Saturday, December 10, 2011

My new nail polishes. [OPI, Essie, UNT, Nail Tek]

I'm a huge lover of nail polish. I bought my first nail polish when I was in primary school, and I think I'm only 9 or 10. I always apply nail polish during holiday since we can't apply them during school days. But my toes always are colourful, I apply them no matter it is school days or holidays. But due to those nail polishes are no brand, their quality is not very good, my toes nails are kinda yellowish. =(  So now, I only buy and use those quality polishes.

In these years, I use only [Oops! Jealous] which is a brand by a Taiwanese singer, Jolin Tsai. But I also buy other brands like [Etude House] and [Silkygirl].

Recently, I bought my very first high-end nail polish. lol
#Nail Tek base coat.  O.P.I "Barefoot In Barcelona".

I got them 2 weeks ago. The nail tek base coat have a matte finish. It dry pretty quickly as I think every base coat does it too. But this is my first time having a matte finish polish, kinda cool, lol.
Then the OPI. Every girl knows how amazing and how high end is OPI and it is the best nail polish ever. I'm impressed with it. After applying, it naturally have a shiny finish, I didn't even apply top coat on it! The colour is rich but still, I apply 2 coats for a really rich coat. I bought it online, I don't know whether it is real or fake OPI. Because I read those articles how to tell real or fake OPI, some thing this polish have but some not. Like the most common, the sticker at the bottom of bottle, this doesn't have it. But the code on the bottle randomly, this have it at the back of bottle. I really can't tell it but I believe this is real OPI. lol
This is cheap as well. Usually a OPI cost at least RM50, but I bought this with RM20++, I don't remember the exactly price but RM20++. Because the seller supply stocks to shops, so their price is VERY CHEAP to the market price.

Then these two arrived today, like 1 hour ago before I type this post.
#Essie, UNT color.
#Essie [Good to go] top coat, UNT color [Libertine].

I just got them today, I haven't try the [Libertine] since I have nail polish on my nails, but I tried the top coat since I don't have top coat on. lol
It dry really fast. OMG My old top coat is from [Opps! Jealous], and it take HOURS to dry. This dry real fast. After 5 minutes, the surface have dry but if you scratch it, you will realize it haven't dry. But after 15 minutes, it dry fully. It's amazing!
The only thing is, it is very hard to find essie nail polish in Malaysia, they may be very expensive. So I bought this from Taiwan, and it cost me RM30++ without shipping fee from Taiwan. If I buy it from China, it is more expensive, I did a little research. lol

So I'm gonna remove my nail polish and redo now, I'm so excited to have them.


  1. Hi, can you please provide me the OP.I seller's contact? I'm keen to buy O.P.I nail lacquers from that seller too? :)

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