Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Yeah, blogging again. I was going to switch off computer and go to bed, but hey, today is 29th Feb, which only happens every 4 years. So I decided to blog at this day as a memory, since I'm not sure that will I still be blogging after 4 years lol.

Got some of the exam papers back, kinda in my expectation. Just English, Ms Cheong just gave us the answers of paper 2, but she said she haven't finish paper 1. Maybe will get it tomorrow. I'm so nervous about it. >.<

Played rugby at P.E class today. First time play this, and I think this is fun! We chased, pushed each other, shouted, screamed. lol  I think other class will think we were crazy since 1 group of girl gather together and kept chasing and screaming. I didn't run lot, but I shouted and laughed freaking hard when I saw the Malay girls are playing like this is a super duper important game lol. They are so serious!
Teacher said next class will be gymnasium, but some girls request for rugby again, let's hope that will be rugby again since it is real fun!
Even though kinda different from what I saw in TV, in Glee before. Teacher said we're playing the basic thing. lol 

I gotta sleep. Can't stop yawning again. New day, new month tomorrow, or literally after less than half an hour.
Good night.

February, my birthday month, my favourite month.
See you next year.

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