Sunday, December 4, 2011

Finally watched [You're the apple in my eyes].

HEY DECEMBER HERE PEOPLE. CRAP. One more month then I'm 17. 2 more months then I'm officially 17. One more year then I'm 18. I'm getting older and older and older what the crap.

I finally watched [You're the apple in my eye] [那些年, 我们一起追的女孩] on last Wednesday. All by alone. Is it very weird that you go out by yourself? Is it weird that you watch a movie by yourself? I don't think it's weird, it is very normal! lol
I went to CS by bus alone, then waited for a person. I buy things online again, it is a mask. I haven't try it wtf. I waited for her since 1:30pm. After I finished a starbucks, [cranberry white chocolate peppermint frapuccino]. I forgot its name but it is something like that. A new beverage for Christmas. I bought a Starbucks card as well, you can redeem a free beverage after you register the card online. Nice! After finish this, I went to Watsons, bought a cleanser, bought some sweets. Still waiting for her, until like 2:20. Finally got my things, then go and find the bus to KSL.
Crap, I can't find one. Decided to go there by taxi. The fare was RM8!! Expensive! Then rush to the cinema to buy ticket, it was 2:44pm. I wanted to buy the 4:30pm ticket, you know what, by the time I buy the ticket, it was almost full!!!!!! Only left 2 rows at the very front, some 1 seat at back. Thanks god I went there myself, so I managed to get a ticket. If I went there with friends, then I have to buy the front row tickets. lol
Then walk around in KSL, THERE'S REALLY NOTHING TO SHOP. I bought nothing.

After watch the movie, it was 6pm. Took taxi back to cs, then bus to home. I sleep through the whole journey lol. I'm tired. =(

This is movie is very nice! There are some funny scenes also some touching scenes. My tears ran out 2 times. lol

The next movie I want to watch is [New Year's Eve]. Not because I like the story, but the actors!!!!!!!
ZAC EFRON AND LEA MICHELLE ARE IN THIS MOVIE PEOPLE! I'm so definitely will watch this movie. I thought it will be on 2th Dec since I saw the trailer in CS, but I checked it on, it said the date is 8th Dec. I need to wait for 4 days wtf.

Never mind, for the sake of Zac Efron and Lea Michelle, I'll wait until 8th Dec!!!!!

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