Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012's First Day In School. =D

Yay for school day?! NO!!!! Gosh I'm tired whole day.

First, arrived school at 7am. After some speech, finally get to know my class this year. Still the same, 5EA1. But, when I heard that Azimah and Yvonne are going to 5EA2, my tears came out. Gosh, I told Eunice that I'm going to cry, she said, I'm still in EA1! There's nothing to cry.
But, I thought Yvonne will be in the same class with me through this 5 secondary school years. But, unfortunately, this wish didn't come true. =(
Then, Azimah and I are in the same class for 3 years already, I thought we can be in same class again. But... *sigh*

Eunice, Wen Wen, Mun Yee and I were the first girls to get into class. We got to choose our desire seats. From my seat, I can see the dataran from the window which is just right beside me. I think I can't focus on learning anymore, lol!

Ms Cheong is still our Eng teacher! OMG OMG SO LUCKY!

In class, [Rookies' Diary] still in my mind. I just can't get rid of it.  /.\  There are 10 more episodes, even though I'm still watching right now. /.\  I need to watch them as fast as I can!!!! Luo Gang will appear in the last 3 episodes. Even though I knew that they'll be together, still, I want to finish this drama, without skipping any episode.

Eng tuition class at 3pm today. Gosh, so freaking tired during tuition. Maybe it's because today is the first school day, I still can't get used to the time. /.\
Btw, I HATE INTRODUCING MYSELF. I'm so nervous. I have zero confidence lah.  /.\

I'm 17 now!! But not officially yet. Let's wait till that day. ;)
I'm form 5 now, need to be more serious now, if I can. lol

Someone actually read my blog through my info in Twitter. lol  I thought no one reads my tweets at all.

I'm really in love with [Rookies' Diary].

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