Friday, December 30, 2011

Short+simple update.

4:09am now. Just finished watching [Rookies' Diary] aka [新兵日記] episode 36. 7 more then I'm done watch this!

There're 2 outing post, and the Christmas Eve post in my draft. I haven't finish them since I'm damn busy to finish this drama. It is so attractive.

I'm real tired now. Slept at 5am yesterday, woke up today at 12pm. Then now I'm tired. I've watched 10 episodes in 3 days. Every episode is around 90mins. wtf. More 7 episodes means more 10 hours and 30 mins.
But never mind, I love this show alot. If you look at my twitter update, you'll realize my tweets recently are all about this show. But I've changed it to [weibo]. lol  I think it's kinda weird to tweet with Chinese, so I tweet them in [Weibo] instead. I tagged the actors in 1 tweet, then 1 of the actor reply me! wtf
Will explain this tomorrow if I remember to update here.

4:14am now. I'm gonna sleep. Good night, and good morning, and good afternoon, and good evening, and good midnight to everyone who are reading this post no matter what time is now. Have a nice day.

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