Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Chinese New Year

Hey! Today is 9th day of Chinese New Year, so as my lunar birthday! lol
I didn't blog last week, I'm crazy in love with being an owl. XDD
I just don't have time to blog and I want to blog this new year at once.

  • Second day
Went back to grandparents' home! This is what we call, "balik kampung". I went to Dangi, which is located in Negeri Sembilan.
On our way back to Dangi, in Melaka, there's a place for people to play go-kart. My bro always wants to play but every year, there was closed. Finally this year, it was opened!
My bro and cousin played, I just took photos and cam-whore lol.

 #This is how the place looks like.

 #The guy at back is my bro!!
#My mum and my bro.

So, I think this is kinda boring and PRICEY wtf. RM40 for 10 MINS wtf. SO FREAKING EXPENSIVE yet my dad still paid for them wtf. I rather he gave me the money to buy cosmetic! lol


One and only picture taken, but after I took this pic, I realised that my aunt was looking at me! So embarrassing!

When we finally arrived at my first aunt's house, it was already 3 something. We have nothing to eat since it was new year, everyone were celebrating and no shop was open. So we went to the malay stall. Then went back to house, I found out one of my uncle brought iPad there.
In fact he is studying sec 1 this year, but from the view of generation, he is my uncle wtf. He is so crazy and pervert wtf. I heard that he touched my cousins' hip and thigh once I got there.
Anyways, I was playing temple run. But then another cousin came in. wtf he is only 9 years old and he was trying to grab iPad from me.

And then we were scolding each other just to get iPad -.-
He wanted to play the photobooth! He was in love with those special effects.

Remembered I mentioned the foot mask at last post? It was effective! My skin started to peeling of on that day -.-
The darker skin was the waiting to be peeled of skin, then the pink one is the new skin(?!).

My bro wanted to learn how to drive motorcycle.
#My father was teaching him.

Then my cousin sister decided to teach him by riding on, and asked him to drive.
When she was back, I said, [OMG I can't believe you're back safe and sound! You're so lucky!]. lol
I know I'm bad, but it's a joke, and I can't believe my bro actually can drive a motorcycle wtf.

  • Fourth day
In fact I'm back on third day, but I didn't take any pics. -.-
But my popin' cookin' stocks arrived that day! There's no one in my house so I have to go Larkin to get them.


When we were in pos laju centre, the staffs there were very funny!
One of the guy saw the animated stamps on the box, he asked me whether I collect stamps or not, I said nope.
Then he said he would like to take the stamps! I said ok, just take it.
Then one more girl joined him -.-  They both were carefully using a blade to take off them.

These were the leftover because they failed to get them off lol. This box weren't that much stamps, last time there were LOTS of stamps.
#Cute tiny lil hello kitty gums.

I bought this as well. Chewy but not sweet.

  • Seventh day

Went to a lot of people's house! I don't know what should this called in Eng but in Chinese we called "拜年".
Friends arrived at my house at around 11:30am. Delayed AN hour wtf -.-. Can't help because they came from Kangkar Pulai, they have to take 2 bus to get to my house.

Went to 5 houses but I only got 4 angpows in my bag, I'm curious!!! WHERE IS MY ANGPOW!! wtf
We gamble, as always XDD
In Li Ping's house, I won RM60!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Huge winning by only playing blackjack.
Almost won all of Wee Jian's money. I felt bad about it. /.\  He even have to use his angpow's money, then when he won, he refilled it. xDD
I felt very bad. So sorry for letting you almost have to finish your angpow's money. =(
Wrote it on Facebook and they kept console me, but then, I still feel bad. =(

We went to teachers' houses. From one teacher's house which in Pulai Perdana, we have to go to Kangkar Pulai. But teacher's house was way too far! So we called Mrs. Lee to fetch us since we're going to her house. XDD
So there's a Proton Saga and one Kancil for us, 12 people. Yeah you read it right, TWELVE PEOPLE.
7 girls and 5 boys.
Us girls sat in Mrs.Lee's car, Proton Saga.
Obviously, I'm the fattest people so I get the premium seat, the front seat. xDD
They, 6 girls have to squeeze!!!

I can't take the pic of all of them, so just Shi Ting here. There's Shi Ting, Li Ping, June, Hui Yi, Yao Ting and Zhi Xin there.
I felt so lucky for sitting at the front seat, only holding bags. xDDDD

This is basically how my new year has been! I feel hungry now /.\
Kinda boring this year, and I felt neglected on 7th day. But never mind, I've used to it! I always is the one who get neglected, and I don't know why. I'm the most noticeable since I'm the fattest and I still get neglected wtf.

Happy Chinese New Year.

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