Sunday, February 19, 2012

Cried, without reason.

I felt sad, all of a sudden. I didn't hear any bad news, I didn't do anything wrong, I didn't dumped by boyfriend since I don't have one haha, I have no idea. I was listening to songs, but then tears came out.

I forgot what song brought my to tears, but I always do that. Sometimes, somehow, some song will bring you to tears but you wouldn't know the reason.

People's solutions may be, watch some funny videos to distract self from sadness. But for me, I'll keep looking for sad songs or videos and let myself cry.
Because if my tears came out and I don't know why, I assumed that because somehow deep in my heart, I'm crying. So I'll let myself cry, not to depress it .

I've heard lot of songs now, "the one that got away" by katy perry, acoustic version, especially makes me feel sad. In this version, all you heard is simple instrument, and katy perry's voice. And the voice, sounds really heartbroken.

"Imagine" by glee, gosh, that video didn't fail to let me cry. You have to watch the video, not just listen to the song.

"To sir with love" video, same. That episode is Mr. Schuester is considering to leave McKinley High and be a accountant. The Glee club know that, and they dedicate this song to him. And while they're singing, they're crying. That's a very emotional song as well.

I'm still crying now. But I know I need to stop and get to bed soon since I have tuition class at 9:30am tomorrow.

Good night.

Never planned that one day
I'd be losing you.

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