But it taste AWFUL. I didn't finish it.
Then go around, went to Watsons and spend a lot of money, then back.

I'm tired. Keep yawning but need to watch Glee later. It is loading.

New Year's Eve is awesome and amazing. Lea Michele sang [auld lang syne] in the movie. That song makes me cry every time. Because I sang this on my kindergarten graduation day. With Lea's voice, it makes me feel more sad. I teared during movie before this scene, but when I realized that Lea is singing this song, I cried. My tears ran out non-stop. I have to wipe my tears without letting others know I'm crying. lol

Share with you guys.

Then, Zac Efron is so freaking hot. OMG I'm so excited when I saw him on screen. The very last part, Zac and a lady are dancing in a ball, and one of his dance move is from HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL, [A NIGHT TO REMEMBER]. OMG OMG OMG. I still can't get over HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL!! lol


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