Friday, December 23, 2011

DiGi iPhone 4SURE I DO 1ST

DiGi, one of the most popular telecommunication company in Malaysia, as well as the most popular telecommunication company among my friends. I switch to DiGi from Maxis few years ago. Why? Because I know DiGi always have lots of rewards and affordable plans for us. Now, it have a amazing contest with Nuffnang, which the prize is a iPhone 4S!!!

I always dream for a iPhone 4S since it had launched. But be honest, I really can't afford it, even though DiGi have the best plans, I'm just a student. =(

But now, DiGi works with Nuffnang, which will give out a iPhone 4S to a lucky Nuffnanger! For sure, I'll join this contest!

So now, what is the first thing you will do with the DiGi iPhone 4S.
For sure, SIRI!!! I was so amazed by Siri when I watched the "Let's talk iPhone".  OMG You wouldn't know how I'm amazed and surprise by the Siri. I was disappointed when Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple reveal that it is not a iPhone 5 but a iPhone 4S. But then, Siri was something really attracts my eyeball when I'm really tired due to watching this news conference at midnight. You can ask Siri almost anything, for example: the weather, the traffic, set an appointment, write a text message, set a relationship with someone in your contact list, and etc etc. It is just simple, AMAZING. 

the amazing camera. Now I'm using w995 from Sony Ericsson, even though it has 8.1mp camera, but I can't choose where to focus. It really annoying me because I can't focus manually. But iPhone 4S, you can just point the place where you want to focus! It is really simple to use!
And I do videos of popin' cookin' sometimes, so a good video camera will be very nice for me. iPhone 4S has 1080p HD video recording, which is so amazing! I always watch YouTube videos in 720p HD or 1080p HD if they are available, it makes the videos so clear and so HD lol.

the apps store. I'm not a fans of Angry Birds though lol. My mom have a iPhone 3gs, which I always download free games from apps store. Now, in ios5, it even have the newstand! You can download books online, then read it on your iPhone! Reading a actual book feels better but, if you're out and you have free time but nothing to do, you can read a book!

So please, DiGi and Nuffnang, I want the iPhone 4S so badly! Please fulfill my Christmas wish please? =D

Gimme a DiGi iPhone 4S please!!

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