Thursday, January 19, 2012

Finally updated.

Hey it's been a while!!!

Since my life still same, nothing really special happened, so I didn't update. =(  *fucking boring life*

Attended to Eng tuition class yesterday, as usual, teacher asked some of us to go over to front, to speak Eng. Basically teacher will just ask us something, then we answer in Eng. First he called a lot of people, no one wanted to go out except a funny, nervous boy. XDD
Eunice kept pointing at me, trying to ask teacher to pick me, but then teacher said, [she won't say anything.]. LOLOLOL Y U SO UNDERSTAND ME?!  Yup, I won't say anything. XDD
But then really no one wanted to go out, he asked me again -.-  wtf wtf
I'm hesitating, should I go out?
Then I decided to go out, but instead of standing in front of everyone, I sat on the first row seat. XDD
Then he asked me something, when I want to reply, he took the microphone to me. wtf I have a phobia about mic. wtf wtf. Is there any phobia is about scaring mic? If so, I'm one of the patients! I'm so freaking afraid of mic since primary 4.
Because I was chosen by my wtf Eng teacher to enter the story telling contest. Then my voice was so freaking low through the mic. I was actually surprised by my voice. My bro said he was surprised too at that time lol.
I mean, I have serious stage fright. I always get nervous to be in front of everyone, even though you just ask me to announce something in front of class, I'll get nervous as well.
Let's imagine the contest, there were students from year 3 to year 6, then I think almost like 200 people? Speak in front of them. Yeah maybe this is really nothing to some of you, but for me, who have really serious stage fright, IT'S KILLING ME. That's why I really hate microphone, and being on stage. I even hate to introduce myself.
lol for the long story XDD

Anyway, after I decided to sit at the first row, which means I really want to get over stage fright. Even though I just sat there, which means I didn't face everyone but teacher, but I'm still nervous. I just afraid of being the focus of everyone in a room.
However, when the mic reached me, gosh, I'm freaking nervous again.  -.-Then I can't really spit out any words.
So, I think I'll just stick to my way to learn speak Eng, speak to my self. lol
Watching YouTube videos do help me a lot. At least I know how to speak some words in US accent. Like, I always thought "anti" should read as [un-ti]. But then I realised, in US, it is read as [an-tie].

Chinese new year is around the corner! I'm kinda excited about it, because it's my time to gambling and get lots of red packets! lol
If there's no gambling, then it's not Chinese new year to me. lol

I want to change my blog's template. I like this but I want to have a new one. But I'm sure it will be the pink theme as well even though I haven't found one. XDD

My perdagangan homework is still lying on my bed for me to finish it. But I'm too lazy to do! It's almost 11pm now wtf. I'm gonna do some of it first.

PS: The new batch of popin' cookin' will arrive any minute! I'm so excited for it wtf! I've been looking forward to it for a long~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~time wtf.

PSS: I like to use "wtf" in my blog. It may sound rude, but this is my blog, I'm the writer/owner, I can do whatever I want. XDD

PSSS: I want to add one more thing to my new year resolutions. I want to take more pictures to put in my blog! I think all words but no photos at all really makes my blog looks dull. lol

PSSSS: For the blogger profile, it is my Google+ account. Due to my curiosity, I click on connect with Google+, then it is connected wtf. I don't know how to change it back so I have to stick with this. But I have no friends at all in Google+ but a guy in my circle, Curdis Paradis. He is a ahhhhmazing simmer! wtf He can build like a real house in The Sims. He is also a huge fans of Apple. I like his the sims videos, they are just way too awesome! lol

PSSSSS: I guess that's for it. Let's looking forward to my next post! Maybe it will about popin' cookin'! lol
Happy new year!

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