Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Chinese New Year

Hey! Today is 9th day of Chinese New Year, so as my lunar birthday! lol
I didn't blog last week, I'm crazy in love with being an owl. XDD
I just don't have time to blog and I want to blog this new year at once.

  • Second day
Went back to grandparents' home! This is what we call, "balik kampung". I went to Dangi, which is located in Negeri Sembilan.
On our way back to Dangi, in Melaka, there's a place for people to play go-kart. My bro always wants to play but every year, there was closed. Finally this year, it was opened!
My bro and cousin played, I just took photos and cam-whore lol.

 #This is how the place looks like.

 #The guy at back is my bro!!
#My mum and my bro.

So, I think this is kinda boring and PRICEY wtf. RM40 for 10 MINS wtf. SO FREAKING EXPENSIVE yet my dad still paid for them wtf. I rather he gave me the money to buy cosmetic! lol


One and only picture taken, but after I took this pic, I realised that my aunt was looking at me! So embarrassing!

When we finally arrived at my first aunt's house, it was already 3 something. We have nothing to eat since it was new year, everyone were celebrating and no shop was open. So we went to the malay stall. Then went back to house, I found out one of my uncle brought iPad there.
In fact he is studying sec 1 this year, but from the view of generation, he is my uncle wtf. He is so crazy and pervert wtf. I heard that he touched my cousins' hip and thigh once I got there.
Anyways, I was playing temple run. But then another cousin came in. wtf he is only 9 years old and he was trying to grab iPad from me.

And then we were scolding each other just to get iPad -.-
He wanted to play the photobooth! He was in love with those special effects.

Remembered I mentioned the foot mask at last post? It was effective! My skin started to peeling of on that day -.-
The darker skin was the waiting to be peeled of skin, then the pink one is the new skin(?!).

My bro wanted to learn how to drive motorcycle.
#My father was teaching him.

Then my cousin sister decided to teach him by riding on, and asked him to drive.
When she was back, I said, [OMG I can't believe you're back safe and sound! You're so lucky!]. lol
I know I'm bad, but it's a joke, and I can't believe my bro actually can drive a motorcycle wtf.

  • Fourth day
In fact I'm back on third day, but I didn't take any pics. -.-
But my popin' cookin' stocks arrived that day! There's no one in my house so I have to go Larkin to get them.


When we were in pos laju centre, the staffs there were very funny!
One of the guy saw the animated stamps on the box, he asked me whether I collect stamps or not, I said nope.
Then he said he would like to take the stamps! I said ok, just take it.
Then one more girl joined him -.-  They both were carefully using a blade to take off them.

These were the leftover because they failed to get them off lol. This box weren't that much stamps, last time there were LOTS of stamps.
#Cute tiny lil hello kitty gums.

I bought this as well. Chewy but not sweet.

  • Seventh day

Went to a lot of people's house! I don't know what should this called in Eng but in Chinese we called "拜年".
Friends arrived at my house at around 11:30am. Delayed AN hour wtf -.-. Can't help because they came from Kangkar Pulai, they have to take 2 bus to get to my house.

Went to 5 houses but I only got 4 angpows in my bag, I'm curious!!! WHERE IS MY ANGPOW!! wtf
We gamble, as always XDD
In Li Ping's house, I won RM60!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Huge winning by only playing blackjack.
Almost won all of Wee Jian's money. I felt bad about it. /.\  He even have to use his angpow's money, then when he won, he refilled it. xDD
I felt very bad. So sorry for letting you almost have to finish your angpow's money. =(
Wrote it on Facebook and they kept console me, but then, I still feel bad. =(

We went to teachers' houses. From one teacher's house which in Pulai Perdana, we have to go to Kangkar Pulai. But teacher's house was way too far! So we called Mrs. Lee to fetch us since we're going to her house. XDD
So there's a Proton Saga and one Kancil for us, 12 people. Yeah you read it right, TWELVE PEOPLE.
7 girls and 5 boys.
Us girls sat in Mrs.Lee's car, Proton Saga.
Obviously, I'm the fattest people so I get the premium seat, the front seat. xDD
They, 6 girls have to squeeze!!!

I can't take the pic of all of them, so just Shi Ting here. There's Shi Ting, Li Ping, June, Hui Yi, Yao Ting and Zhi Xin there.
I felt so lucky for sitting at the front seat, only holding bags. xDDDD

This is basically how my new year has been! I feel hungry now /.\
Kinda boring this year, and I felt neglected on 7th day. But never mind, I've used to it! I always is the one who get neglected, and I don't know why. I'm the most noticeable since I'm the fattest and I still get neglected wtf.

Happy Chinese New Year.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lao Sheng. 捞生.

Hey hey hey guys it's 2:26am now! I'm being an owl again wtf. I'm actually watching the newest episode of Glee now. But due to haven't finish loading, it stuck at the part where Rachel sings this amazing song, [Without You]. Gosh, Mr.Schuster gonna propose to Ms.Emma! wtf
From YouTube, Fox posted a video of Finn propose to Rachel as well! OMGGGGGGGG
I can't believe Finn propose to Rachel so quickly! I thought it was so romantic and I almost tear when I saw the video, but after thinking deeply, I don't think Rachel will accept it since she wants to pursue her perfomer career in the big apple, New York City. Even though I really hope she will accept, but then, she's kinda mature sometimes. Maybe she won't accept.  =(

From the time, it is 22/1/12 now but I'm gonna write about something happened on Friday, 20/1/2012

So, since Chinese New Year is going to be tomorrow, Hui Woon, Eunice and I decided to "lao sheng" in the tuition centre, our modern maths class!
"lao sheng' is like a culture to us Chinese now. It is basically a plate with variety of vegetables, fish slices, some peanuts, some crackers and gravy.
Place them to a plate, while everyone holding a chopstick, keep taking the ingredients higher while saying prosperous words. This is how we mix this, lol. Then can be served.
I bought one from Jusco, which cost me RM20.88.
I've taken photos of, like, every steps! lol!!

You can see how it was formed! lol  But this one is without the fish. =( Which ms.Lee kept mention that there are no fish in this. =( Because last year she bought one from Sushi King, which have awesome salmon. lol
For the people who set up the ingredients, they are Eunice and Zervin. Hui Woon helped a bit while I just keep talking and taking photos! XDD
Then, it's time to mix everything!


Yeah there only 5 of us who mix, Hui Woon, Eunice, Zervin, ms.Lee and me. Because there were 2 girls who didn't want to join us. wtf And another boy was late for that day. XDD
After that, just eat them. The cracker was amazingly yummy! I really love crackers from this.
Afterwards, we just started our class, which drawing graph made my scalp extremely itchy until today wtf.
Ms. Lee gave us red packets already! The very first red packer that I receive in 2012 aka year of Dragon!
Thank you and love you so much ms.Lee!

Bought a few things online: a pack of brush guard, some ecotools brush, a solone eye pencil, and a foot mask.
I used the foot mask yesterday, my feet still the same but from the packaging, my feet skin will fell out after 5-7 days, because the curticle are falling out, so my feet can as smooth as baby skin! lol

The brush guard is the thing that you can put your makeup brushes in after you wash them, so the water won't go back to the handle to cause the glue become watery and the brush can't be use anymore. With the brush guard, it can make your brush in place, and the water will drip out from the bristle.
So, I washed my brushes! 17 in total wtf. It totally tired me out.
I used the brushes and sponges cleanser from Daiso.
#17 in total with brush guard on.

I used the new brushes to make up.
Let's list out the products I used:
Maybelline mouse bb cream
A Japan brand finishing powder which I forgot the brand name, in colour 731, translucent.
Solone eye pencil, in colour 5, brown.
Silky girl blusher
Maybelline colour changing lip balm in colour peach blossom. OMG I love this lip balm!
Clinique lip gloss
Maybelline mascara which I forgot what name
Elianto nail polish

I know it is funny that I list out the products. I'm not bragging, just, I love these products. Especially the lip balm, I love its colour. It is not colour changing in fact since it won't change colour with your lip colour. It is just the thicker you apply, the more intense the colour.

So, that's a wrap for this post! It's 3:07 am and I have to continue Glee, then sleep. Tomorrow will be the reunion dinner!!

Happy new year everyone!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Finally updated.

Hey it's been a while!!!

Since my life still same, nothing really special happened, so I didn't update. =(  *fucking boring life*

Attended to Eng tuition class yesterday, as usual, teacher asked some of us to go over to front, to speak Eng. Basically teacher will just ask us something, then we answer in Eng. First he called a lot of people, no one wanted to go out except a funny, nervous boy. XDD
Eunice kept pointing at me, trying to ask teacher to pick me, but then teacher said, [she won't say anything.]. LOLOLOL Y U SO UNDERSTAND ME?!  Yup, I won't say anything. XDD
But then really no one wanted to go out, he asked me again -.-  wtf wtf
I'm hesitating, should I go out?
Then I decided to go out, but instead of standing in front of everyone, I sat on the first row seat. XDD
Then he asked me something, when I want to reply, he took the microphone to me. wtf I have a phobia about mic. wtf wtf. Is there any phobia is about scaring mic? If so, I'm one of the patients! I'm so freaking afraid of mic since primary 4.
Because I was chosen by my wtf Eng teacher to enter the story telling contest. Then my voice was so freaking low through the mic. I was actually surprised by my voice. My bro said he was surprised too at that time lol.
I mean, I have serious stage fright. I always get nervous to be in front of everyone, even though you just ask me to announce something in front of class, I'll get nervous as well.
Let's imagine the contest, there were students from year 3 to year 6, then I think almost like 200 people? Speak in front of them. Yeah maybe this is really nothing to some of you, but for me, who have really serious stage fright, IT'S KILLING ME. That's why I really hate microphone, and being on stage. I even hate to introduce myself.
lol for the long story XDD

Anyway, after I decided to sit at the first row, which means I really want to get over stage fright. Even though I just sat there, which means I didn't face everyone but teacher, but I'm still nervous. I just afraid of being the focus of everyone in a room.
However, when the mic reached me, gosh, I'm freaking nervous again.  -.-Then I can't really spit out any words.
So, I think I'll just stick to my way to learn speak Eng, speak to my self. lol
Watching YouTube videos do help me a lot. At least I know how to speak some words in US accent. Like, I always thought "anti" should read as [un-ti]. But then I realised, in US, it is read as [an-tie].

Chinese new year is around the corner! I'm kinda excited about it, because it's my time to gambling and get lots of red packets! lol
If there's no gambling, then it's not Chinese new year to me. lol

I want to change my blog's template. I like this but I want to have a new one. But I'm sure it will be the pink theme as well even though I haven't found one. XDD

My perdagangan homework is still lying on my bed for me to finish it. But I'm too lazy to do! It's almost 11pm now wtf. I'm gonna do some of it first.

PS: The new batch of popin' cookin' will arrive any minute! I'm so excited for it wtf! I've been looking forward to it for a long~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~time wtf.

PSS: I like to use "wtf" in my blog. It may sound rude, but this is my blog, I'm the writer/owner, I can do whatever I want. XDD

PSSS: I want to add one more thing to my new year resolutions. I want to take more pictures to put in my blog! I think all words but no photos at all really makes my blog looks dull. lol

PSSSS: For the blogger profile, it is my Google+ account. Due to my curiosity, I click on connect with Google+, then it is connected wtf. I don't know how to change it back so I have to stick with this. But I have no friends at all in Google+ but a guy in my circle, Curdis Paradis. He is a ahhhhmazing simmer! wtf He can build like a real house in The Sims. He is also a huge fans of Apple. I like his the sims videos, they are just way too awesome! lol

PSSSSS: I guess that's for it. Let's looking forward to my next post! Maybe it will about popin' cookin'! lol
Happy new year!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

2012 resolutions.

It's 1:02am of 8/1/2012 now. It's kinda late, and kinda late for this post as well. But anyways, late is better than nothing right? lol
So, it is a new year now. I never have a new year resolutions, but this year, I feel an urge to make one.

  • Sleep earlier
Well, sleeping is very important. I like to sleep as well, who don't love it?! Thus, I think I need more sleep since I'll be facing SPM this year. Having enough of sleeping is very important, because I need to be in good state for learning.

  • Be more hardworking
Well, I'm a lazy bum. I don't like to study since primary school, but I still manage to stay in the first class. That's what makes me feel like, "Oh, I don't even need to study! I just sit for the exam like usual exercise, even though I can't have a very good result like straight-As, but I still can stay in first class, so exam is like NOTHING to me."
But, after getting in secondary school, I finally know that result is very important and you need to be hardworking to have a good result. But I've been lazy for at least 3-4 years, how am I suppose to be hardworking all of sudden? So, I still continue to be lazy these years, but not this year anymore.
Facing SPM become a very serious thing to me. I need to be more hardworking. I hope I can stick with this.

  • Less internet
I'm trying to cut down my internet time. Even though I have nothing to do, I still hope that I can stay away from computer. You know, internet is like a drug. Once you surf it, you'll get addicted. I'm trying to keep my daily internet time in 3 hours. Not more than 3 hours everyday. Longer time for weekends is okay.
3 hours may seems long, but in fact, it is just a while, it's like a blink. *wink wink*

  • Live a healthy life
As everyone can tells, I'm definitely overweight. I need to exercise more, eat more vegetables and fruits instead of meats. But I can't cut down rice, I LOVE rice.

  • Save money
Nowadays, everything can be bought on internet. I always buy a lot of things on internet. I need to save money, I plan to go Taiwan with Eunice after SPM. lol  This may be very hard for me. /.\  I'll buy a 2012 planner, and note down how much I spend everyday, which helps me to know how much did I spend, how much should I save.

  • Think positive
Sometime I really get negative. I'll say something negative to friends, which is really not good. I should be more positive, instead of always think the dark side of everything.

So, these are my resolutions for 2012!! I hope I can stick with it, and do it instead of talking. Actions speak louder than words.

By the way, went to tuition centre today, met my new EA teacher. She told us a lot of things, about EA, about future.
I finally realise, actually I'm not interested in EA and business at all. I'm not going to study business or economics or finance in future even though I'm studying them in secondary school, but these subjects are not chosen by me, it was by school.
My mum wants me to study about IT. I'm kinda interested in it as well. Currently I hope to study computer programming. But I'm not really sure what's its about, and what subjects else are about IT. My cousin study computer science now, but I don't know what's its about. -.-
I need to know more about them, then I can decide.
But my EA teacher said, if I want to study IT, the only thing is my result have to be good enough to apply for scholarship, so I can reduce burden for my parents. Somehow after she explain about everything about future, I'm kinda determined that I want to study about IT.

Let's hope that I'll study IT in future!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012's First Day In School. =D

Yay for school day?! NO!!!! Gosh I'm tired whole day.

First, arrived school at 7am. After some speech, finally get to know my class this year. Still the same, 5EA1. But, when I heard that Azimah and Yvonne are going to 5EA2, my tears came out. Gosh, I told Eunice that I'm going to cry, she said, I'm still in EA1! There's nothing to cry.
But, I thought Yvonne will be in the same class with me through this 5 secondary school years. But, unfortunately, this wish didn't come true. =(
Then, Azimah and I are in the same class for 3 years already, I thought we can be in same class again. But... *sigh*

Eunice, Wen Wen, Mun Yee and I were the first girls to get into class. We got to choose our desire seats. From my seat, I can see the dataran from the window which is just right beside me. I think I can't focus on learning anymore, lol!

Ms Cheong is still our Eng teacher! OMG OMG SO LUCKY!

In class, [Rookies' Diary] still in my mind. I just can't get rid of it.  /.\  There are 10 more episodes, even though I'm still watching right now. /.\  I need to watch them as fast as I can!!!! Luo Gang will appear in the last 3 episodes. Even though I knew that they'll be together, still, I want to finish this drama, without skipping any episode.

Eng tuition class at 3pm today. Gosh, so freaking tired during tuition. Maybe it's because today is the first school day, I still can't get used to the time. /.\
Btw, I HATE INTRODUCING MYSELF. I'm so nervous. I have zero confidence lah.  /.\

I'm 17 now!! But not officially yet. Let's wait till that day. ;)
I'm form 5 now, need to be more serious now, if I can. lol

Someone actually read my blog through my info in Twitter. lol  I thought no one reads my tweets at all.

I'm really in love with [Rookies' Diary].

Monday, January 2, 2012

First post in 2012. =D

It's been so fast, I'm 17 now. But not officially, let's wait till my birthday. lol   I haven't go to the [undang] lessons since some of my friends have already went there, but my dad said that, in May, we can learn auto car instead of manual. In that case, I'll wait till May since my family's cars are auto. Haha.  =D

I decided to deleted those posts in draft, because they are 2011's posts! It's 2012 now, let's go ahead and don't look back.

Went to CS with my bro today. We went at almost 3. Because he wanted to buy school bag and shoes. We almost walked through every shops that sell bags and shoes. wtf.  I'm so tired of keep walking. My shoes kinda hurt me and my feet are so sore. But he wanted to look through EVERY bags and shoes. wtf wtf wtf.
Finally bought bag and shoes, then it's 6:58pm!!! wtf. We've walked for almost 3 hours. wtf
Then went to Sushi King for dinner. My bro pay for it, I promised him that I'll returned money for him. But I decided to ignore this promise. XDD  If he didn't mention it, I won't mention as well. I'm gonna play dumb. lol

Bought a java chips frappucino in Starbucks. Because of register the starbucks card online, I can redeem a free drink. Redeem a dark mocha for my bro, but he didn't finish even 1/3! Waste my free drink. T.T

School starts 4th Jan. I'm so freaking hate it. lol   But I've prepared everything.  /.\
But, I haven't got my new textbooks!!! Because I didn't return every book last year, due to I didn't wrap them, SBPT don't accept them. They asked me to wrap them and return them next day. Crap, it is holiday for me already! So I didn't went back. So I'm kinda afraid now. So I'm doomed. lol

Finally finished watching [Rookies' Diary]. But now watching [Rookies' Diary 2]. lol.
But one of the actors appeared in my dream yesterday, again! But she's a girl, not guy. lol

#劉香慈 aka 王勝男(士官長) in [Rookies' Diary].

She is the girl who appeared in my dream yesterday! About my dream, I don't know how to explain, so let's keep it a secret. lol
She's really serious in [Rookies' Diary], but she's cute some time. But because she has amazing figure, before this drama, she have a lot of sexy pictures. You can find them in Google.
But she is very caring and nice, like her a lot.

#唐豐 aka 羅剛 in [Rookies' Diary].

OMG I'm so in loved with him. (?!)
He appeared in my dream, my first [Rookies' Diary] dream. I don't remember the content at all after I woke up, but he just keep appeared in my mind that day. lol  I think he's cute, especially when he's talking with 士官長, omg his smile is so charming. I like him a lot. But I can't find the picture of he's smiling to 士官長 in google.

They are couple in this drama, they have 1 thing in common, they both are vegan. But they eat meat sometimes, because you can't choose when you're out with friends right? And because they are actors, of course there' some scene that requires them to eat meat. He ate a drumstick in drama once. lol
I really hope they're couple in real life, but nope. =(
Maybe because of Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens, they're couple in High School Musical, also in real life. So everytime after I watched a drama, and I really love it, I'll hope the couple in drama as well as real life. /.\
I know I'm crazy. =(

This is my favourite drama in 2011, as well as after [微笑pasta] and [終極三國]. These 3 are my favourite Taiwanese drama ever. Maybe [Rookies' Diary 2] will be my favourite drama in 2012, I'm not sure about this yet.

Because everytime I watch it, the actors will say how hard they are, how hot is the weather, how tired are them. BUT, did they actually think of the actors who act in [Rookies' Diary 1]?

我不知道爲什麽, 我也知道這種想法真的很不好. 可是真的, 每次看[新兵日記2之特戰英雄]的幕後特輯., 我就會討厭那些演員. 他們會一直說有多辛苦, 天氣有多熱, 他們到底有多累, 可是說實在話, 有沒有想過[新兵1]的演員們到底有多辛苦?
他們光是拍攝, 就拍了1年8個月. 這1年8個月里, 一開始支援他們拍攝的班兵們甚至都已經退伍了, 他們還在拍. 甚至中間, 其中一個演員, 巴隆還收到兵單, 要真正的去當兵. 整個加起來, 包括拍攝, 他總共當了4年兵. 他不辛苦嗎?
劉香慈, 巴隆, 錢君仲, 林道遠, 阿龐 他們甚至還繼續演[新兵2], 他們有多麼辛苦? 特戰的訓練不是普通的辛苦, 他們拍完了[新兵1], 至少受了20個月的苦, 還得繼續演這部戲, 繼續被操, 他們不辛苦嗎?
明明最辛苦的是他們, 明明最累的是他們, 他們還是很敬業, 很努力的拍下去. 而你們, 這些第一次參與新兵拍攝的演員, 你們有資格說辛苦嗎?

在新兵1, 他們必須過500障礙, 他們必須天天出操, 必須要伏地挺身, 必須要爬杆, 必須要拉單杠, 甚至當中有2-3個月, 他們說是[刺槍月]. 因為在那幾個月裏面, 他們必須每天刺槍, 每天做一樣的東西, 那是有多辛苦?

這20個月裏面, 他們度過了初夏秋冬, 冬天還必須繼續拍夏天的戲, 因為整部戲43集, 是在說37天的新訓. 雖然冬天拍攝的時候穿長袖, 但那根本是微不足道的. 有時候還24小時都沒闔眼過, 只爲了拍戲.

劉香慈本來是一個很白很白的女生,可是爲了這部戲, 必須每天運動, 接受訓練, 也曬黑了很多很多. 為的是什麽?為的只是要完美詮釋士官長這個身份.

我哭了啦/.\ 只要想到他們爲了這部戲而那麼辛苦, 我忍不住哭了. 那麼辛苦, 只爲了拍出最好的畫面給觀眾. 只爲了完美的詮釋角色.

只能說, 演員們真的很辛苦很辛苦, 台灣很久沒有拍軍教片了, 這一次拍, 就拍了那麼久.
很謝謝導演, 王為, 拍了這麼好的戲.
很謝謝演員們, 那麼辛苦就爲了觀眾們.
還好這部戲, 在台灣收視率真的超好. 一切的辛苦都很值得了.

 雖然我對新兵2的演員們意見真的很多,可是我還是會繼續看. 只爲了繼續看新兵1的演員們, 只爲了看完新兵日記這個系列, 只爲了支持新兵日記系列.