Sunday, January 8, 2012

2012 resolutions.

It's 1:02am of 8/1/2012 now. It's kinda late, and kinda late for this post as well. But anyways, late is better than nothing right? lol
So, it is a new year now. I never have a new year resolutions, but this year, I feel an urge to make one.

  • Sleep earlier
Well, sleeping is very important. I like to sleep as well, who don't love it?! Thus, I think I need more sleep since I'll be facing SPM this year. Having enough of sleeping is very important, because I need to be in good state for learning.

  • Be more hardworking
Well, I'm a lazy bum. I don't like to study since primary school, but I still manage to stay in the first class. That's what makes me feel like, "Oh, I don't even need to study! I just sit for the exam like usual exercise, even though I can't have a very good result like straight-As, but I still can stay in first class, so exam is like NOTHING to me."
But, after getting in secondary school, I finally know that result is very important and you need to be hardworking to have a good result. But I've been lazy for at least 3-4 years, how am I suppose to be hardworking all of sudden? So, I still continue to be lazy these years, but not this year anymore.
Facing SPM become a very serious thing to me. I need to be more hardworking. I hope I can stick with this.

  • Less internet
I'm trying to cut down my internet time. Even though I have nothing to do, I still hope that I can stay away from computer. You know, internet is like a drug. Once you surf it, you'll get addicted. I'm trying to keep my daily internet time in 3 hours. Not more than 3 hours everyday. Longer time for weekends is okay.
3 hours may seems long, but in fact, it is just a while, it's like a blink. *wink wink*

  • Live a healthy life
As everyone can tells, I'm definitely overweight. I need to exercise more, eat more vegetables and fruits instead of meats. But I can't cut down rice, I LOVE rice.

  • Save money
Nowadays, everything can be bought on internet. I always buy a lot of things on internet. I need to save money, I plan to go Taiwan with Eunice after SPM. lol  This may be very hard for me. /.\  I'll buy a 2012 planner, and note down how much I spend everyday, which helps me to know how much did I spend, how much should I save.

  • Think positive
Sometime I really get negative. I'll say something negative to friends, which is really not good. I should be more positive, instead of always think the dark side of everything.

So, these are my resolutions for 2012!! I hope I can stick with it, and do it instead of talking. Actions speak louder than words.

By the way, went to tuition centre today, met my new EA teacher. She told us a lot of things, about EA, about future.
I finally realise, actually I'm not interested in EA and business at all. I'm not going to study business or economics or finance in future even though I'm studying them in secondary school, but these subjects are not chosen by me, it was by school.
My mum wants me to study about IT. I'm kinda interested in it as well. Currently I hope to study computer programming. But I'm not really sure what's its about, and what subjects else are about IT. My cousin study computer science now, but I don't know what's its about. -.-
I need to know more about them, then I can decide.
But my EA teacher said, if I want to study IT, the only thing is my result have to be good enough to apply for scholarship, so I can reduce burden for my parents. Somehow after she explain about everything about future, I'm kinda determined that I want to study about IT.

Let's hope that I'll study IT in future!

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