Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Yeah, blogging again. I was going to switch off computer and go to bed, but hey, today is 29th Feb, which only happens every 4 years. So I decided to blog at this day as a memory, since I'm not sure that will I still be blogging after 4 years lol.

Got some of the exam papers back, kinda in my expectation. Just English, Ms Cheong just gave us the answers of paper 2, but she said she haven't finish paper 1. Maybe will get it tomorrow. I'm so nervous about it. >.<

Played rugby at P.E class today. First time play this, and I think this is fun! We chased, pushed each other, shouted, screamed. lol  I think other class will think we were crazy since 1 group of girl gather together and kept chasing and screaming. I didn't run lot, but I shouted and laughed freaking hard when I saw the Malay girls are playing like this is a super duper important game lol. They are so serious!
Teacher said next class will be gymnasium, but some girls request for rugby again, let's hope that will be rugby again since it is real fun!
Even though kinda different from what I saw in TV, in Glee before. Teacher said we're playing the basic thing. lol 

I gotta sleep. Can't stop yawning again. New day, new month tomorrow, or literally after less than half an hour.
Good night.

February, my birthday month, my favourite month.
See you next year.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

On My Way

Exam week was officially ended last Friday with Ekonomi Asas. Thanks God that I went to tuition class, for form 4 & from 5's EA, I did think the exam was EASY.
Well, I did the pendidikan kesihatan seriously than history. Funny right? I feel extremely tired and kept yawning right after I got the history paper. But then the PK, I felt so energetic that I did the paper DAMN SERIOUSLY. Almost as serious as English.
I didn't do Chinese really seriously because teacher put all of us the Chinese together, behind me was Zervin, beside me was Mun Yee, behind Mun Yee was Eunice. So I can't focus since I kept hearing that they're chatting and asking lol. I did give answer to Mun Yee too. But in fact, I didn't want to do that. That's cheating. I didn't cheat during exam. I didn't ask for answer in my entire school life. Even though I know I'm gonna fail this subject, and the person who's beside me is good at this subject, I still won't do that. I won't cheat, I only give out my answer wtf.
I'll fail that subject, I know that's because of I didn't study, I should accept the consequence. That's why English and Chinese are my subjects that still okay, other just fail lol.

Just finished watching Glee. I watched this episode, "On My Way" last Thursday but because I went to facial, my mum switched off the modem, so the internet was not connected, the show didn't finish loading. That's why I continued today.
Crap, this episode is just so emotional, packed of surprises. 
First, Karofsky suicide. Because his friends in his school found out that he's a gay, they said mean things and post mean things on his facebook wall. Then he tried to suicide. Thanks God his father saved him. Then Kurt becomes friend with him. 
There's a quote from Karofsky I love,
"I've been treating you like you're in hell for months, but now I can't take it for a week."
Well, maybe there's some words missing because I can't remember moreover I can't barely heard him.
I love this quote, he's now experiencing what he did to others. And now he finally knows how awful others felt when he did this.


Rachel and Finn finally getting married, all the girls in New Direction are bridesmaid. Quinn went home to pick up her clothes, when she's on her way to chapel, she met accident.
Rachel sms-ed her, 2 times. [HURRY] and [WHERE ARE YOU???]. Quinn didn't reply the first, but when she's trying to reply the second, [ON MY WAY], the car came. Moreover, the car crashes the driver seat. Which means, directly to Quinn.
Gosh, I cried when I saw the car came. I can't stop for few minutes. This is way too huge for me.
But there's picture online, Quinn and Artie are on the wheelchairs. Which means Quinn will be alive (THANKS GOD), but she may be disabled since she's sitting on wheelchair. 
SAD. =(((((

People said the title for this episode predicts Quinn's accident. The title is "On My Way". The text that Quinn's typing before the accident was [ON MY WAY]. She didn't even managed to send it out to Rachel. =(((((

But also, there's something happy in this episode. 
The third is a group I don't know it's name, second was the Warblers and first was New Direction.
I noticed something, every time when there's a contest, the third will be so happy for getting the third. But then they will announce the first, and the first group will be so happy but the second group will be sad.
First is happy, second is sad and third is happy? lol

New Direction sang 3 songs. I just love 2 of them.
"Fly/I believe I can fly" mashup, "What doesn't kill you (stronger)" by Kelly Clarkson.
Both are beautiful song and I love Glee's version.

Still emotional after watching this. I can't wait to see what's going to happen to Quinn but I have to wait until 10th April. wtf FOX! WHOLE 7 WEEKS!!!!!

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, stronger
Just me, myself and I
What doesn't kill you makes you stronger
Stand a little taller
Doesn't mean I'm lonely when I'm alone

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Cried, without reason.

I felt sad, all of a sudden. I didn't hear any bad news, I didn't do anything wrong, I didn't dumped by boyfriend since I don't have one haha, I have no idea. I was listening to songs, but then tears came out.

I forgot what song brought my to tears, but I always do that. Sometimes, somehow, some song will bring you to tears but you wouldn't know the reason.

People's solutions may be, watch some funny videos to distract self from sadness. But for me, I'll keep looking for sad songs or videos and let myself cry.
Because if my tears came out and I don't know why, I assumed that because somehow deep in my heart, I'm crying. So I'll let myself cry, not to depress it .

I've heard lot of songs now, "the one that got away" by katy perry, acoustic version, especially makes me feel sad. In this version, all you heard is simple instrument, and katy perry's voice. And the voice, sounds really heartbroken.

"Imagine" by glee, gosh, that video didn't fail to let me cry. You have to watch the video, not just listen to the song.

"To sir with love" video, same. That episode is Mr. Schuester is considering to leave McKinley High and be a accountant. The Glee club know that, and they dedicate this song to him. And while they're singing, they're crying. That's a very emotional song as well.

I'm still crying now. But I know I need to stop and get to bed soon since I have tuition class at 9:30am tomorrow.

Good night.

Never planned that one day
I'd be losing you.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Happy birthday.

I wrote this on my calender in last month. I'M FINALLY OFFICIALLY 17!!!!!!!!
Gosh, I feel old wtf.

12:05am, received Regyne's sms. Thanks! lol

So, went to school, received wishes. Some friends know my birthday, but I think they knew it through facebook haha.
I brought fried rice to school. Not meant to celebrate birthday but just bring food to school and share with friends. But Eunice told Ying Ying, we brought food to celebrate my birthday wtf. haha
But my mood was extremely good that day.

After school, my mom said she want to bring us to have hotpot. The spicy one from China. But I have tuition class! I said I can skip class, my mom agreed and I'm so happy lol. Sorry sir Hock Ming for skipping your class 2 weeks continuously! lol
But the hotpot was so nice! The soup is so spicy yet yummy! The one in Sutera, all you can taste is oil, but this is really spicy and yummyyyyy!

After having dinner, went to Overtime in Sutera. Because my mom's friends were there, she want to meet them. So my dad ordered a beer for me and bro since it was buy 1 free 1 promotion.

500ml for this huge cup! I finished it my own. I took a long time to finish it because I'm too full from the hotpot.
There's people singing there, and the singer sang "rolling in the deep" by Adele. My bro requested a paper, and request the song "七十亿分之一“ by 黄鸿升. I wrote "jar of heart" by Christina Perri. But since she was singing Adele's song, I wrote "set fire to the rain" as well. But she didn't sing our songs at all. lol

We sat there until 11pm. Gosh I kept yawning. Finally arrived home at 11:++pm. Finally took out the cake.

It's a chocolate crepe cake from SDS!!!!!!!!! I miss crepe cake since I first had it in my mom's friend's house. This is nice but a lil too sweet. ><

I got my first present this year today! I think it is one and only from friends lol.

Thank you Dora and Li Ping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you guys!!!
I haven't had the chocolate because I think it melted a bit, I put it in fridge.
The card, I love the words in it. Thank you so much, I'll keep the card, I always keep the greeting and wishing cards. Sometimes I'll take out and read, and it will bring some memory back.

So,this is how I spent my birthday. Actually it's very simple.
But thanks for the people who wish me on the facebook timeline, thanks. Even though I didn't reply everyone.

By the way, I finally choose a pic as my timeline cover photo!

I like this a lot, I tried to find High School Musical's but can't find a cover photo.
So I search for the glee instead, and this pic caught my eye ball and I like this a lot.

Happy birthday to me and everyone whose birthday is in February as well.
Love life.