Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lao Sheng. 捞生.

Hey hey hey guys it's 2:26am now! I'm being an owl again wtf. I'm actually watching the newest episode of Glee now. But due to haven't finish loading, it stuck at the part where Rachel sings this amazing song, [Without You]. Gosh, Mr.Schuster gonna propose to Ms.Emma! wtf
From YouTube, Fox posted a video of Finn propose to Rachel as well! OMGGGGGGGG
I can't believe Finn propose to Rachel so quickly! I thought it was so romantic and I almost tear when I saw the video, but after thinking deeply, I don't think Rachel will accept it since she wants to pursue her perfomer career in the big apple, New York City. Even though I really hope she will accept, but then, she's kinda mature sometimes. Maybe she won't accept.  =(

From the time, it is 22/1/12 now but I'm gonna write about something happened on Friday, 20/1/2012

So, since Chinese New Year is going to be tomorrow, Hui Woon, Eunice and I decided to "lao sheng" in the tuition centre, our modern maths class!
"lao sheng' is like a culture to us Chinese now. It is basically a plate with variety of vegetables, fish slices, some peanuts, some crackers and gravy.
Place them to a plate, while everyone holding a chopstick, keep taking the ingredients higher while saying prosperous words. This is how we mix this, lol. Then can be served.
I bought one from Jusco, which cost me RM20.88.
I've taken photos of, like, every steps! lol!!

You can see how it was formed! lol  But this one is without the fish. =( Which ms.Lee kept mention that there are no fish in this. =( Because last year she bought one from Sushi King, which have awesome salmon. lol
For the people who set up the ingredients, they are Eunice and Zervin. Hui Woon helped a bit while I just keep talking and taking photos! XDD
Then, it's time to mix everything!


Yeah there only 5 of us who mix, Hui Woon, Eunice, Zervin, ms.Lee and me. Because there were 2 girls who didn't want to join us. wtf And another boy was late for that day. XDD
After that, just eat them. The cracker was amazingly yummy! I really love crackers from this.
Afterwards, we just started our class, which drawing graph made my scalp extremely itchy until today wtf.
Ms. Lee gave us red packets already! The very first red packer that I receive in 2012 aka year of Dragon!
Thank you and love you so much ms.Lee!

Bought a few things online: a pack of brush guard, some ecotools brush, a solone eye pencil, and a foot mask.
I used the foot mask yesterday, my feet still the same but from the packaging, my feet skin will fell out after 5-7 days, because the curticle are falling out, so my feet can as smooth as baby skin! lol

The brush guard is the thing that you can put your makeup brushes in after you wash them, so the water won't go back to the handle to cause the glue become watery and the brush can't be use anymore. With the brush guard, it can make your brush in place, and the water will drip out from the bristle.
So, I washed my brushes! 17 in total wtf. It totally tired me out.
I used the brushes and sponges cleanser from Daiso.
#17 in total with brush guard on.

I used the new brushes to make up.
Let's list out the products I used:
Maybelline mouse bb cream
A Japan brand finishing powder which I forgot the brand name, in colour 731, translucent.
Solone eye pencil, in colour 5, brown.
Silky girl blusher
Maybelline colour changing lip balm in colour peach blossom. OMG I love this lip balm!
Clinique lip gloss
Maybelline mascara which I forgot what name
Elianto nail polish

I know it is funny that I list out the products. I'm not bragging, just, I love these products. Especially the lip balm, I love its colour. It is not colour changing in fact since it won't change colour with your lip colour. It is just the thicker you apply, the more intense the colour.

So, that's a wrap for this post! It's 3:07 am and I have to continue Glee, then sleep. Tomorrow will be the reunion dinner!!

Happy new year everyone!

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